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Open Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 25 February 2017

Stake WD

JUDGE: Alison Pollard
C&A Steward: Joyce Rae
Search Square Steward: Amanda
Track Layer: Pam Cuthbert

Many thanks to the Society for inviting me to judge. The weather was much improved after the previous few days, so something to be grateful for. Thank you to the base for keeping me right. The hard working people who provided amazing food all day, thank you. The Trials Manager, Pam, thank you for all of your hard work, and hospitality and laying the 2 WD tracks. Thank you to Joyce ,my C&A Steward. Good to be with and kept me right.
To Amanda who laid all of the squares, a big thank you. Not an easy task but you managed without a problem and a pleasure to be with.
Also a big thank you to the two competitors who accepted my decisions.

WD Stake

Tracks were on stubble and weather was very windy.

1st Yvonne Walker with BANAITCH SHIRIN X B 109.5 NQ
Lovely team work with this young dog. Unfortunately, she found the track quite difficult, managed to get the first article, but then veered off track. Full marks for the jumps, well done. I know that this dog has great potential and we will be seeing this partnership in many trials to come. Well done and keep enjoying your training.

What a great team they were to watch. Again, she found the track difficult, but Helen worked hard with her to keep her focussed but was too difficult. Control round was lovely, just dropping 1 point, well done. A lovely partnership and will hopefully go on to qualify.


TD Stake

Tracks were on Plough and conditions were windy

JUDGE: Alison Pollard
C&A Steward Joyce Rae
Search Squares, Amanda
Track Layers: Gary and Jim

Thank you to the Society for asking me Judge. A big thank you to the Base staff who kept everyone right. The catering people who provided amazing food, thank you. A big thank you to the Trials Manager Pam, for her hard work and hospitality. To Joyce, my C& A steward, thank you, great to be with and kept me right. To Amanda who laid all of the Search Squares, thank you and well done.To my 2 track layers, Gary and Jim who are great to be with, a huge thank you as good tracklayers make my life much easier.
Thank you to the competitors who accepted my decisions.

1st Mr. Bill Richardson with XANSOAS ISA BSD B 220 Q
What can I say but WELL DONE. This young dog never lifted her head on the track. She did not find it easy but she worked constantly and Bill was so amazingly patient with her. Fantastic to watch. The C&A round was incredible, this pair did not drop a point. What a delight and joy it was for me to be judging this pair. Well Done.
No doubt this partnership will continue for sometime yet.

2nd Mrs. Sharon Brown with TARNEDGE ECLIPSE Lab D 209 Q
A great partnership. The track was great to watch, and Ernie was determined to take his handler with him, well done. He worked extremely hard and eventually collected four articles on the track. Good handling as article was indicated and picked up, you never know, but good decision.Full mark square. Lovely control round and well done.
Great to see this partnership and will see a lot of them in years to come, no doubt. Well done.

3rd Mrs.Moira Rogerson, with XANSOAS SCOUT BSD D
This pair were great to see on the track. Scout worked so well in not very pleasant conditions, and literally pulled his handler out of the mud. Full mark square. In the down stay he decided to dig a hole, which he did for most of the time, he kept the other dogs entertained. Well done and again we will continue to see this pair in many trials in the future.

Axle really struggled on his track. He tried very hard to pick up the scent, but just could not locate it and went off track. Both handler and dog really tried hard, and it is such a shame when they don't make it. Full mark search square. Well done.
They both had a good control and agility round, just dropping a few marks on the redirect and speak.
Great to watch this partnership and hopefully will see you both in more trials in the future. Well done.

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