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Open Trial
Venue: Devizes
Trial Held: 25 February 2007

Trial Manager’s Report

There are always so many people involved in a successful trial, but the definitely indispensable are the long suffering farmers who let us come back year after year to play games on their land. My usual farmers were as cooperative as ever, with Rachel and Jonny Rider and Charlie Rudler lending me fields for nosework and C&A and Andrew Brown letting us use the car parking facilities. Hard standing parking is always pretty important in the Pewsey Vale in February and this year it was even more appreciated as the ground was even wetter than usual!

The weather over the two days of the trial was actually not too dreadful, the rain falling with a vengeance over night but at least leaving us with just the cold wind during the day.

The judges, Anne Shepherd (UD over two days) and Paul Morling (WD for one day) set sensible tests that gave the dogs who were ready for it every opportunity to succeed, unfortunately, the wind and wet defeated some and we ended up with only one qualifier overall. Even so, I think every single competitor made a special point of coming back and thanking me for running the trial – much appreciated, I can tell you!

I will leave it to the judges to thank their teams individually but I have to say huge thanks to all of you, as ever, it is lovely to be able to point such a competent bunch at the fields and leave them to it!

This year, I did have the added bonus of Lindsey Poole in the base; what would trials do without her? The food was provided by Vicky Wilford and, quite honestly, I would be happy for her to move in with me on a fulltime basis – I don’t know how she does it. Fantastic. The competitors were all wonderful at mucking in and several helped in the kitchen as well (especially Felicity Veazey). When most people were on their way home, I was extremely grateful to Lindsey, Vicky and Ann Bracegirdle for staying on to help tidy the base and shift the jumps – the inglorious but essential part of trials!

Thank you to everyone who made it such an enjoyable trial.

Marney Wells


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Linda Bowden, Barry Cook

Stewards: Ruth Cahill (Sat), Jenny Butters (Sun)

My thanks to BAGSD and Marney for inviting me to judge the UD stake at their Devizes Spring trial.  To Barry and Linda, my tracklayers, to Ruth (on Saturday) and Jenny (her first time as steward for trials, Sunday), thank you very much for all your help and good company.  To Vicki for keeping us well fed and watered and also to Lindsey for helping in the base on Sunday.

The track was a very straightforward one, with a piece of wellie for the first article and a nice piece of carpet for the end one.  All the dogs which got round the track got the end article, with the majority getting the first one.  The articles in the square were plastic coated wire, a piece of brown leather, a lolly stick and a piece of scourer.  Again, most of the dogs got three.

The control started with the retrieve, then on to the heelwork.  The sendaway was out to two crossed poles about 100 yards.  Then on to the jumps.  Unfortunately, due to all the rain we’ve had, the field was very wet, so the dogs had a lot of problems with the jumps.

I saw a lot of very good dogs – several different breeds, which is very nice to see.  Only three collies (where are they all?), but quite a lot of SSD’s.  At the end of the two days, I was left with only one qualifier.  I’m sure there would have been a lot more if conditions had been better.

1st            Hazel Burton and LUCY, WSD, B.  One of the few dogs to do the jumps, losing most of her marks on the track.  Lovely square, and nice control.  Very well done.  Q, 184.5.

2nd           Juliet Ward and TANYA, GSD, B.  very nice track and square, almost faultless control, another one to do the jumps – then the down stay…   Bad luck.  NQ, 180.

3rd           Irene Nichol and KERN, Weim, D.  Brilliant track and search, just missed out on control.  Work on this and you’ll be away.  Best Nosework.  NQ, 179.5.

4th            Liz Hickman and JAY, GSD, B.  Very good track and a perfect square.  Very nice control, but went out on the jumps today.  Litter sister to the second dog.  NQ, 177.

Thank you to all competitors for accepting my decisions.  I enjoyed myself very much this weekend, watching you and your lovely dogs.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Ruth Cahill and Adrian Quick

Steward, C/A and squares: Anne Bracegirdle

I do apologise for the delay in this report.  Thank you to BAGSD for asking me to judge, and to Marney and her helpers, Vicky (the chef) and Lindsey Poole,  for looking after me so well.  My steward and tracklayers were excellent and presented my test just as I wanted.

1st           June Coutts, HORSEDROVE HENRY, Lab, D.  June and Darcy did a fantastic nosework round, only dropping 2 points.  It was a real pleasure to watch.  I’m sure you will qualify soon.  Well done.  NQ

2nd         Barbara Riste, GEMWELL STORM DRAGON, Gordon Setter, D.  Barbara and Bennett did a smashing control and agility round, but it wasn’t their day on the nosework.  Better luck next time.  NQ

3rd         Jane Webb, INSTINCTIVELY PIPPA, WSD, B.  Another very good control and agility round.  The tracking was much harder than it looked, but I’m sure this team will go far.  NQ

4th          Miss C Young, MALI OF MEADOWALK, BC, B.  Nice control.  All the best in the future.  NQ

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