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AVON Venues: Keevil
Trial Held: 31 January 2016

Trial Managers Report

In a lull between Gertrude and Henry, Avon held a trial, it feels rather fraudulent writing a trials managers report as I actually spent 2 days tracklaying. 

So after thanking our farmers the Banfield family who, despite having a problem with aborting cows, allow us to use their land for training and running a trial. To say they are the most generous, easy going, understanding people is simply not enough, without them Avon would find it difficult to exist anymore.
Huge thanks must go to Lesley Peters and Flis Veazey who actually ran the trial, their efficiency, good humour and patience was amazing. On saturday Barbara Griffith accompanied people from the hall to the farm where Adele Cole and the lovely Keisha took over walking miles, literally, getting rather nervous competitors to the right fields, and on time. Sunday Anni Martin and Caroline O'Hare took over the escorting duties with equal efficiency, thank you folks. Personally I feel escort is an under appreciated task, as a competitor would you truly understand " go round the barn up the track across Church field on past Oak tree and you'll find find Shed Dean on your left at the right hand bend." Westwood farm is an old family farm and all the fields still have names, which is rather quaint and once you know them it makes communicating your location really easy. Being a farm that is pretty central to Keevil village it has several footpaths and villagers who are used to wandering off them. I only had to remonstrate with one walker, who was very nice about having his map reading skills questioned, besides which he had a lovely collie with him and fortunately a track was not spoilt. Our judges Dean Woodcock nosework and Allyson Tohme C and A, thank you for your time. As a result of an entry of 23 which was too much for one judge with Januarys' limited daylight to do in two days, Allyson stepped in and saved the day. I know they will thank their helpers, Ellie Anderson, Marney Wells and Janette Hickson. I would like to say a special thank you to my fellow tracklayer Jenny Richards, she did well, really well and was brilliant company, we had a laugh saw some lovely tracking and only lost one article. On to the kitchen staff Lesley, Chris Young, Kate Kemp, Rick Burgess, Tony Ketteringham and Kathy Williams who provided copious quantities of chilli con carne, thank you. We let men in to the kitchen, they do an excellent job and should be encouraged, thank you one and all.
Now to the competitors, what a brave bunch, the rain mostly stayed away and the sun shone on saturday. The tracking land varied quite considerably in dampness from pleasingly soft to walk on to suck your wellies off if you stood still too long, a couple could have done with skis to keep up with their dogs who on the whole coped extremely well, thank you everyone of you and I hope you'll come again sometime.

Pippa Bentham

Tracklayer / trials manager


UD Nosework  Judge Dean Woodcock

Thanks to Avon for the judging invite, I had an enjoyable 2 days judging a variety of different breeds who done some nice tracks and squares. Track layers were Jenny Richards and Pippa Bentham for both days, I believe it was your first time track laying at a trial Jenny where you did a fab job as did Pippa, square steward for Saturday was Jeanette Hickson who did a great job, squares for Sunday was Marney Wells who also did a perfect job. Thank you ladies, I enjoyed your company. Well done Avon you have some great helpers. I will let Allyson give you the c&a results.

UD nose work results.

1st, Andy Baker, B.C. - Q        A very tidy track and a worthy winner, what a nice young dog this is.

2nd, Gail Owen Gwesyn-Price, GSD -Q          A nice keen dog who enjoyed himself.

3rd, Mary Drewitt, GSD, NQ         This dog did a nice track

4th, Shirley Simpson, B.C., NQ          A stylish dog who done nose work well.


UD Stake C & A 

Judge: Allyson Tohmé

Steward: Ellie Anderson 

Many thanks to: the society for inviting me to judge; Mr and Mrs Banfield for the generous gift of their land; Pippa for being Trials Manager; Flis for being Base Steward; Lesley, Kate, Rick, Chris, Tony, Kathy and co for keeping everyone well fed and in my case, cappuccinod! Special mention to Kathy and her delicious chilli con carne!

Last but not least thanks to all the competitors for still entering, despite a change of judge in this section as well as accepting my decisions with good grace.

I really like judging this stake and I hope you all enjoyed my test as much as I appreciated your company. This very friendly and welcoming trial is my “local” with everyone mucking in to help and support all involved.

23 entered, 17 ran. A total of 11 breeds were represented: Bearded Collie, BC/WSD, GSD, English Setter, Beauceron, HWHV, Cocker Spaniel, Rottweiler, GSP, CKCS and Kelpie.

Prior to commencement I briefed each group of competitors on the round  and informed them that second attempts were allowed at all of the jumps; they could put the leads on in between exercises and, as we had plenty of time, if they wished, they could have another attempt at any of the exercises for no points.

The C & A round was split between two fields as I did not want the “home team” to have an advantage over the “visitors” regarding the sendaway. It commenced with the retrieve followed by the sendaway, which was 80 yards to a water trough. Medium, fast and slow paced heelwork took teams to the jumps after which the down stay exercise was held.

Sadly only two teams managed to qualify.

1st Andy Baker with his WSD dog Right Then Sunny Jim 189 

An outstanding round by a fabulous team. Andy handled his lovely, keen dog with consummate professionalism losing only one mark in this section. Many congratulations.

2nd Gail Geswyn Price with her GSD dog  Zavi Java at Concenn 184 

Full mark jumps from this handsome, agile Shepherd helped secure this qualification.  Well done Gail.

3rd Mary Drewitt handling Rosemary Turner’s GSD bitch Khamsyker Roulette 184 NQ 

A very powerful bitch who made the jumps look easy but was somewhat less than impressed with the sendaway! Good luck with her Mary!

4th Shirley Simpson with her BC bitch Ferrous a Touch of Beauty 174 NQ 

A very pretty girl who decided that the jumps were not for her on the day. She is lovely Shirley and I am sure she will come on a treat. Best wishes for the future.

Enjoy your dogs.

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