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Open Trial
AVON Venues: Felton
Trial Held: 08 October 2006


Stake: CD


Stewards:  Squares, Alan Lee; C & A, Vicky Wilford

My thanks to the committee of Avon for inviting me to judge, and for running such a friendly and well organised trial.  Thanks to Ann and Janet at base, to Irene and her helpers in the kitchen, and to my two stewards, Alan and Vicky, who worked hard to put our competitors at ease.

We only had two entries, which was a shame, but they both worked hard, and whilst, unfortunately, neither qualified, they did some excellent work, and were only let down by sendaways and the jumps.  I’m sure this will soon be rectified, and I wish them both success in the near future.

1st           S Topley with FLORRIE, 72.5, NQ.

2nd         J Davies with JINGO, 71, NQ.


Stake: UD and TD C & A


Thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge.  The facilities were excellent, and the organisation was great.  I had three days of relaxed easy judging, and saw some poor teams, and some teams which will go on to great things.


1st           Chris Gregory with VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM, GSD.  Fantastic bitch, with loads of drive.  She must be hard to work, but was beautifully handled.  I’m sure we’ll see this team at a high level soon.  194.5, Qual

2nd         Barry James with TYTRI KAY, BC, B.  A keen collie, also well handled.  She is ready to go on.  191.5, Qual.

3rd          Lynne Cousins’ MOORTIME FOREST FERN, ASD, B.  Nice calm handling by Paul of this keen Aussie.  They had a good weekend, with WDEx and TD Open.  Well done.  187.5, Qual.

4th          Heather Caird with BLACK HIPPOCRATES, Lab, D.  Again, nice clean handling of a good Lab, who looks ready to move up.  176.5, Qual.

UD – 14 entries

1st           Gary Haim with WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, WSD.  I was pleased to see this dog, and the second placed dog, working happily and with great enthusiasm.  Nice handling; well done.  196.5, Qual.

2nd         Colin Harrison with WAGGERLAND TED, WSD.  Litter brother to the above.  Again, nice handling, as you would expect from Colin.  186.5, Qual.

3rd          David Barker with MORROW AMAROO, GSD, B.  A keen, intense bitch, handled well, quietly but positively.  I was pleased to judge you both.  184.5, Qual.


Stake: TD Nosework


Tracklayers: Lindsey Poole, Adrian Quick

Stewards: Anita Reeves, Dave Edmonds (Squares)

I would like to thank Avon committee for the invitation to judge the TD nosework.  Although the trials manager (Ann Bracegirdle) said it was all down to her helpers, it still takes a leader to make sure the tasks are carried out. Well done to Ann and her helpers Pippa Bentham, Lindsey Poole and the canteen staff led by Irene and Janet.

The weather managed to hold off for most of the trial with the exception of the first two tracks (well watered).

west Track small

The ground was very lush, which I believe could have been the downfall of a lot of dogs; smell must be very strong, as some dogs wanted to cut across tracks. However, of the dogs that did well on the track, only one failed the control round.

1st           Chris Gregory, Vomhausnye Quantum, CDEx–WDEx, (GSD), 194.5, Q.  Excellent track and a pleasure to watch, only hiccough was one missing out of the square.

2nd         Barry James, TYTRI Kay, CDEx-WDEx, (BC), 191.5, Q.  Another good track to watch, once again one missing from the square.

3rd          Lynne Cousins, MOORTIME FOREST FERN, CDEx–WDEx, (ASD), 187.5, Q.  Handled by Paul Cousins. It’s nice to judge my own breed and to see one do so well.  With a little more work on the square Fern will get there.

4th          Heather Caird, BLACK HIPPOCRATES, CDEx–WDEx, (Lab), 176.5, Q.  Missed a track article, but was the only one of the four to get four out of the square.  Made a big difference with a few more marks lost on track.



These were the only three qualifiers.

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