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AVON Venues: Keevil
Trial Held: 01 February 2015

Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Pippa Bentham, Barry Cook (both days), Susanne Jaffa (Sat), Allyson Tohme (Sun)

Search Steward: Vanessa Cook

Control Steward: Janette Hickson

Thank you to Avon WTTS for the invitation to judge the UD. I always find it such a friendly club to work at, and as they are quite small it is always great to see that everyone mucks in and helps doing any job that needs to be covered e.g. Lesley Peters (Trials Manager, kitchen staff, escort, and land lady). Thank you for all your hard work, company and Saturday evening accommodation. Thanks also to Felicity for running the base in your usual expert way. My thanks also to the escorts getting the competitors to the correct fields on time, some being a fair walk from the car park; it really makes judging a pleasure when all runs smooth!

A big thank you to all the tracklayers; the weather was extremely cold, yet they still kept a smile on their face whether the competitors succeeded or failed. And a big thank you to Vanessa, who braved the weather with me for both days and was great company; this was then replicated by Janette with stewarding the control round, - long may you all continue to support such a great venue in all weathers.

1st           Jenny Richards with AMBERSLADE MASSACHUSETTS, ASD, 193.5, Q. The tracklayer and search steward were both as impressed as I was with Alfred. It was an excellent round and he even corrected Jenny when she made a couple of minor mistakes. As Jenny gains her own experience this certainly will be a team to watch. Congratulations on gaining first.

2nd         Kevin Hill with JOYFUL JENSEN, GSD, 186.5, Q. With a perfect score on the control round and another great track all that separated Stanley from the winner was one article less out of the square; however, it could all change next time round. Good luck in your future trials.

3rd          Gavin Thompson with TRACEYLYN ASHLEA, GSD, 175, NQ. Another competent nosework round; a little more confidence from Angi and she would have qualified, but she decided that the down stay in a barn was not for her - such a shame as it was in the last few seconds. Better luck to you both in the future.

4th       Barbara Brown with EVA PARNASSUS MUSE, WSD, 173, NQ. Eva after the nose work was up in contention with the above; however, I feel that she reacts to Barbara‚Äôs nerves and lost technique with the agility. Eva has certainly the ability to succeed once both get themselves sorted - best of luck for next time.

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