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Open Trial
Venue: Totternhoe
Trial Held: 29 January 2017

Trials Manager’s Report

Well, there we are then. The first South Beds Trial is done and dusted, no major slip ups and hopefully no one went home too disappointed.
The trial went extremely well, thanks, in the main, to the team around me, who were, without exception, efficient, professional and good humoured. I am not going to name every member of the team, but simply thank you all for creating such a welcoming atmosphere, whether it be at the booking in desk, the kitchen, or out on the field, the cheerful welcome ran throughout. I do, however, want to thank our farmers, Tim Linney, Peter Archer and Jonathan Pratt, without whom we could not have run a trial at all. I should also thank Ross and Carol, who manage the Memorial Hall, for providing us with such a brilliant base to run from. My final thank you in this section is to the newcomers who trained and worked so hard for us; we would have been lost without our two base stewards who did such a wonderful job, the two new tracklayers who put down all of the special stake tracks, and our WD square steward, who also did such a good job. None of them had previous experience and did us absolutely proud - I hope you will come again next year.
The trial itself was contained mainly to the village of Totternhoe and most of the land was within walking distance or just a short drive; it was particularly good to have both the control fields right outside the base where you could stand on the raised decking with a bacon roll in one hand and a mug of tea in the other, and watch clearly what was happening in the control field.
We had a mixture of grass land and crop, which worked very well, with the only problem being when the frost lifted on Saturday; it made the ground in the crop fields a bit sticky - sorry about your boots and tracking lines. Although the weather was pretty fair, next year I will see if I can arrange for it to be bright and sunny (doubtful in January though).
Can I just finish by saying thank you to all the competitors who came and worked at our trial? Thank you all for accepting our judges’ decisions and I hope you all enjoyed the trial we put on. and that you will all come again next year.

Steve Banfather.


Stake: Special Beginners

Tracklayers: John Hearn and Lyndie Lothian
Steward: Sheren Perez

Thank you to ASPADS for inviting me to judge the Special Stake and thank you to Steve Banfather for running this new trial.
It felt a bit odd at first going to a trial not knowing the area, tracking land, camp site, dog walks and where the shops are, but we were soon made to feel very relaxed with lovely facilities, dog walks and delicious dinner with our new ‘neighbours’ Rita and Steve. Thank you both for your never-ending hospitality and for making sure we had time and a field to walk our dogs - invaluable when we’re both judging.
Thank you to my 2 track layers, John and Lyndie. Both are new to tracklaying and both were conscientious, helpful and fantastic company. Careful you two, societies will be queuing up to book you!!!
Thank you to Sheren for laying squares and stewarding the C/A. Sheren was the perfect steward, having the experience and expertise to guide the competitors through the tests and so give me the opportunity to solely concentrate on judging. So glad we got to share watching some great and memorable moments!!!
I would also like to thank Liz, Vicky and Ross for the fabulous food and Judith and Val for running the base so efficiently.
Last, but by no means least, of my thank you’s must go to the farmers. They were all so very generous with their land. We were lucky enough to spend a lovely evening with them all and can’t thank them enough.
With the control field and tracking fields for the Special Stake located directly behind the base, competitors were able to relax and not worry about driving and looking for their tracks.
The tracking was on crop with good growth although very muddy due to weather conditions. The track was a small UD open style, half an hour old and had 3 articles, 1st a quarter tennis ball, 2nd a piece of carpet and 3rd a generous length of yellow hose. The square was 15 x 15 with 4 articles.
The control round included all the elements of the CD stake and was split over the 2 days. No jumps on Saturday, intro sized jumps on Sunday. It was a really good way of running the stake and accommodated many different breeds, ages and different levels of experience, without creating extra work for judge or steward.
Most of the competitors had never entered a trial before and I was very pleasantly surprised at the overall standard which was very good.

Part A, Saturday (no jumps)
1st Mr Richard Cornwall with ROSEHAUS ARTURO, GSD, 196.5, Q. Hikki tracked very well and recovered all 3 articles. He also found all 4 articles from the square. The control round was also good, with just 3 marks lost. At just 1 year old Hikki shows great potential. Congratulations and good luck in future trials.
2nd Dr Margaret Buckley with HOLTEND TIME TRAVELLER, Beardie, 162.5, Q. TT did an amazing track and even a loose dog that ran over to him did not stop him from getting round. Fantastic handling by Margaret, and obviously a very focused young lad - TT is just 14 months. His control round was one to be proud of and I’m sure he will progress through the stakes. Very well done.
3rd Halina Kochanowski with THORNSKY MOONDANCE, Beardie 95, NQ. It was such a shame that Joker didn’t manage the track on this occasion. He did a fabulous square and control round, gaining full marks for both. Good luck in future trials.

