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Open Trial
AVON Venues: Felton
Trial Held: 09 October 2005

Trial  Manager’s Report

I must firstly apologise for the lateness of this report, the original report was posted last November. I am assured by our editor Mark that it was never delivered to his office, so I can only assume that it's still milling around in the postal system.

I would like to thank the farmers for the use of their land tracking was on well grown grass giving us plenty of good nosework marks. Our judges this year were Bruce Golledge, Barbara Riste, Celia Bourne and Jacqui Barron for T.D, U.D, C.D and the T.D, U.D and C&A respectively, thank you for your time and expertise. I would also like to thank all the tracklayers and stewards for a job well done, I will leave it to the judges to name their individual teams. Thanks to my goffers and escorts Ann Clark and Ann Bracegirdle and to Pippa for doing most of the paperwork and allowing Barbara and I to share her lovely cottage during the trial. No report would be complete without thanking the catering staff, headed by Irene Nicholl. They kept everyone supplied with copious hot drinks and food. Finally I would like to thank all of the competitors who were both punctual and courtious to those who qualified. Well done to those who did not quite make it this time I am sure your day will soon come.



CD Stake


Steward Steph Rendall

Thank you to Avon for the invitation to judge CD and for looking after us so well. Thanks too to Steph, my steward who did a fabulous job. We were two virgins together so I think we did ok for our first time. I was lucky in having four wonderful competitors with a great attitude towards their dogs. They all seemed to enjoy the test and the rain held off all morning until the stays - then it poured. Jumps and stays were the biggest problems but all the dogs tried their hardest in each exercise and I wish them the best of luck in future competitions.

1st           COM, 90.5 pts, M. Gatland, ABERDAUNANT CELYN OF MEREONI, Large Munsterlander, B. A very good round and lovely to watch. A well deserved win, well done.

2nd         69 pts, J. Luker, BELMARLEY TRY ME, Tervuren, B, Little bits and pieces to work on but it's all there - don't give up!

3rd          67pts, G. Rowley, GALGRAIZE NEMESIS, GSD, D, Just the jumps put you out today.

4th          65.5 pts., M. Lee, LOKI MISCHIEF MAKER, WSD, D, I'm sure you'll get the stays and scale sorted out soon, then you'll be away!




Stewards: Shirley Robinson & Jo Magness

As ever, my thanks to Avon for the invitation to judge the C&A at the brilliant new venue at Felton, under the flight path of the planes coming in to Lulsgate airport!! This in no way put any of the dogs off, though once or twice there were a couple of misheard commands!!

Shirley Robinson stewarded on Friday and Jo Magness suffered the rain with me on Saturday, but then the sun shone on Jo and I on the Sunday so all ended well for us both!!

Thanks to all involved helping and running the trial and particular thanks to my co-judges and to Brian Riste, who, now he has nothing else to do has taken over the Trials Manager’s role. I expect he might take other commissions?

Generally I thought the standard the usual mish mash of very good to very iffy, but I have to say there were a couple of excellent rounds, with both the winners showing how it should be done!!

Thank you to all the competitors who braved me and I wish you all good luck for the future.

Dean Woodcock with Laetare Left in the Dark, UD winner and Jenny Jefferson with Bekkis Virtuoso WDex, winner of the TD stake. Photo by J Barron


1st           Dean Woodcock and Abby, LAETARE LEFT IN THE DARK BC. 186.5

2nd         Tony Lockyer and DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL WSD 169.5

3rd          Siobhan Jefferson and JAKOVALL MIDSUMMER MOTH FOR LAETARE CDex BC (NQ)

4th Marney Wells and BEREKA HURRICANE OF COPYHOLD CDEX UDEX Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Stake: TD

1st           Jenny Jefferson and Woody, BEKKIS VIRTUOSO CDEX WDEX BC 212.5

2nd         Tracey Wiliams and SUNSHINE JED CDEX WDEX. Labrador, 195.75

3rd          Nicky Prescott and SKIPAWAY FORTUNE, Crossbreed, 189.5


(The dogs handled by both Jenny and Siobhan Jefferson are co-owned with Alison Hornsby)


U.D Nosework


Track Layers: Rondey Veasey One Day, John Hinds Three Days, Pippa Bentham Two Days

Search Stewards: Michelle Falcom Friday, Liz Hickman Saturday, Pauline Pearce Sunday

Thank you Avon for the invitation to judge the U.D nosework. To all the helpers and the ladies in the kitchen a very big thankyou. To Pippa and Colin for having Brian and myself to stay at your lovely cottage and looking after us so well, thank you so much.

1st           Dean Woodcock LAETARE LEFT IN THE DARK B.C. A very good all round performance, a joy to watch well done.

2nd         Tony Lockyer DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL W.S.D. A hiccup on the track but your professionalism put you back on track, a good all round performance well done.

3rd          Siobham Jefferson TAKOVALL MIDSUMMER MOTH FOR LAETARE B.C. Nice quite handling, good performance well done.

4th          Marney Wells BEREKA HURRICANE OF COPYHOLD S.B.T. Tracked well a good performance, well done.


Stake   T D Nosework


Track Layers:  Lindsey Poole, Adrian Quick

Search Steward: Peter Nicholls

Thank you Avon, for the invitation to judge the T D Nosework and thank you to my tracklayers for doing an excellent job, thank you Lindsey and Adrian also to Peter for doing all the search squares.  We were treated to some excellent tracks.  Thank you also to ladies in the kitchen and also Brian, back at Base who in his impeccable style ran it like clockwork.

1st           Jenny Jeffersen BEKKIS VIRTUOSO  (BC) What a happy super little dog.  You were so nervous yet he breezed it.  A well deserved win.  Good luck in the future.                                                 212.25 pts

2nd         P.Williams SUNSHINE JED  (LAB) Another lovely track he hardly put a foot wrong till almost the end, and a very good square. Well done. 195.75 pts

3rd          N.Prescott SKIPAWAY FORTUNE (CROSSBREED) A very well deserved placing.  You had the worst of the weather but Tilly did you proud.  Well done.                                                                           189.5 pts


 Another good track, just squeezed in on the square.  Well done.         181.5 pts

Also qualifying


Thank you to the competitors for accepting my decisions.  Although we did have 11 qualifiers in nose work for those who didn't qualify overall, good luck for the next time.

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