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Open Trial
AVON Venues: Felton
Trial Held: 11 October 2009

TM, CD, TD Stakes


I feel a bit of a fraud writing this report, as other people had to do most of the work. Due to a problem with my eyes, I was unable to drive or indeed do much at the trial except cook bacon butties! So my very grateful thanks to Pippa Bentham and Felicity Veazey, who sorted out the land, did the paperwork and all the organising before and during the trial; to Janet Clark for her expert help at the base, and Janette Hickson for driving me to the base each day and looking after Jac. Thanks to all the Avon members who rallied round and helped: tracklayers, stewards, escorts, cooks and folk who helped clean up at the end of the trial. You were a great team.

Thank you to our kind judges, John West (CD) and Jo Magness (TD). To the competitors, thanks for your entries, and to those who were delayed or unable to come – thanks for letting us know. Finally, thanks are due to our farmers, who were working under difficulties this year, but still did their best for us.





Steward: Anita Reeves

A big Thank You to the committee of Avon WTS for the invitation to judge the CD. It’s wonderful to go back to the roots now and again to see the new dogs starting their careers, and to give them support, as we all had to start at the bottom sometime. Thank you once again to Anita for her good company laying the squares, stewarding, and generally looking after me for the day.

I always find trials great fun when the whole team pull together, so Thank You to Jan Clark for Base and Scores, Chris Young, Trials Manager, Janette Hickson, to make sure we are all in the right place, and last but not least, the Kitchen ladies led by Felicity Veazey; you all did a wonderful job. My apologies for anyone that I have missed.

1st Jenny Jefferson and BEKKIS THE PATHFINDER, BC, 75.5. Qualified in each section not enough overall; the third article would have clinched it. I bet next time you’ll be successful.

2nd Sasha Holden and SILENROK XEVEN VIKA, Bouvier, 72.5. Qualified in each section, but not enough overall. Only a little polish on some points and you’ll be with the teacher (winner)

3rd Jeanette Davies and ANNACOURT ANJA, GSD, 82, NQ. Only the jumps to overcome and, as you can see from the scores, you’ll sail through.

4th Jan Davies and LA COLINA JILL, BC, 81, NQ. As third, only the jumps stand in your way of a qualification.




C/A Stewards: Celia Bourne, Adrian Quick

Search Steward: Dave Edmunds

Tracklayers: Lindsey Poole, Pippa Bentham, Adrian Quick

My thanks to Avon for the invitation to judge, to the ladies in the kitchen for keeping us fed and coffee’d, and everyone else in the base and out on the roads ferrying competitors around. Unfortunately, prior to the trial, Chris, the trials manager, was involved in an accident and was unable to drive and sort the fields etc. so special thanks to Pippa for stepping in and sorting things. Thanks to all my helpers, Celia, Adrian, Dave, Lindsey and Pippa - you were all first class and good company.

The weather Friday started ok but then progressed to heavy drizzle; however, two dogs completed the track, one of which was my eventual winner. Saturday was glorious sunshine and we had three qualifiers. Sunday the heavens did their worst and despite some brave attempts there were no qualifiers.

I hope everyone enjoyed my test as much as I enjoyed watching you work your dogs.

1st Janet Parker, NEDLOW TOP OF THE POPS, BC, D, 215, Q. A well deserved win, only losing 1.5 on heelwork (the ground was very rough) and 3.5 on the track.

2nd Allyson Tohme, JAKE AT JOTUNHEIM, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, SchH3, GSD, D, 205.5, Q. Lovely dog, a pleasure to watch; well done.

3rd Gill Lawrence, BEKKIS BEKWEY MERRIDOWN, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, D, 183.5, Q.

4th Juliette Ward, WOLFHARD WHAT A CRACKER, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, GSD, B, 182.5, Q.


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