Part B, Sunday (with jumps)
1st Mrs Samantha McGrath with TRACELYN TOKEN, GSD, 221.5, Q. Sam and Remy did very well on the track and recovered all 3 articles. All 4 articles were found in the square and only 1 mark lost. The control round was fabulous, losing just 1 mark, and full marks for the jumps. Sam’s handling was excellent and Remy thoroughly enjoyed herself. It was a joy to watch and a very well deserved win.
2nd Emily Mayer with HA-HA HORACE OF GUILTCROSS, Crossbreed, 220.5, Q. Horace worked extremely well, losing just 1 mark on his track and 1 mark on his square. All articles found. Being under 10” did not deter this little power house and he executed the nosework with ease and accuracy. I was fascinated to watch Emily’s handling and appreciated the technique she has perfected for her tiny dog. Horace did not put a paw wrong on the control round and the clear and scale were perfect, with a successful 2nd attempt on the long. Super dog with an excellent attitude and handled beautifully. So pleased I had the opportunity to judge this team. It was a real privilege.
3rd Mrs Eleanor Mestraud with WOLFHART KINDRED SPIRIT, GSD, 214.5, Q. Kindi took Eleanor round the track with ease and recovered all articles, losing just 1 mark. All 4 articles were found in the square with just a few marks lost for mouthing. A couple of marks lost on the C/A round, mainly due to over enthusiasm and youth, but Kindi did a full mark sendaway and excellent jumps. A lovely start to Kindi’s trialing career and very best of luck with it.

Thank you to the competitors for entering and good luck in future trials.


WD Nosework

Tracklayers: Ruth Payton, Les Theobald and Joyce Tibbetts
Steward: Nicola

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge at the very first South Bedfordshire Trial.
Congratulations to both Steve and Rita for coming up with this new and fabulous trial. For their first trial, they handled it like pros and what a friendly trial they put on. For competitors within striking distance of this location, you have a gem. Thank you to you both for sharing your home and being wonderful hosts.
The base staff of Judith and Val were excellent - efficiency with a smile. Those in the kitchen, Ross, Vicky and Liz, put on some great food, thank you.
I was fortunate to have three experienced tracklayers, Ruth Payton, Les Theobald and Joyce Tibbetts. Wonderful company who also laid great tracks. My square steward was Nicola. This was her first time and she was brilliant; with me for 2 days and was a pleasure to be with.
Tracking was on grass and we were treated to some lovely tracks. Unfortunately, the wind played its part and accounted for 4 out of the 12 competitors. The squares were very well done, with 7 of the 12 getting all 4 articles, 4 got 3 and 1 got 2.

1st Penny Bann with TARNEDGE KHALEESI (EV), Lab, 188, Q. Lovely nosework and a pleasure to watch, Penny, and a full mark square too. Very well done and good luck in the higher stakes.
2nd Mark Lewindon with THE CHEKA AT BRACOKELI (Cheka), GSD, 185.5, Q. Cheka did you proud, Mark, the missed track article was the only blemish on a brilliant day. You've got a little cracker.
3rd Irene Seymour with ITS AN ILLUSION (Molly), WSD, 183, Q. Lovely all round nosework, Irene. The missed square article would have made a big difference. Well done.
4th Emily Mayer with VONLUCIANHAN ANUBIS (Mauser), Malinois, 173.5 Q. Delighted you were so pleased with the qualification. A very good all round performance.


