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Open Trial
AVON Venues: St. Briavels
Trial Held: 05 October 2013



Only one very busy day for the trial this year, but with a lovely sunny day and Avon members rallying round to help, we managed to finish on time.

Many thanks to our replacement judge, Pippa Bentham, who stepped in the day before the trial to help us out.  Our appointed judge had a very sick dog to look after.  I do hope Chaz is recovering, Linda.

So many "thank you’s" to say :~ Ann Ketteringham for stewarding both stakes, Barbara Griffith for stewarding the gate all day and keeping the competitors coming; Josie Buttery and June Webb ran the kitchen so efficiently – thank you all.  Jan Baker was my "gofer" and kept me up to date with work on the field.  I am of course so grateful to Janette Hickson, who was trials secretary, for her efficient paperwork and support before the trial.  Meg O’Kelly was my deputy on the day and invaluable help with sorting out the marks and results.

All competitors who entered came on the day, so no cancellations meant a full day.  Thank you for your co-operation with the draw and your donations to the tombola raising funds for the Cinnamon Trust.






Steward: Ann Ketteringham

Trials Manager: Chris Young

 I was pleased to be able to help Chris when she rang on the Thursday evening before the trial, by stepping in to judge as the appointed judge had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. Everyone’s thoughts at the trial were with you, Linda. So it was a bit of a scramble, and hopefully not too much of a disappointment to the competitors to find me stood in the field instead of Linda. My thanks to Ann Ketteringham who stewarded both stakes, Barbara Griffith, Jan Baker and the kitchen staff, and not forgetting Chris and Janette for seeing that everything ran smoothly.

There were no cancellations, with 12 working in Intro and 4 in CD.



 1st Janette Hickson with BC MIST, 100, Q. I expect nothing less than perfection from Janette, and Mist did not disappoint. Very well done.

2nd Dave Garrett with GSD KOBEE, only dropped 4 marks, 96, Q. Very nicely handled; this enthusiastic young dog was a pleasure to judge

3rd Anni Martin with working Cocker MAISIE, 85, Q. She gave it everything, but just couldn’t manage to stay down. Well done.

4th Sue Johnson with Yorkie X HARRIS, 77.5, NQ. What a wonderful little dog! He decided not to do the sendaway today but everything else was good. A little dog with a big heart.



 1st Craig Lively with GSD DANNY, 86, Q. Well done both of you; everything nearly came together today, a well-deserved qualification.

2nd Emma Stoker with Lab BAXTER, NQ. The only dog to get all 3 for the square, such a shame about the jumps.

3rd Anni Martin with working Cocker MAISIE, NQ. Lovely control, but just lost the plot after a long day.

4th Jenefer Le Mesurier with HWHV ANGEL, NQ. Definitely not Angel’s day, but it will come.

 Thank you all for entering.


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