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Open Trial
AVON Venues: St. Briavels
Trial Held: 04 October 2014



Another busy one day trial at St. Briavels, running Introductory and CD Stakes. Not our usual luck with the weather, as it rained in the morning, but it was fine later.

Despite our initial thoughts, entries held up well this year and some competitors travelled a long way. Thank you for your entries and your co-operation on the day. Congratulations to those who qualified. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

As usual there are a lot of "thank you’s" to those who helped to make the trial run smoothly - our judge, Linda Reynolds, was most welcome and I think the competitors appreciated her tests. Many thanks to Janette Hickson, who not only stewarded on the day, but was the efficient trial secretary. Thanks is also due to Barbara Griffith and Jenny Andrews, who marshalled the gate and made sure the judge was not kept waiting.

At base Ann Ketteringham and Jan Baker ran the kitchen with help later from June. Thank you all. Thanks also to Avon members who helped clear up at the end of the day.





Steward: Janette Hickson


Firstly, please accept my apology for the delay in writing this report; despite all good intentions life kept getting in the way, plus a couple of weeks spent doing the tourist thing in Japan. Anyway, back to the nitty-gritty!!

A big thank you to Avon for asking me to judge at their open October trial held at St. Briavels, also to trials manager Chris Young for the use of her land. Many thanks must also go to the ladies in the kitchen, Ann and Jan, for supplying bacon butties and other goodies, and Barbara for sorting the gate out and making sure no-one kept me waiting; sorry if I have forgotten anyone, but thanks to all who help to make this trial run so smoothly.

Saturday morning was a little cruel to us - having had such lovely weather for weeks, it decided it would drizzle and be cold, but fortunately by late morning it cleared up and the rest of the day was very pleasant.

Intro had 10 entries and 9 ran, CD had 6 entries and 5 ran.

Overall the standard of work was quite good and as usual it was the jumps and stays taking their normal toll. As a little reminder please thank your steward for laying your square and stewarding the C/A, I recall only two of you doing so!!!

My good friend Janette stewarded everything, making sure all understood the instructions, and not rushing anyone, you did a sterling job, Janette - thank you.



10 entries 9 ran


1st Veronica Hanson and FFION, 98.5, Q. Lovely work all the way through each section, full mark square and retrieve, only losing 0.5 on the control and 1 on the agility. Very calm handling, you both looked as though you were enjoying it; well done and good luck in future trials.

2nd Meg O’Kelly and LYRA, 93.5, Q. Another full mark square and retrieve, lots of enthusiasm, really nice to watch. Had the same attitude in the control only losing 0.5; nearly came to grief on the jumps but just managed to get enough. Very well done, good decision to scratch from CD, good luck in the future.

3rd Jenefer Le Mesurier and ANGEL, 93, Q. Again, nice square and retrieve, very good control round, but unfortunately second attempts at both the long and clear cost you quite a few marks. But overall, a very good attempt - well done.

4th Sue Johnson and HARRIS, 87, Q. Very good square and retrieve from this cracking little dog; good jumps, but unfortunately Harris decided that there was absolutely no reason for him to do the sendaway. How different the marks could have been, but very well done, a pleasure to watch him work, nicely handled.


Also qualified:

Barry Cook and ECHO, 82. Very nice square and retrieve, only losing 1. Some really nice flashes of work but as you know heelwork both on and off lead need working on; the control round was saved by a really nice sendaway. 18 for the jumps, well done.




Unfortunately there were no qualifiers in this stake.


1st Sandra Warrick and QUEST, 77.5, NQ. Qualified in all sections but not enough overall. Some nice work, good square and retrieve, nice control - sit stay and jumps causing the main problems; get these sorted and you will be on your way. Good attempt, well done.

2nd Dave Garrett and KOBE, 90, NQ. Well, what can I say, Dave?? Beautiful square and retrieve, full points; very impressed with his enthusiasm. Full point control, lovely to watch this large shepherd strut his stuff; he did both stays, which I know must be really pleased with, after a few hiccups at previous trials. IF ONLY he had done the scale! Really felt for you but the rest was lovely, a pleasure to watch.

3rd Jenefer Le Mesurier and ANGEL, 76.5, NQ. Some nice work but not as keen as she was doing Intro, and only 2.5 on the jumps; perhaps doing the two stakes was a little too much for her at this stage in her career.

4th Anni Martin and MAISIE, 71.5, NQ. Very nice square and retrieve, apart from the little mishap!!! Some really nice control; shame about the stay and jumps, but a good attempt and a pleasure to watch and judge.


All dogs showed some bits and pieces of really nice work: just keep training and having fun with your dogs and you will get there in the end.

Thank you for accepting my decisions and entering under me, it was a pleasure watching you and your dogs.


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