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Open Trial
AVON Venues: St. Briavels
Trial Held: 25 October 2015


Stakes: CD and Intro


I’m just back from a lovely weekend over the bridge in the Forest of Dean.  Thank you so much, Chris, trials manager, and Janette, trials secretary, for inviting me and looking after me so well while I was with you.  Everything was so well organised, the kitchen ran like clockwork and thank you all so much for keeping me fed.  Kathy Williams and Barbara Griffith made sure competitors materialised through the fog at appropriate intervals and Jenny Richards on Saturday and Ellie Anderson on Sunday both stewarded for me most efficiently, as well as being good company - I’m very grateful to both of you.  This was Jenny’s first go at stewarding but I’m sure it won’t be her last; I would recommend her to anyone. 

On Saturday the fog cleared by the time we got round to the C/A but on Sunday seeing poles was still rather difficult, and luckily I found an enormous traffic cone for the sendaway.   I was particularly impressed with the quality of the sendaways in both stakes, although a lot of the dogs need to react more quickly when told to wait at the pole.  All the dogs who competed put in excellent search and control rounds.  Jumps and stays were a bit more variable.

CD Stake:

Steward: Jenny Richards

CD was on Saturday.  Jumps and stays, as ever, took a bit of a toll here but I saw some lovely dogs (and handlers) with a great deal of promise.

1st           Meg O’Kelly with STARDELL LARA, BC, 96, Q.  Great work all round, as ever with Meg’s dogs

2nd         Gail Gwesyn-Price with ZAVI JAVA AT CONCENN, GSD, D. 93.5, Q.  Rav is a lovely bouncy dog in experienced hands.  Would have liked to steal this one.

3rd          Brian Wooten with ANNACOURT SEFFE, GSD, B, 87.5, Q.  Just a bit of a problem with the long jump here; sort that out and Poppy will do really well.

4th          Sandra Warwick with ZEPHRAM AMPELUS AT CONCENN, GSD, B, 79, NQ.  Such a near miss!  Lack of a sit stay made it difficult to qualify but you and Quest did really well over all.


Introductory Stake:

Steward: Ellie Anderson

Unfortunately, a lot of cancellations on Sunday reduced the number of dogs working to four.  Such a shame but I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to drive in such thick fog.  I was really sorry not to get a qualifier here; again stays and jumps proved the problem and for Introductory I really would like to be able to give some marks for a stay where the dog changes position but does not leave the spot it was left on.

1st           Linda Levett with THAMESPOL DELTA BAXTER, GSD, D, 73, NQ.  No sit stay, but the only dog to complete the down stay.  With more confidence this team will do well.

2nd         Penny Tagoe with KINGSREACH CARAMELO, SWD, B, 67, NQ.  Mocha was the only dog to do the sit stay but changed position in the down.  Such a shame.  Good control but the jumps were a bit much for Mocha

3rd          Kaye Littlehayes with MELANITTA AMBROSE, NSDTR, B, 66.5, NQ.  Dora did lovely control and search rounds but unfortunately failed both stays and the scale.   Bound to do well in the future.

4th          Caroline O’Hare with BALIAN BARKING MAD LAD, Crossbreed, D, 57.5, NQ.  Balian did an excellent control round but lacks confidence in the square so didn’t get that valuable third article.  Unfortunately, I know Balian well and he was tempted to come and see me during the stays.  No scale but I know this is a work in progress.  Caroline has worked hard to get him this far and I’m sure they will overcome these problems in time.

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