Stake: TD Nosework

Tracklayers: Andy Baker and John Turtle
Square Steward: Sue Ashby

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the TD nosework at this new trial. It’s refreshing to see a new trial on the calendar, when, unfortunately, we all too often lose them, so it’s great to see Steve and Rita Banfather bucking the trend. They have sourced a fantastic base, with the control field right out the back. Tracking land is a two-minute drive away - what more could you ask for?!
Steve and Rita’s first venture into Trials management was an unqualified success. Nothing was left to chance and as a judge it was all laid on to make a judge’s job that much easier. The hospitality was first class, with Rita’s renowned cakes making a very welcome appearance. We were well looked after and the team work was superb, testimony to their organisational skills. Thank you both of you for all your hard work, your attention to detail and your company - it’s really appreciated by all trials folk.
Ross was head chef and Vicky his sous chef in the kitchen. Liz Stewart did a stint in the kitchen first day, and as usual all did a sterling job, the epitome of efficiency. Orders were placed and by the time I had made a cuppa, grub was served. And all with a smile and good humour. What a fantastic team you all are.
Val and Judith kept the base in order and made sure everyone was where they should be at the right time. Thanks both, lovely to see you again.
The farmers really came up trumps and what a friendly enthusiastic bunch they are. They were keen to find out everything the sport involves, and we enjoyed a really lovely evening together, which ended in the local pub having a great time. The rapport that Steve and Rita have with the landowners is super, the friendship genuine. A recipe for a successful trial.
My team in the field were Andy and John tracklaying and Sue doing the squares. A great bunch, with so much expertise and great company. Everyone had the very best opportunity to succeed due to the diligence of them. Sympathetically laid tracks and square, just what you would want as a competitor. Thank you all, I so enjoyed your company, and thank you for your time and expertise.
Tracking was on winter wheat and the ground was a chalky soil that stuck to your boots and didn’t want to leave them! Sheila Tannert’s boots weighed 7.5 lbs each and they were lightweight boots when she started out!! It was very hard going once out there, however we saw some first-class performances. The more seasoned dogs did seem to find it that bit easier. My track articles were (i) 4 inch 5mm square stick (ii) 3 inch x 1 inch piece of leather (iii) 3 inch x 2 inch piece of carpet. I set a reasonably straight forward test as the weather at this time of year is variable to say the least.
Square articles were (i) a wooden biscuit joint (ii) 2.5”x1” piece of leather (iii) 1” piece of 28mm flexible pipe (iv) 1.5” square piece of rubber matting.
We had 22 entries, and 20 ran.

1st Margo Brothwell with TANGHAM LITTLE SAXON, X-breed, D, 213, Q Com. 97/30/33.5. Really nice tidy track that was laid in frost but worked when it had thawed, which mattered not a jot to Saxon. Small bits here and there on the track. Margo has ordered a baseball mitt to assist her with catching the square articles as Saxon delivered them!! Overall, a very nice round as the marks show. Well done, Margo, and good luck in the future.
2nd Moira Rogerson with XANDOAS SCOUT, Malinois, D, 210.5, Q Com. 97.5/25/35. Very nice track, although it took Scout a little time to get into it; however, once he did he got stronger and stronger as he went round, much to Moira’s alarm!! It was hard going and he literally towed her around, so much so that Moira came off exhausted!! Superb square and I know you were rightly very pleased with Scout’s round. Well done and good luck in the future.
3rd Liz de Unger with FLINTFIELD FAITHFUL FELLA, Lab, D, 207, Q Com. 98.5/20/34.5. Bahram tracked really well on a track laid in the frost but the ground had thawed when he worked. Very impressive round from this youngster, who really applied himself. Small bits and bobs but missed the last article. So those ten points would have given them a very, very impressive score indeed. Well handled, as you expect, and have gelled into a very smart team. I shall watch this team with interest. Good luck in the future, Liz.
4th Bill Richardson with XANDOAS ISA, Malinois, B, 207, Q Com. 98/20/34.5. Isa produced a very nice tidy performance, showing what real potential she has. Minor bits on the track and one small chomp in the square. Isa tracked nice and steady, unfortunately missed the first article as the breeze gusted just as she approached it. Great to watch this team work and I will watch with interest you as you progress. All the best in the future.

Also Qualified:
Rita Kitson with TREGADA TYE, BC, D, 206. 98.5/20/34.5. Very nice nosework from this team. Stormed round the track and made it look easy. Quickest square by a distance. A very nice and creditable performance. I have watched them progress through the stakes and Rita has turned them into a very nice team. Good luck in the future.
Ray Lea with GOOD GOLLIE MISS MOLLY, X-breed, B, 193. 94.5/20/27.5. Oh, good grief Molly!!! Don’t think I have ever willed a dog so much to get round after getting stuck on one corner!!! Up until that fateful corner Ray had lost half a mark and was three legs from home. But skillful and thoughtful handling got them round. Ray kept his nerve and thought about it, where he was, and with very gentle handling off they went. Don’t think all the time you were on that corner neither Andy nor I breathed!! Well done and all the best in the future.

Quick mention of Joan Snowdon and Moss, who lost just half a mark on the track and full mark square. Wow, haven’t seen this lad track in competition but on this form........... very nice indeed.
Ruth Payton with Dot, 99 and 35. What a shame no qualification, but you should be rightly proud of your performance.

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