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Championship Trial
Venue: Monk Fryston
Trial Held: 25 September 2016

Trial Manager’s Report

Many, many thanks to all my farmers for allowing us total access to all their land. A No restriction policy gave us a limitless supply of tracking land. Control fields were a different proposition with both our usual grass fields being ploughed up. Very grateful thanks to Jeff and Sheila Margreaves for coming to our rescue and allowing us to use their own field to stage the PD control and Patrol rounds on.

Thanks you to all the judges, Lauren Marlow PD, Ray Lea WD, Mike Williams UD and Sandra Lewindon CD for agreeing to Judge at Monk Fryston and doing an excellent job.

To all my workers, Sheila Margreaves and Desma Thompson running the base brilliantly, Liz Stewart, Teresa Musgrave, Annie Edwards and Doreen Fawbert who did a superb job in the kitchen keeping everyone amply supplied with some fabulous food, tracklayers Tracy Park, Dave Craven PD, Richard Musgrave, Jeff Margreaves WD and Andrea Lynd with Brian Page, UD - you were all brilliant, thank you very much.

Stewards Mark Lewindon PD, Fran Atkin WD, Glenys Page UD and Lol Campbell CD did a fantastic job, and
escorts Sally Rose, Bridget Montague and Lol Campbell meant that every competitor arrived at the tracks in plenty of time and relaxed – thank you all.

Criminals Mick Tustain, Andy Laws, Chris Trevor and Tom Davies ensured a well-run patrol round for all competitors.
Lastly many thanks to all the competitors for entering and supporting the trial and hope to see you all again next year.

David Graham Stewart




CD Stake

My thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the CD stake at their Championship trial at Monk Fryston, managed by a super trial manager, Dave Stewart. Dave has always been extremely generous with his time and dedication to our sport and when you go to a trial managed by Dave, you know that it will be a well-run event. One way and another, this trial tested Dave at each turn. Well done Dave, you kept smiling through and pulled it all off, you have surrounded yourself with a super support team who all pull together to make this an extremely friendly and successful trial.

Behind every successful man is a worn out woman and in this case it’s the lovely Liz Stewart. Liz not only does all the paperwork, prep and organising prior to the trial, she prepares and spends all day in the kitchen, opens her lovely home to helpers and still manages to look glamourous in the evening. Don’t know how you manage it Liz, I wish I had half your energy.

My thanks to all those that helped at the trial, before, during and after. Particular mentions for the base Sheila Margreaves and Des; kitchen Liz, Teresa Musgrave and Annie; escort Brigit and farmer Nick Stokes. My steward in the field was the very experienced Lol Campbell, thanks Lol for your assistance and company.

My final thanks to the competitors for entering and showing me their lovely dogs. I was lucky enough to see 3 young dogs coming into the sport, all showing great promise and character. Good luck to you all in your future trials.

1st Tracey Berry and Bentegroff Ethel LAB B. 83.5 NQ. “Darcey” is a super young Lab with promise by the bucketful. Only the jumps let this team down today and I am sure that Tracey will be very successful with this young lady.

2nd Sally Toynbee and Hunwith Magnum WEIM D. 63.5 NQ “Ludo” had his first outing at this trial and I am sure that Sally will have been very pleased with his work. With Sally’s experience it won’t be long before this young man succeeds.

3rd Janice Robinson and Zwarthos Moet HOVA-WART B 60 NQ. “Lexi” is a real character and full of the joys of life. Definitely a dog to be enjoyed and it was clear this team have a good relationship. I think Janice that you are being very hard on yourself, she works well for you, enjoy your journey.


Stake: UD

Tracklayers: Brian Page, Andrea Lynd
Square Steward and Scribe: Glenys Page

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the UD stake at this very well run trial. Dave Stewart, the trials manager, has a very efficient, experienced and friendly ‘team’ in place; everything ran perfectly. Well done, Dave. Sheila Margreaves, welcoming and efficient on reception, ran the base without a hitch. Ladies of the kitchen, Liz, Theresa, Doreen and Annie, produced sumptuous meals, cakes and puddings. Nothing was too much trouble.
Tracking was on stubble with no growth and quite dry. The weather for both days was ideal, sunny at times with a light breeze. All tracks and squares were laid precisely and accurately by a very experienced and conscientious team of Brian, Andrea and Glenys. Many thanks to you, I thoroughly enjoyed your company over the two days.
9 entries, 6 ran, 2 qualified nosework, 1 qualified overall.

1st Andy Laws with KHAMYSKER ROGER, CDEx-UDEx (Roger), GSD, 182, Q. (88, 20, 26, 28, 20) Steady and accurate throughout the nosework section and attentive for C/A. Good Luck for the future, Andy.
2nd Nigel Hines with TAZ of BRENTWOOD (Taz), BC, 182, NQ. (88, 20, 27, 33,13.5) Lovely track, agility was Taz’s downfall today. Best control round.
3rd Jackie Snook with ASHLINDT CIDER, CDEx (Cider), BC, 159,5, NQ. (86.5, 20, 7, 26, 20) Everything was going very well until the search square - a little work in this area and Cider will make it.

For those of you not so lucky this time - persevere, you’ll make it in the future. Congratulations to the qualifier and thank you to all of the competitors for entering, accepting my decisions and making it such an enjoyable weekend for me.


Stake: WD 

Judge: RAY LEA

Tracklayers: Jeff Margreaves, Richard Musgrave

Steward: Fran Atkin

Many thanks to Dave Stewart and the committee of ASPADS for the invitation to judge WD stake at this great championship trial.  I must start with a MASSIVE thank you to Dave and Liz Stewart for allowing me to stay in their five-star home - the hospitality was second to none.  Thank you so much, it goes without saying that nothing was too much trouble.  

