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Open Trial
Venue: Devizes
Trial Held: 21 February 2004

Trials Manager's Report

Another Devizes trial has come and gone - I can't believe how quickly they come around. Entries were very good this year with the twenty seven in IJD meaning we had to run over three days. As usual, I had terrific cooperation from my local farmers, they are so helpful. I had plenty of grass fields for the UD and some well grown oilseed rape for the WD. Sorry it was so windy up on top of the Downs but you did have some stunning views up there! And, at least it did not rain. The lovely farmers who let me play on their fields all year and then let a whole load of us have the trial are Rachel and Jonny Rider, Chris and Charlie Rudler and Andrew Brown, thanks to all of them.

As usual, 1 had a super band of helpers. Tim was yet again helping me before, during and after the trial - he is definitely a useful sort of husband to have! He's a dab hand at building and demolishing scales, escorting and anything else that crops up. Ruth Cahill was also around again but then I would not be able to run the trial without her (come to think of it, I would never have thought of running the trial in the first place if it was not for Ruth!). She was mainly busy in the kitchen again and making an excellent job of it, too.

In the UD stake there was Anne Bussey judging, Allyson Tohme and Susanne Jaffa steward ing and Barry Cook, Pippa Bentham and Linda Bowden track laying - they must have been good as so many competitors looked so cheerful. Thanks UD gang.

For WD the judge was Jo Magness with Adrian Quick stewarding C&A and track laying. Lindsey Poole (who also printed the catalogues) was the other track layer and Heather

Cook laid squares. Another excellent team who hardly complained at all about their

frozen fingers. Thanks chaps!

I must also say a big thank you to the competitors, all of them arrived in time, in fact most were early and all of them cleaned up after their dogs and generally behaved in a way that gives dogs and their owners a good name. Lots of my neighbours show interest in the trial and it is so nice that they are impressed by how well behaved the dogs are.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who offers help every year. It is always a comfort to know that so many people are so willing. Just because you were not needed this year, does not mean that I may not need you in the future, you are much appreciated.



UD Stake


Tracklayers: Pippa Bentham (Thursday), Barry Cook (Thursday, Friday & Saturday), Linda Bowden (Friday & Saturday).

Stewards: Allyson Tomhé (Thursday) Susanne Jaffa (Friday & Saturday). ESCORTS: Tim Wells

Firstly my thanks to Marney Wells and BAGSD committee for inviting me to judge the UD. Many thanks also to my tracklayers, Barry (thanks for the score sheets), Pippa, and Linda all of whom worked cheerily and efficiently in the cold conditions. Thanks to Allyson and Susanne who both made a brilliant job the search squares and stewarding the competitors around the control and agility sections. Thanks also to Ruth Cahill in the kitchen who produced gourmet sandwiches for fussy eaters! And to Tim Wells who escorted competitors and brought the ice-creams when they were needed most! Thanks Tim. Thanks also to Vicky Wilford and Lindsey Poole who also mucked in where needed. Marney is a very conscientious Trials Manager and everything was well prepared and organised. With such a band of efficient helpers all I had to do was judge.

The weather was very cold but the north easterly winds which were at their worst on Saturday did not appear to affect the performance of the majority of dogs. In fact the best nosework round and the first two placed dogs worked on Saturday. On the whole squares were poorly executed with lots of mouthing and dropping. The best square came from a Cocker Spaniel bitch JAFARE THYME TINGLE with a very competent young newcomer Kelly Sear. Leigh Ward with SON OF A GUN achieved the best nosework marks but unfortunately came unstuck in the C&A. Best Track went to Heather Caird and her Labrador BLACK HIPPOCRATES.

The sendaway was 80 paces across the field to an orange pole in front of a tree on the boundary fence. Most dogs made a good attempt at this exercise but none gained full marks.

U.D. STAKE: 27 entries.

1st           Pat Middleton-Smith with SLIEVE CLINKER (BC). Just nineteen months old and showing bags of promise! Super track, only three out of the square but clear agility and strong control secured this win. Well done! 186 marks.

2nd         Bill Hardaway and GEMMA FOSTERBOOTH OF BURNAWAY (GSD). A polished performance as one would expect from such an experienced handler. Congratulations Bill. 184 marks.

3rd          Jonathan Hinds with DUNSLAYNE CAP (BC?). CAP was sympathetically handled by Jonathan who did well to get round the track when the dog struggled. Produced the best control marks (341/2). 1811/2 marks.

4th          Eric Nichols and TYTRI NIKKI (BC). PEP worked avery accurate track and is sure to progress well with this experience handler. Well done Eric. 179 marks.

Also gaining COM’s were;


Heather Caird with BLACK HIPPOCRATES (lab).

Heather Donnelly with WOOLRAM LITTLE WITCH (BC).

Gill Lawrence with SLIEVE CHANCE (BC), (litter brother to the winner).

Thanks you to all my competitors for allowing me the pleasure ofjudging your dogs and for accepting my decisions. I saw many promising performances from dogs not listed here but hope to see you progress as and when the dogs are ready. Enjoy your training!


W.D. Stake


Tracklayers: Lindsey Poole and Adrian Quick

Stewards: Squares - Heather Cook, C/A - Adrian Quick

Thanks to BAGSD for the invitation to judge at this trial.  I should have done it several years ago but the day before the trial was due to start foot and mouth broke out, the next year I was spayed, the following year I judged Oxford and eventually I couldn’t find any suitable excuses so this year I made it.  It is a very beautiful part of the country but also very bleak on the top of the downs when the wind blows.

My thanks to Marney for all her hard work in organising this trial, if only people realised all the problems that often arise even before the start of a trial, let alone during, perhaps they would be more appreciative and understanding.  My team were all excellent and good company and I hope they enjoyed watching the dogs work as much as I did. Thanks also to Ruth in the base and to Tim for delivering all the competitors safely.

Tracking was on a good growth of rape but the wind was quite strong and I am reliably told that there is a healthy population of hares and deer that roam freely across it.  However, several dogs made a brave attempt and we ended up with one well deserved qualifier out of the 8 dogs to compete.

1st  Ansell & Cooke with GEFNI YET AGAIN GSD B 183.5 Q Handled by Norma, Yetti worked hard and kept going on the track. Four from the square and only loosing one and a half on the C/A. Well deserved win and C of M

2nd  CC Guard with LENWORTH BERTRAM OF PHILKINDY  Labrador D 159.5 NQ Bertie worked well on the track and we were all willing him to find an article, but alas it was not to be. Three from the search and a good C/A round.  Good luck next time.

3rd          Pippa Bentham with LA BELLE KERRI WSD B 151.5 NQ Kerri did the track and Pippa found the articles.  Well it is team work. Full mark jumps, but unfortunately the failing the stay today.

4th          Shirley Robinson with WHITE COLLAR JEMIMA CDex BC B 119.5 NQ Perfect track until the eight corner, then off a wandering, Better luck next time.

Jo Magness 

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