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Open Trial
AVON Venues: St. Briavels
Trial Held: 02 October 2016


Trial Manager’s Report


A successful day apart from the rather wet stormy weather. Thank you to our judge, Dean Woodcock. It was obviously a fair test as all competitors seemed to enjoy themselves and we had qualifiers in both stakes. It was a spaniel day as Intro was won by a Springer and CD by a Cocker. Well done to all who qualified. Thank you also to Hayley Woodcock for coming to steward for the trial.

There are so many willing helpers at this trial it makes it easy to run. Many thanks to you all. Janette Hickson is the efficient trials secretary and also helps with the scores on the day. Ann Ketteringham led the team in the kitchen, with help from Meg and Chris. Barbara was the gate steward and again kept competitors coming so the judge was not kept waiting. Jenny also helped and brought back scores from the field so we could get on with adding up. Thanks also to all who stayed and helped clear up at the end of the day.

We are an offshoot of a small club, but I am lucky that Avon members help on the day. Thank you to all competitors for keeping cheerful despite the rain and your co-operation with our arrangements. Particular thanks from me for allowing us to get all score sheets done at the end of the day with no interruptions - it meant we were able to send you on your journeys promptly.

Chris Young

Trials Manager


Stakes: Intro and CD

Steward: Hayley Woodcock

A big thank you to Avon for the invite to judge these 2 stakes. Thanks to Chris Young for the running of this well-supported trial. It was a very nice base with the kitchen managed by Anne Ketteringham, and Meg O’Kelly along with Janette Hickson.
My C/A and square steward was Hayley Woodcock - first class job as always.

Intro Stake:
5 entries
1st Michelle Mahoney with MINNIE MYAH OF SHALDON, ESS, 97.5, Q. A worthy winner with a very tidy all over control - well done.
2nd Jan Baker, OAKAPPLE GWINEAR OF JABY, G Ret, 88, Q. Well done on your 2nd place; a nice lively dog with full mark jumps.
3rd John Missin, BEESTING ZAMBIA, BC, 83, Q. A nice dog who did very well - good square.
4th Kaye Littlehales, MELANITTA AMBROSE, NSDTR, 78.5, NQ. A very tidy full point square with a good control round, but then no jumps.

CD Stake:
9 entries
1st PJ and AR Antrobus, TRISSANT BECA, Cocker Spaniel, 96, Q. A very tidy round with full mark jumps - nice one.
2nd Pam Clarke, LONGHALVES SUMMER SURPRISE, WSD, 95, Q. I enjoyed watching this dog work; more than capable to proceed upwards. Well done.
3rd Pam Clarke, SMYLIE MYLIE, WSD, 93.5, Q. You produced a strong round and a worthy qualifier; that long jump was costly.
4th. John Missin, BEESTING SAMBA, BC, Q. Well done you did both stakes and had a great day - a worthy qualifier.
Also qualified:
Jan Baker, OAKAPPLE GWINEAR OF JABY, G Retriever, 87. A nice enjoyable round; more than capable of progressing. Well done.

Well done to everyone; we had some not quite ready, but on the whole most dogs produced rounds that were of a very good standard.

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