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Open Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 11 December 2016

UD Control & Agility

 14 ENTRIES, 8 RAN, WD Control & Agility- 11 ENTRIES, 6 RAN


Thank you ASPADS for the invitation to judge the CD stake and the UD and WD C& A at your trial. Many thanks to Vana and Judith for organising the base and for Vicki and Ross for feeding us all so well. Thanks of course to Sheren for giving up her whole weekend to steward for me. Thank you for your company and skills, putting our competitors at ease. Finally thanks to the competitors who were all a great crowd. I thoroughly enjoyed my two days with such a really friendly group of people.
The field was a little tricky as the previous owner kept horses on it so in places was still pitted. Consequently the heelwork was minimal and sendaways, UD across the field and WD down to a white gate possibly not as far as one may have expected.

1st, Jo Quick, FALKENWALD HIGHER PLACES, GSD, 194. Floyd almost did a full mark control round, only losing .5 for some mouthing on the dumb-bell. A slight miscommunication on the scale cost another 1.5 but he was a joy to watch. Congratulations, well done.
2nd, Steve Osbourne, AVONWOLF ALBERT SID, Malinois, 190.5. Sid is a very keen worker only losing for minor faults but seemed to grow wings on the scale as he launched himself off the top. He spent most of the stay trying to catch the eye of the gorgeous collie next to him, who was having none of it, so he just managed to contain himself. Well done.
3rd, Les Allen, SARK LUCA, Labrador, 180.5. A lovely round with full mark jumps but I still have no idea how Luca got to the correct sendaway point. He was heading towards the jumps when he suddenly changed direction and got exactly to the spot.
4th, Lyndie Lothian, DORVALE STAR CROSSED, BC, 180. Some dodgy heelwork marred a lovely control round. Kea was delighted when Lindie returned from the down and it was lovely to see such a waggy tail.
Also qualified: Pauline Cook and APRIL WINDY WILLOW CD Ex, Labrador, 175.5





Thank you ASPADS for the invitation to judge the UD nosework at your open trial. Vana and Judith did a super job in organising the trial, ably assisted by the band of helpers in the kitchen. UD tracks were on long but rough grass, therefore my articles were 4.5” x 1.5” orange plastic and 4.5” x 1.5” carpet. I saw some really good tracking from some quite young dogs. Many thanks to Peter and Steve who laid the tracks, to give every dog the best possible chance of success. Special thank you to Carole who laid all the squares as I wanted and for her great company. Articles were yellow rope, block of wood, a cork and a red cartridge.

1st, Jo Quick with FALKENWALD HIGHER PLACES, GSD on 194/200. Floyd did a super full mark track, recovering both articles and 4 articles from the square, only losing 3 for some mouthing. Congratulations, well done.
2nd, Steve Osbourne with AVONWOLF ALBERT SID, Malinois on 190.5/200. Sid was tracking really well until he came to the third leg and decided to have a rest. He resumed the track in great style only losing points for casting on a couple of corners. A really fast square, recovering all articles.
3rd, Les Allen with SARK LUCA, Labrador with 180.5. Les came in wondering what this young dog would do on the track and proceeded to work very nicely. The square was his downfall, only recovering 2 articles. Better luck next time.
4th, Lyndie Lothian with DORVALE STAR CROSSED, BC on 180. Another nice track from this dog losing most marks on the final leg as handler challenged the dog’s decision, until the Kea convinced Lyndie that she really did know where to go, to recover the last article.
Also qualified: Pauline Cook and APRIL WINDY WILLOW CD Ex ON 175.5

Thank you all for accepting my decisions. Good luck in your future trials.


1st, Sheila Tannert, TARNEDGE LEIA, CD Ex-UD Ex, Labrador, 188. Super work from this super Labrador. Shame the sendaway didn’t work for her but little else to work on. Congratulations.
2nd, Rita Banfather, TRACELYN TYRELL OF BANNERSWAY CD Ex, UD Ex, GSD on 173.5. A cracking shepherd with great attitude. I really liked her. Well done.
3rd, John Turtill, DREAGANTA MYCORRAN GEALA CD Ex, UD Ex. BC. 160 NQ
4th, Di Assheton-Bowtie, THE ASHBOW INKSPOT, Cross, 136 NQ
Congratulations to all the qualifiers and I hope you soon get championship qualifications. To those who didn’t qualify this time, I am sure it won’t be far away, so good luck to all.


Stake: WD nosework

Tracklayers: Lee Kane and Belinda Spensley
Search Steward: Genine Newport

My thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the WD nosework at one of my favourite trials, very ably run, as usual, by Vana Moody. The base was efficiently run by Judith Owen, and the catering team of Ross, Vicky and Jackie dished up great refreshments, which included very tasty cakes and mince pies made by Rita, in their very small kitchen area. Thanks to you all, and to “General Factotum”, Zara.
My tracklayers, Lee and Belinda, laid all the tracks with skill, avoiding the bare patches in the sometimes sparse rape, and were rewarded by almost 100% success. Genine, laying squares for the first time in competition, was equally efficient, with very few articles left in the squares. Thank you all for your hard work and for being such good company.
There were 11 entries, but only 7 ran, giving two very relaxed days.

1st Sheila Tannert with TARNEDGE LEIA, CDEx - UDEx, Lab, B, 188, Q. Leia stormed round the track, with both articles, and rapidly recovered all four articles from the search square. Well done, Sheila; she’s another example of your excellent training skills. I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s in Ticket.
2nd Rita Banfather and TRACELYN TYRRELL OF BANNERSWAY, CDEx - UDEx, GSD, D, 173.5, Q. Tyrrell also tracked accurately and enthusiastically, recovering both articles, and worked a tidy square, bringing three articles tidily to hand. Another dog well on the way to the top.
3rd John Turtill with DREAGANTA MYCORRAN GEALA, BC, B, NQ. Teela tracked really well, but sadly missed the end article. She worked a business-like square, recovering three articles in great style.
4th Di Assheton-Bowtle and THE ASHBOW INKSPOT, Cross, B, NQ. Although Inca worked very hard on the track, she got lost on the last corner. She then successfully presented three search articles neatly to Di.

The other two competitors, Penny Bann with TARNEDGE KHALEESI, and Kate Wykes with DREAGANTA ZARY’S STAR OF TARNFORCE, both successfully completed their tracks and searches. Penny’s EV was unfortunately injured later in the day and was unable to complete all the exercises – I hope she has fully recovered, Penny.

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