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Championship Trial
Venue: Oxford
Trial Held: 19 February 2017


Steward: Rita Banfather

Thank you to the ASPADS committee for the invitation to judge the CD Stake at their Championship Trial in Oxford and to Judy Meekings for running such a friendly trial.
Thanks to Jean in the Base and to Liz, Shirley et al running the kitchen.
Big thanks to Rita Banfather, my search square and C&A Steward on both the Friday and Saturday.

21 dogs entered and 16 ran. (9 Friday, 7 Saturday).
We had a blend of competitors ranging from experienced handlers bringing on young dogs to handlers who were new to Trials, some competing for the first time.
Search articles were 3” of green garden hose, 2”x3” green scourer and a 3” foil cake case.
The square was worked first followed by the dumb-bell retrieve. Every team qualified on this section, any marks that were lost in the square being in the main due to dogs dropping and/or mouthing the articles.

Note to handlers just starting in this addictive sport; always thank the steward for laying your search square. Remember that they are standing out in a field all day in all weathers so that you can compete and your thanks are appreciated.

The Control section began with group Sit Stays (handlers out of sight), followed by Recall, Heel on Lead, Sendaway (75 paces to crossed yellow poles against a grass bank) and Heel Free. Down Stays were carried out after the Agility section. We had 9 qualifiers on this section.
There were 10 qualifying teams on the Agility section, the weakest element being the long jump.

We ended up with 6 qualifiers overall.

1st Pam Clarke and SMYLIE MYLIE, CDEx, WSD (B) 93Q
Mylie was consistently good throughout the stake and was the only dog to achieve full marks on the Control section. Congratulations on a well-deserved win.

2nd Tony Orchard and COLLEGE ROBBIE OF TADMARTON, Labrador (D) 91.5Q
Robbie was another dog that performed well in all sections. Congratulations on your qualification and good luck in the future.

3rd Lynne Watkins and STARSHOT KAELEN WITH SZIKRAS, Hungarian WH Viszla (D) 88.5Q
No full 2-minute sit stay from Kaelen today but full marks everywhere else apart from the search square gave him the qualification he deserved. Well done.

4th Gavin Thomson and TRACELYN ASHLEA, GSD (B) 88Q
Anji’s marks were identical to Lynne’s Kaelen apart from half a mark on the retrieve. Another team with a consistently good all round performance. Well done.

Also qualifying CDEx:
Les Allen and SARK LUCA, Labrador (D) 86Q
Maurice Millington and HIGHLANDS ASH, Labrador (D) 81.5Q

Observation: Three dogs from the same litter qualifying CDEx together at the same Trial is quite impressive!

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me; it was a pleasure to watch your dogs work. Hopefully all teams (whether qualifying or not) enjoyed my test: good luck at your future Trials.


Stake: UD

Tracklayers: Peter Brooke, Judith Owen, Tony Orchard
Steward: Carole Brooke

Thank you to ASPADS for inviting me to judge UD and to Judy Meekings, who, as trials manager, runs a very friendly and efficient trial. Thanks to a very helpful Jean Howells at base, and to Liz Stewart and her team for delicious catering.
Special thanks to my tracklayers, Peter (2 days), Judith and Tony (1 day each), for laying excellent and accurate tracks, and to Carole, who stewarded in a most competent and friendly way, and also kept me together with my belongings. As the results show, they did a fantastic job. Thanks also to Arthur Jeal (jumps) and John Simpson (controlling locals!) for their help.
14 entered, 9 ran, 6 qualified. Tracking was on rape. All competitors qualified the nosework and 8 retrieved all 4 square articles. The dogs were a joy to watch.

1st Les Allen and SARK LUCA, Lab, D, 194, Q. A lovely all round performance from this young Labrador. He only lost minor marks due to his exuberance and enthusiasm. Very well done.
2nd Mark Lewindon and THE CHEKA AT BRACOKELI, GSD, D, 193, Q. Full mark track, a pleasure to watch, and a smart, polished control round by Mark and Cheka, only losing 2 marks on the control. Continuous whining in the control lost him 1st place. Very well done.
3rd Sandra Jones and BRICKLEHAMPTON BESS, WSD, B, 190.5, Q. Another superb track from a lovely young collie. Full mark jumps and 9.5 sendaway. Very sensitively handled by Sandra. Very well done.
4th Gavin Thomson and TRACELYN ASHLEA, GSD, B, 185.5, Q. A very accurate track, only losing half a point. A good control round, only losing 1.5 marks. Very well done.

Also qualifying UDEx:
Di Assheton-Bowtle and THE ASHBOW INKSPOT, Cross, B, 185
Sandra Warrick and ZEFRAM AMPELUS AT CONCENN, GSD, B, 163.5
Qualifying UD:
Steve Osbourne and AVONWOLF ALBERT SID, Mali, D, 159.5

Lastly, thank you to all the competitors for working under me, and good luck to you all in the future.


