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Open Trial
AVON Venues: Felton
Trial Held: 07 October 2007

Stake: CD


Steward: Liz Hickman

I would like to thank Avon WTTS for their invitation to judge the CD Stake.  In particular I thank Ann Bracegirdle and Janet Clarke for so ably running the Base.  Also special thanks to Anita Reeves, my Gatekeeper, and to my Steward, Liz Hickman - what a really useful pair of hands.

It was a shame that only 4 teams entered, especially as the weather was lovely and warm and the field was lush enough to give the nosework section a good start.  While each team did their retrieve, Liz laid the square, and as she placed the articles in the Square (cartridge case, piece of black rubber and a square of flooring material) we did the sit stay.  All of the teams qualified up to then.

The control started with heel on lead, then the recall, heel free and a 50 yard sendaway to crossed poles in the hedge.  The round finished with the jumps.  Unfortunately most teams had second attempts and two of the teams went out at that stage.

We did have one qualifier and although another team had qualified in each stage, they did not have enough marks overall.  It was a pleasure to judge all four teams and I am sure that we shall see more of them in the future.

1st G Slade with NYRVANA WILD WORLD, GSD, Q, 87.  This team did good nosework and control, with a small hiccough with the long jump.  A well deserved win.

2nd R Kuszek with SOUTHLEIGH TORNADO KING, SBT, NQ, 83.  A lovely attitude towards work from this dog; unfortunately the jumps did not go quite to plan this time.

3rd J Davies with ANNACOURT LUTHER, GSD, NQ, 81.5.  Another team that worked well together on the control and nosework.  Again it was the jumps that let them down.

4th D Anderson with CARNIVAL JESS, WSD, NQ, 74.  A happy team and Jess qualified in all groups.  Unfortunately their marks did not make enough overall.




Tracklayers: Pippa Bentham, Allyson Tohme

Steward: Richard Davidson

A big thank you to Avon WTTS for inviting me to judge UD open.  Thanks also to my tracklayers, Pippa and Allyson, who were excellent, and to Kate and Steven in the kitchen, who ensured that I didn’t go hungry.  An extra special thank you to my search and control steward, Richard Davidson. This was his first experience of stewarding, but he made a brilliant job of it and only gave me one hair-raising moment – in a pub car park, not a mile from an international airport, he produced from beneath his coat a very large and rather scary looking weapon which he then brandished around for all to admire!  Fortunately we managed to return it to a safe place before we were arrested and I’m sure Richard has learned to control his impulses in the future!

Tracking was on grass, which ranged from long to very long, but most of the dogs had no problems recovering the articles. Of those that failed to qualify, the jumps caused most of the grief and a couple went out on the stays.  Very well done to those that made it and to those who didn’t - keep trying, you’re almost there!

1st Jeanette Hickson and ROY, BC, D, COM, 195.  An excellent all round performance and well deserved first place.  Good luck for the future.

2nd Hayley Woodcock and NELL, BC, B, COM, 192.5.  Full point control round, and just a hiccup on the long jump costing first place.  Super little dog with a great attitude.  Well done.

3rd Heather Cook and RAJEE, GSD, B, COM, 190.5.  Another very polished performance and showing great promise for the future.

4th Mary Drewitt and ERIN, GSD, B, COM, 187.5.  A well deserved qualification, congratulations.

Also qualifying:

Gill Lawrence and TOFFEE, BC, B, 181

Sue Martin and JAY, GSD, B, 177




Tracklayers: Lyndsey Poole. Adrian Quick and John West.

Stewards: Chris Young and Jeanette Hickson.

My thanks to the committee of Avon WTS for the invitation to judge at this trial.  This was the first time that they have had one judge judging all sections, and I have to say as a judge I much prefer this system, as it gives the opportunity to see the partnerships as a whole.

Thank you also to the kitchen staff for keeping us well supplied with food and drinks (and plenty of lemon meringue pie!!!)

To my tracklayers, a big thank you.  As always the tracks were laid impeccably by these three very experienced people.  Thank you also to my stewards, who both laid the squares and scribed the control and agility.  They both did a great job, Chris on Friday and Jeanette taking over for Saturday and Sunday.  This was her first attempt, but the nerves did not show.

The weather was glorious all weekend, with tracking on a reasonable growth of grass which most of the dogs coped well with.  Ann Shepherd’s Lottie went around in 8 minutes 25 sec with all 3 articles recovered, closely followed by Sue Jones and Meg in 8 minutes 40 sec.

Of nineteen entries, eighteen ran.  No partnership failed the square. 14 qualified the nosework, with the lowest track mark being 87.  The control and agility on the other hand left a bit to be desired, with only six of the eighteen getting full mark jumps, and only four gaining more than half marks for the sendaway.

1st Sue Jones with DURSTONE MELODY, 210.5. A well deserved win. 160.5 nw, 30 control, full mark jumps. Well done.  On today’s performance well capable of championship.

2nd Jane Webb with INSTINCTIVELY PIPPA, 205.5.  157 nw, 30.5 control, 18 jumps.  Also ready to do battle in Ticket

3rd Margery Lee with LOKI MISCHIEF MAKER, 198.5, 150 nw, 28.5 control, full mark jumps.  An article short in the square and heelwork costly!!

4th Joan Watkins with DURSTONE O’RILY, 190. Well done Joan

Also qualifying:

John Simpson with GLENROYAL YAZZ.

Jenny Jefferson with BEKKIS VIRTUOSO. Woody showed me just what I was looking for in the sendaway.

Thank you to all the competitors for accepting my decisions; it was a pleasure to judge you all.

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