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Open Trial
AVON Venues: Keevil
Trial Held: 24 January 2010

TM & UD Stake


I said last year that I would never do it again, so why did I do it again this year? The answer is simple - a team of great people who really pull together to run a lovely relaxed, friendly trial; and my heartfelt thanks go to Flis, Rick, Kate, Heidi, Sharni, Allyson, Marney, Dave, Anita, Graham, Ollie, Gail, Woody and Janette.

Our farmers, Francis and Rosemary, once again laid on excellent weather (no snow) and superb tracking. Trials could not happen without landowners as generous and accommodating as they are, and on behalf of the club and competitors, I would like to express our thanks and a hamper of goodies.

My thanks also to our judge, Gill Lawrence, who did an excellent job, ably assisted by steward Ann Clarke. Lastly the competitors, who were a lovely bunch and did their best to eat all the cakes, quiches, pizzas, sandwiches and jacket potatoes provided by our excellent kitchen team (already booked them for next year) - thank you for entering and good luck in future trials.





Tracklayers: Allyson Tohme, Dave Edmunds, Anita Reeves

Steward: Ann Clarke

Thank you to Pippa, Felicity and the committee for asking me to judge and for laying on dry (if cold) weather. Many thanks must go to the tracklayers, especially Allyson, who was a tower of strength. Also thanks to the trusty kitchen staff who kept us well supplied, the escorts and all the other helpers so necessary to make a trial successful. Last, but certainly not least, huge thanks must go to Ann Clarke, who was my trusty steward. She kept me and everyone else in line and as usual, was great fun to be around.

The ground was to die for – lush grass and this resulted in all but one getting around the track.

1st Carol Huckle and VAPRESTO DIABLO KINGSWOLD, BSD (Terv), D, 180, CoM. I was so impressed with this team today. They looked like winners from the start with a neat and tidy track; sadly left one in the square but went on to do a very competent control round. It was nice to see ‘Blue’ back on form after his setback last year. Very well done!

2nd Heather Donnelly with WOOLRAM LOTHARIO, BC, D, 175, CoM. Very impressive nosework from this handsome dog, but showed his very exuberant youthfulness in the control round. One to watch for the future I am sure. Good luck with him.

3rd Kelly Chapman with TARNEDGE POSY, Lab, B, 174.5, CoM. This diminutive dog made up for her lack of size with commitment to her work. To see this little dog fly over the long jump had to be seen to be believed. Well done.

4th June Coutts with CRADBRIDGE BILL, Lab Ret, D, 172.5, CoM. This pair always seems to give a good account of themselves and today was no exception. He deserved to be in the line up and should progress nicely through the stakes. Good luck to you both.

Also gaining CoM’s:

Jill Carruthers with VOMKYNA DARCA, GSD, B, 169

Kath Channing with GLENALPINE ACE, BC, D, 166

Sasha Holden with SILVENROK XEVEN VIKA, Bouvier, D, 162

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