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Open Trial
AVON Venues: St. Briavels
Trial Held: 10 October 2010


This year managing a trial close to home and with no problems with land was a pleasure, although it was a new venture for the society and we had no idea how the entries would go.  In the event we had good entries in both stakes.  A year ago I wasn’t convinced that we needed the Introductory Stake, but now I think it is a very good idea indeed!  A number of the competitors were having their first attempt at trials and I think most were encouraged by the test set.  They were a friendly crowd and I must thank them for their co-operation on both days and their support for the raffle which raised a nice sum for Canine Partners.

As usual the trial was a team effort.  My thanks to all who helped;  our judge, Janette Hickson, for setting encouraging tests for new handlers and dogs; to Celia Bourne for stewarding both days; to Felicity Veazey for being Trials Secretary as well as bringing her tasty baking; many thanks.  The kitchen was efficiently run be Kate Kemp and Heidi Burgess, backed up by Rick Burgess - thanks for the bacon butties.  Heidi and Felicity also checked my suspect maths.  Thanks also go to Pippa Bentham for transporting the Scale; to Jenny Andrews, the gate steward on Saturday, and Jan Baker and Ann Ketteringham for stay stewarding.

The weather stayed dry both days so "Avon’s Luck" held.





Steward: Celia Bourne

Thank you to AWTTS for the invitation to judge.  As this was my first judging appointment it was lovely to be able to do so for my own club.  Thanks also to the Trial Manager, Chris Young, who not only ran the base, but also gave the use of her land for the trial and did the hundred and one other things that make a trial run smoothly.  Chris was ably assisted both before and during the trial by Felicity Veazey, who took on the role of Trial Secretary and anything else asked of her, both before and during the trial.  Thanks to Kate and Heidi, the kitchen stalwarts, who did the most important job of keeping everyone well fed and watered.  My especial thanks to my steward, Celia, who laid the squares exactly as I wished, stewarded the C/A and was great company over the two days.

The weather was kind to us, slightly dull, damp and misty on Saturday (but great for working dogs), Sunday started off the same with sun coming out by late morning.  Understandably, nerves got the better of some handlers who were competing for the very first time with, in the main, young inexperienced dogs.  Feeling this would be the case I had set fairly simple and straight forward but, I hoped, encouraging tests, and to my great pleasure the overall standard of work was exceptionally high.  Without exception the retrieves and squares were really well done, with the majority of dogs over both days getting 3 articles.  Control was by and large exceptionally well carried out, with some lovely heelwork, recalls and super sendaways, but unfortunately on both days the Stays and Agility took a toll.


The articles for this stake were - 4cm x 20cm Beige Carpet, 9.5cm x 9.5cm Beer Mat, 18cm Rope Knot (looped) and a 12cm Wooden Dolly Peg.  These were placed in each corner of the square with only 3 needing to be recovered.

1st Kerry Wiggins with EDWARDIANA GHOST, ESS, D, 94.5.  Calm, quiet handling brought out the best from this very enthusiastic dog.  Congratulations on your win - I know you were almost in tears you were so pleased with him.

2nd Jeanette Davies with ANNACOURT ANJA, GSD, B, 93.  This beautiful shepherd only lost 1 point overall in the C/A, with lovely flowing fast pace heelwork and one of only two dogs (the other being the winner) to get a full point scale.

3rd Barbara Griffith with TOPPER OF EASTWAYS, WSD, D, 89.  Only dropping a few points here and there gave Topper this well deserved placing.

4th Nicky Harrall, ACROVICTA BLACK MAGIC AT FLUVIUS, FCR, D, 86.  Lovely happy work from both Nicky and Dylon was a pleasure to watch – only dropping 0.5 in the nosework.

Also qualifying:

Carol Millington with GLENALPINE JUD, BC, D, 83

Shelley Woodward with NEDLO READY TO WOW, BS, D, 83


The articles for this stake were 4.5cm x 11.5cm Red Carpet, 4cm x 15cm Green Scourer and a Teaspoon.  These were placed on the diagonal across the square with one article on each corner and one in the middle.

1st Jeanette Davies with ANNACOURT ANJA, GSD, B, 87.5.  Once again, consistent happy work from this beautiful shepherd well handled by Jeanette gave them this well deserved win.

2nd Kerry Wiggins with EDWARDIANA GHOST, ESS, D, 86.5.  Bruce couldn’t quite contain himself today, but once again calm handling from Kerry gave them this very good placing.

3rd Rosie Lane with CHAANROSE GET-OH-FABULOUS, Dobermann, B, 85.5.  A super control round from Rosie and Etta gained them this placing.

4th Meg O’Kelly with STARDELL NAOS, BC, B, 82.5.  Despite Meg’s nerves Taos produced some really lovely work to gain them this placing.

I had a great two days and enjoyed every minute of this appointment.  The selection of breeds we had was fantastic, giving me the opportunity to appreciate the different working styles.  Apart from Collies there was a GSD, an English Springer Spaniel, a Flat Coated Retriever, Cross-breeds (2 Labradoodles, a Huntaway/Collie cross and a Patterdale cross), a Weimaraner, a Dobermann, a HWHV and a Groenendael.  The dog the judge (and everyone else who watched him) would most like to take home was the little Patterdale cross, only dropping 0.5 point on his control round with heelwork to die for.

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