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Open Trial
AVON Venues: Langford
Trial Held: 03 October 2004

CD Stake


Steward: Shirley Robinson

My thanks to Avon for the invitation to judge at a well run trial. Special thanks to Shirley for all her help and putting the competitors at their ease.

I tried to set a test to encourage new handlers and dogs. Jumps took their usual CD toll, but stays were brilliant 100% - Well done! I thought my sendaway was easy, crossed poles by a fenced off tree in a hedge, but only a couple of dogs did it well. I was disappointed with the square. We used large, well scented articles which were not too visible. With the exception of my winning dog there seemed a lack of motivation and several fouled the square. Please reward your dogs in training and make the search more fun!

1st           Margaret Gatland and ABERDAUNANT CELYN OF MEREONI (Emma) (Large Munsterlander) 93Q Lovely attitude from this dog. Excellent control and good location of articles. Work on retrieve to eliminate dropping. I'm sure she will do well in Championship.

2nd         Carol Wood and PIXHAM PRETTY LADY (Hetty) Sheltie 83Q Good control and agility -Well done! More work needed on sendaway and square. Good luck for the future. I was pleased to see a Sheltie working so well.

3rd          Julie Luker and BELMARLEY TRY ME (Soli) BSD 84.5 NQ. Good sendaway and agility, but sadly only one article from the square. Good luck for the future.

4th          Shirley McIver and NIKONIS VITA (Flame) GSD. 72.5NQ Nice square -shame she didn't find the third article. More experience and she will do well-Good luck!

Thanks to all the competitors, congratulations to the qualifiers and to the non-qualifiers - keep working and you will succeed.


U. D. Stake


Tracklayers: Pippa Bentham, (3days)  John Hinds, (2days) Felicity Veazey, (1day)

Square Stewards: Irene Nichols Sheila Watts

Michelle Falcon

Thanks to Avon Society for this judging appointment on the nose work, and thank Bobby and Jenny Bellmont for their hospitality,  nice room good food and good company.  Thanks to Pippa, John and Felicity for tracklaying and Irene, Sheila and Michelle my search stewards. 

 Of 23 entries, 19 ran and 8 qualified.   We had a mixture of newcomers  and very experienced competitors with young dogs. The weather was a mix of wet and dry, the wind from still to strong.  The track had 8 legs, and was 725 yards, the first article on the 4th leg was a piece of wood approx 3 inches and the end article carpet about 3 x 2 inches.

Articles in the square were bolt, cork, hosepipe, and piece of cloth, placed on the diagonal, 6, 9, 12 and 15 paces in from the corners.  The bolt was a challenge to lots of the dogs.

Thanks to all the competitors for entering and accepting my judging, hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did.

1st           K. Johnson. - DUNNSLAYNE BLUE SKIES  CDex W.S.D. 190.5 CoM First class round of nose work loosing 3 on the track and 1 in the square. Also won the best nose work award.

2nd         J. Jefferson.- BEKKIS VIRTUOSO CDex-Udex     B.C. 189.5 CoM Only lost 2 on the track and 8 in square.

3rd          J. Baker.- JABY MANNA Cdex  N.S.D.T.R. 189 CoM Lost 5 on track 2 in the square.

4th          K. Peyton -GLENALPINE SOLOMON   B.C. 182.5 CoM 1 was lost on track 16 in the square.

Also qualifying UD

P. Pearce - Duster`s Ragamuffin  CDex    W.S. 180 CoM

R Carhill - Bayriver Ambush of Salenze   G.S.D.174 CoM

S. Jefferson - Jakovall Midsummer Moth for Laetare  B.C 176.5 CoM

E. Hickman - Wolfrock Indiana Mischief  Cdex   G.S.D.163.5 CoM


TD Nosework


Tracklayers : Lindsey Poole, Adrian Quick, Ann Bracegirdle

Search Steward : Peter Nicholls

Base Stewards : Janet Clark and Jenny Bellmont.

I would like to thank Avon W.T.T.S. for the invitation to judge the TD nosework at their open trial.  All tracking (bar one) was on very long, lush grass, so I was treated to some very good tracks.  A few dogs, however, failed to get enough articles from the search square.

I had an excellent team of track layers in Lindsey, Adrian and Ann; and Peter laid all the search squares.  Thank you for all your hard work and for being such good company.  Sue Hartley was trials manager and Liz Hickman did all the secretarial work.  Many thanks to the society for the present of a bottle of wine.

1st           Sally Bergh-Roose with TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY CDex, UDex (D) (GSD).  A dog with tremendous attitude and beautifully handled by Sally.  98 for the track and all three articles.  Only two from the square but Ti didn't stop working for a second.  A well deserved win.  197 C of M.

2nd         Suzanne Jaffa with ACCRA EAZEL BOB CDex, WDex (D) (ASD).

GOB (???) made all his mistakes in the first half of the track, the second half was almost faultless.  Another team to recover 3 and 2 articles.  Well done.  193 C of M.

3rd          Stella Parr with CHEYENNE JANE CDex, WDex (B) (GSD).  Kendra just had problems on the first leg and then on one corner halfway round the track.  This team also recovered 3 and 2 articles.  Well done.  185 C of M.

4th          Richard Cornwell with KAUFENBERG GRUBER CDex (D) (GSD).  Another very promising GSD well handled by Richard.  Only lost 3.5 on the track with 2.5 track articles and 2 out of the square.  Well done.  184.5 C of M.

I'm sorry that some of my qualifiers went out in the C & A round; but congratulations to the successful competitors and good luck to you all in the future.

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