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Open Trial
AVON Venues: Felton
Trial Held: 12 October 2008


After the washout summer in our area we were blessed with a few sunny, warm days for our trial.  Early tracks on Sunday had some thick mist, but apart from that the weather was very kind.

I’ve done most jobs at trials over the years, but this was my first go as trials manager and gave me a few grey hairs!  However, after initial worries over land, all went smoothly and I had great support from Avon members – what a team!  Many thanks to Janet Clark for all the paperwork and support at base, and Pippa Bentham for all her running around before and during the trial.  Thanks to Vicky Wilford and Felicity Veazey for the kitchen and all the lovely food.  I’m so grateful to Janette Hickson for her help with the land and jumps on the day before the trial.

We had splendid judges in Ann Bracegirdle and Margery Lee, and thanks also to all our hard working stewards and tracklayers.  Avon, as always, is so grateful to our farmers for the use of their land.  Our competitors were a friendly bunch and well done to our qualifiers.

Chris Young




Steward: Martin Bracegirdle

The weather excelled itself and we were basked in sunshine for the whole day; what a superb day to be judging the CD stake at Avon.  I have been a member of the club for over 25 years and seen the trial from many an angle, but never as a judge.  My thanks to Avon for the invitation to judge CD this year, and to the kitchen staff who kept us well fed and watered.  Martin had volunteered to steward for me - quite a coup considering he is more interested in gundog work; many thanks to him. 

I had 6 dogs turn up to work, with only one withdrawal, and was delighted to see no two dogs of the same breed, which made the judging even more interesting.  I also had a mix of ages, from just coming up to 2 right up to 6, with new handlers and experienced people bringing on young dogs.

The nosework was largely well done, with 5 dogs retrieving all three articles, a strip of carpet, oblong of planed wood and the tip of a badminton shuttlecock.  The grass was quite long, which made the retrieve a challenge for some, as they did not mark the fall very accurately. The control round also saw 5 dogs gaining sufficient marks in the section, but the sendaway, which was 45 yards to the biggest tree you have ever seen (a bit of an exaggeration) in the middle of the field, had some very mixed results and no dog achieved the perfect 10.

It is often the case that the jumps take their toll especially in the lower stakes and this was no exception today.  I asked all handlers to put their dog on a lead between jumps so that they could show the dog each jump in turn without fear of the dog running off to another or jumping it without taking in the scope of the task.  Nonetheless 3 out of 5 fell by the wayside and 2 of the others got in by the skin of their teeth.

My thanks to the competitors who entered under me.  I hope they enjoyed their day and are able to take on board some of the training tips I offered.

Many congratulations to the winner of the stake who I understand had also qualified at Poole.

1st Mark Gowler, GOT THE FIDGETS, WSD, 88.

A really good round from Fidget, one of the few to actually look like he wanted to do the square, but had a bit of a sheep moment on the sendaway.  He recovered well and with solid stays was nice to watch.

2nd Ruth Kuszek, SOUTHLEIGH TORNADO KING, SBT, 84.5.  Otto worked a good square and did a nice control round. He was having a bad day with sendaway today, but kept enough to pull through. His concentration on the jumps nearly proved costly.

3rd Jeanette Davies, ANNACOURT LUTHER,  GSD, 73.5.  Jingo has a very laid back attitude to his work and gave me a few moments of concern.  He pulled through in all sections, but unfortunately did not gain enough to qualify overall.  I am sure it is all there and will come together soon.

4th Jan Baker, JABY PHLOMIS, NSDTR, 76.  Phlomis was lovely to watch and did some really nice work.  She is not yet 2 so has plenty of time to grow in Jan’s capable hands.  The agility took its toll today, but she is clearly capable of the scale and clear, so good luck with the long jump training.





Tracklayers: Allyson Tohme, David Edmunds

Square Steward: Alan Lee

Control Steward: Liz Hickman

My thanks to Avon Committee for inviting me to judge at this trial.  To Chris Young, who as Trial Manager had to deal with the 11th hour problem of finding new tracking ground, but kept smiling throughout, making it a very happy trial for all concerned; to Vicky and Felicity in the kitchen; Janet at base with her usual calm efficiency; to my tracklayers, Allyson and David, who coped even in the heavy mist on Sunday morning, (which meant that you really couldn’t see 150 metres in any direction!) but still managed to lay all the tracks as I wanted; to Alan Lee (patient husband) laying all the squares; and to Liz Hickman, control steward - thank you all.

1st Gill Lawrence with TOFFEE, BC, Q, 182.  Good all round performance, a well deserved win.  Have faith and go with her. Well done.

2nd Sue Martin with JAY, GSD, Q, 177.  Lovely nosework and jumps, need to work on the Control. Well done.

3rd Sharon Carter with ZEUS, Weimaraner, Q, 160.5.   A little hiccup on track, and the jumps were costly, but a good control round saved the day.  Well done.

4th Angela Sanders with TYLER, HWH Vizsla, NQ, 163.  Good nosework and control, but unfortunately a real jump problem.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me.  To those who didn’t qualify today, bad luck, but persevere, you all are capable of gaining this qualification.

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