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Open Trial
AVON Venues: St. Briavels
Trial Held: 09 October 2011


This was the second year we held Introductory and CD stakes at St. Briavels.  Avon’s luck worked and the weather was not too cold and it didn’t rain.

On behalf of Avon I would like to thank our judge, John West.  The competitors seemed to enjoy the tests and we had some good qualifications.  Thanks are also due to Celia Bourne for coming over from Bristol to steward for John.  Trials are always a team effort and I couldn’t manage without help from our members.  Janette Hickson was not only trials secretary, but helped in so many ways during the weekend, from keeping a steady flow of competitors for the judge, to helping with the scores at the end of the day.  Kate and Rick ran the kitchen in their usual efficient way - thank you so much (sorry about the Rugby, Rick!).  Thank you also to those who helped clear up at the end of the trial.

The competitors were pleasant and co-operative and I thank them for supporting the Tombola which raised £31 for St. Francis Hospice.  Congratulations to those who qualified, and to those who did not - keep trying and it will happen.






Steward: Celia Bourne

Thank you to Celia Bourne for being my steward on both days, laying all the squares for both stakes and for stewarding the control round for both days.  A brilliant job and good company - you will be welcome back any time.

A big thank you to Avon for the offer of judging and to Chris Young for an excellent run trial, also thank you to Janette Hickson for an entertaining evening at the Pub.  A special thank you to Jan Baker for her accommodation for the two days, and to Kate and Rich in the kitchen for supplying such great food. 

For a small club with their own training, quite a high standard is being reached, as the results below show.


1st Jan Baker and MERRYWAY PEBBLE OF JABY, Golden Retriever, 99.  A superb round only losing half a mark overall - well capable of progressing further.

2nd Judith Owen and BRENTMOOR JAY, BC, 96.5.  A little mouthing to be corrected, otherwise another well deserved achievement.

3rd Bentham Pippa and MY BILLIE, WSD, 92.  Billie really enjoyed his work, when he settles down he will be challenging for first.

4th Carol Gaunt and DAISY DOOGLE, Crossbreed, 90.5.  Just the jumps to improve Daisy’s score and I’m sure you’ll progress.

Also Qualified:

Daphne Mussell and CHINA BOY, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.  Just to prove you can train a NSDTR - all that’s left is for Daphne to hold her nerve.


1st Jan Baker and MERRYWAY PEBBLE OF JABY, Golden Retriever, 93.5.  Control as good as the introductory stake but only two out of the square.

2nd Daphne Mussell and CHINA BOY, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, 92.5.  Nerves coming under control, much improved from the introductory stake.

3rd Barbara Griffith and TOPPER OF EASTWAYS, CDEx, WSD, 85.5.  Neat control round, a little more work on the square and you will be there.

4th Jeanette Davies and ANNACOURT ANJA, GSD, 84.5.  Just the jumps to sort out and you will obtain a higher place.

Also Qualified:

Judith Owen and BRENTMOOR JAY, BC, 81.  Sit stay one day, gone the next - I am sure you will sort this out.

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