Stake TD

Judge: Mike Williams
Tracklayers: [Thursday] Mark Lewindon John West Dave Stewart
[Friday] Mark Lewindon John West Dave Stewart
[Saturday] John West Dave Stewart
[Sunday “run off” tracks] Len Newman
Square Steward: [3days] Len Newman
Scribe: Di Assheton-Bowtle
Catering: Liz Stewart Shirley Simpson Di Assheton-Bowtle Judy Meekings

34 entries, 32 ran, 23 qualified nose-work, 14 qualified overall.

Many thanks to ASPADS committee for the invitation to judge the TD stake at this very well run Trial. Judy Meekings, the Trials Manager has built a very experienced team to assist her in running this trial to a very high standard. There was a lovely atmosphere throughout the whole Trial.

Jean Howles on reception, ran the base without a hitch with every competitor arriving in the right place at the right time ably escorted by Arthur. The catering “team” made sure we didn’t go hungry during the day and served delicious meals in the evening.

Tracking was on winter wheat with even growth across all fields. The weather each day was ideal for nose-work, mainly overcast with a light breeze and the temperature reaching 11º each day.

OxfordTD Track Pattern

All tracks were laid precisely and accurately by the very conscientious team of Mark, John and Dave. [reads a bit like “the elite” of tracklaying]. Many thanks to you all, I thoroughly enjoyed your company and banter over the three days and fully appreciated the trouble you all went to to ensure every competitor had a fair and equal chance at the test. Thank You.

A very special thank you to Len Newman who stepped in at the last moment to lay the squares, needless to say they were all precise and accurate. He also laid all of the the “run off” tracks on Sunday.

Control and agility began with normal pace H/W, followed by the clear jump, slow pace H/W to the S/A, 120yds. out to a bench then redirect 100yds. right to small wooden board in the middle of the field. The speak followed, 10, quiet and 5 from behind a small barrier with the handler seated 20yds. away, Then normal pace H/W to the scale, followed by fast pace H/W to the long jump. On the whole the C&A rounds were completed very well with a couple of surprises on the scale and a few disappointing outruns on the S/A.

1st Pat Herbert with Glenalpine Fen CDEx-TDEx [Fen] BC 216 ARO.
[98.5, 30, 35, 32.5, 20] Beautiful nose-work throughout, lovely to watch, a well deserved win.
2nd Sue Ashby with The Zeta CDEx-TDEx [Zeta] WSD 216 ARO.
[97.5, 30, 34.5, 34, 20] Zeta’s first TDEx! another lovely round, very close to a win.
3rd Julie Atkins with Glenalpine Peg CDEx-TDEx [Peg] BC 214.5
[96.5, 30, 35, 33, 20] Accurate nose-work, lovely sendaway.
4th Andy Baker with Right Then Sonny Jim CDEx-TDEx [Jim] BC 214
[97.5, 30, 34.5, 32, 20] Again excellent nose-work, Jim’s first TDEx. first of many I’m sure.

Also qualifying TDEx
Les Allen with Tadmarton Enzo CDEx-TDEx Lab D 206
[95.5, 30, 28, 32.5, 20]
Sarah Burroughes with Tarnedge Velvet CDEx-TDEx Lab B 212.5
[95.5, 30, 33, 34, 20] Esta had the only full point S/A.
Barry Gilbert with WTCh Glenalpine Cosworth CDEx-TDEx BC D 208.5
[97, 30, 28, 33.5, 20]
Diane Ling with WTCh Deben Little Tom CDEx-TDEx-PDEx Cross D 204
[94.5, 30, 34.5, 30, 15]
Diane Ling with Little Deben Joe CDEx-TDEx Cross D 191
[96, 20, 26.5, 28.5, 20] Joe’s first TDEx.
Jenny Orchard with Tadmarton Easter Lily CDEX- TDEx Lab B 206
[93, 30, 34, 29, 20]
Pat Parkinson with Waggerland My Shadow CDEx-TDEx WSD D 204
[97, 30, 25, 35, 15]
Sheren Perez with Kaeffer Kal CDEx-TDEx WSD B 196
[96, 30, 25, 30, 15]
Sheila Tannert with Tarnedge Wisp CDEx-TDEx Lab B 200.5
[94, 20, 34, 32.5, 20]
June Reed with Shadowquest One And Only CDEX-TDEx GSD D 199.5
[96.5, 30, 31, 27, 15]

Qualifying TD only
Rosemary Turner with Khamysker Kalamity Kate CDEx- TD GSD D 168
[76.5, 20, 31, 25.5, 15] Katie’s first TD qualification.

For those of you not so lucky this time persevere, you’ll make it in the future. Congratula-tions to the qualifiers, the overall standard of work throughout the Trial was extremely high. Thank you to all of the competitors for entering, accepting my decisions and making it such an enjoyable Trial for me.

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