Thanks also to the base staff of Sheila Margreaves and Desma Thompson, always a thankless job.  To the kitchen staff, Liz, Teresa and Annie - wherever these ladies are the food is always top notch, with such a big choice.  Thank you for feeding me and my team for the three days.

Dave gave me a first-class team of Richard and Jeff, two of the best tracklayers in the country, always a pleasure to work with and have their company; and you’re always at ease as you just know they have got it right.  Thank you also to my steward, Fran, for three days of good company and doing a super job.

We started the test with the nosework and as normal, it was on stubble, with a little damp in it first thing.  Some teams found it easy, some a little more difficult, not helped by the daily hare that kept popping up on the second track each day.  After lunch, we went off to the C/A field, starting with the retrieve, then on to heel free to the sendaway, which was 90 paces to a white pole; that done, it was on to the jumps - clear, scale, long, then finishing off with the stays.

At this point, l must say a big thank you to the land owners, who l had the pleasure of meeting and saying thank you personally.

1st           Graham Reaney with ASCHENAR VAN GOUGH, GSD, D, 190.5, Q.  Well done, Graham, although you thought you were doing two tracks it was good to watch.

2nd         Moira Rogerson with XANDOAS SCOUT, BSD Mali, D, 184.5, Q.  Well done, Moira, down stay nearly cost you, but great C/A pulled you through.

3rd          Angela Porter with CHOCOLATE GLADIATOR, X-breed, D, 168.5, Q.  Well done, Angela, a bit shaky on the track, but got there in the end.

4th          Martin Brown with MARKAT JESS, BSD, B, 165.5, Q.  Well done, Martin, bit touch and go at times but you got there - pleased for you. 


Stake: PD

Judge: Lauren Marlow

Tracklayers: Tracey Parks, Dave Craven

Search square steward: Mark Lewindon

C&A and PD steward: Mark Lewindon

PD helpers: Tom Davis, Chris Trevor, Mick Tustain

Thank you to ASPADS WTS for inviting me to judge this stake.

My thanks to: Dave and Liz Stewart for all their work before and during the trial, and allowing us to stay in their lovely caravan.

Huge thanks to Geoff and Sheila Margreaves for allowing us the use of their field for C&A and Patrol; it worked really well having both sections together.

Many thanks to Tracey and Dave for track laying; we unfortunately had a walker across one track, so running the spare lost us some time.

Thank you to Mark for stewarding on the day, and rehearsing with us before the trial, and thank you to Mick for helping set up and acting as TOC helper.

Special thanks to Tom Davis and Chris Trevor, who acted as the main helpers in the test at short notice, as other helpers were physically unable to run. Tom has contributed hugely to PD over the years, running criminal all over the country, and training others. Thank you both.

Thank you also to Theresa Musgrave and Annie Edwards in the kitchen, Liz Stewart and Annie Edwards for running the score desk, Sheila at the base, Bridget Montague for escorting the competitors, and all those who helped with setting up and dismantling at the field.

6 entered & ran, all work was on one day.

5 competitors qualified on nosework, which was on stubble. One team went out on C&A, & one handler withdrew as his dog was unwell.

PD round: The round started with a straightforward recall at the halfway mark, followed by a chase. As both tests started the handlers had to walk for about 15 yards with their dogs under control while they challenged. The chase helper had a soft bag attached to the sleeve to simulate running off with swag. The first two helpers slid off to hide while the Test of Courage helper distracted the dogs.

For the TOC, the helper was positioned in an area about 10 yds square, bordered low down by white tape. There were 2 large coloured childrens windmills attached to the poles at the front. The dogs were held by the collar while handler and helper challenged each other. The dogs were sent, and as the dogs approached, the helper rang a large brass bell in each hand. There was only a little arm movement to allow the dogs to gain purchase, but while 2 dogs bit the sleeve only one dog, Les Theobalds collie, Jack, performed really well, biting and holding on until told to leave. A bite jacket was used as it leaves the helpers hands free; the sleeves are tapered and possible for any breed to bite, while fully protecting the helper.

After the TOC the dogs quartered the field, checking out 3 hides and a large cardboard box, before locating the two hidden helpers. After a search, the two were escorted away, one running off when the other attacked the handler. Regaining control of both helpers and finishing the escort ended the round.

1st Alan Bexon with WT Ch Fly By Night Lad, CDEx-TDEx, PDEx, WSD D 290 ½ Q Ex

Another superb days work by Fly, gaining his 10thTicket, and losing only 2 ½ marks in nosework and control. In PD, marks were lost as he came off the chase bite twice before holding on, and he did not bite on the TOC, but he showed excellent control on the quarter and gained full marks for the search & escort, defence of handler, and recall. Congratulations to a really sporting handler!

2nd Diane Ling with WTCh Deben Little Tom CDEx-TDEx, PDEx GSDxCollie, D 281 Q Ex

Another excellent team, losing little on nosework or C&A, but just dropping a few more marks on the Patrol round.

Congratulations on Reserve CC.

3rd AR Snook with Little Mica CDEx-TDEx, PDEx GSDxCollie, B   252 PD only

Mica just couldnt pick up the last leg of the track, and no speak on the quarter PD left the marks just short of an X. Well done.

4th Les Theobald with Tytri Roman Jack CDEx-TDEx, PDEx BC D 278 NQ

Good track and search with all articles recovered, but unfortunately short of 2 marks on control.

Gained the highest marks in the Patrol section.

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