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Open Trial
Venue: Long Compton
Trial Held: 29 August 2004

CD Stake


Stewards : Val Scott

Many thanks to BAGSD for the invitation to judge the CD open at this pleasant venue.  Out of the 4 entries only 2 worked.  Unfortunately there were no qualifiers, but with time and patience I'm sure they will get there.  The search square articles were carpet square, gun cartridge and a beer mat. 

My thanks must go to Val my steward (her first time).  Pity there weren't more dogs.

1st           GRACORN HIGH AND MIGHTY with K. Ness.  Nice control round but only getting one out of the square then decided to do a walk about in the down stay.

2nd         CRISELLA QUARTZ with B. Montague.  Good square search, and control.  Shame about the jumps and sit stay


PD  Stake


Tracklayer: Graham Reaney

Square/Control/Patrol Steward: Paul Beasley

Criminals: Graham Reaney, Keith Ness, Neil Symons

I am grateful to BAGSD for my first opportunity of judging a PD stake and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience Trials Manager Gail Edmund ably assisted by Glenys and Brian Page ensured that both Paul and I were made very welcome and were well taken care of throughout the two days; and with Graham Reaney laying all  my tracks and acting as criminal together with Keith Ness and Neil Symons, and Paul putting out my squares and stewarding both the Control and Patrol rounds my job was made very much easier. They all did a great job, just as I wanted it done, and ensured all competitors had exactly the same test.

My patrol round was straightforward with all tests carried out from a central point to assist with the smooth running of the test and prevent the handlers having to do much running.  With no natural cover the quarter took in three points which were marked with a hide, a tarpaulin and a skip bag with marks to be gained on each, and culminated in the location of a man sat under a fishing umbrella out in the open. A search was carried out on this man and his hide and there was a weapon attached to the stem of the umbrella. The man was then escorted back to the start point, during which the attack took place.

The recall from the start point was the next exercise. The criminal emerged from the first hide and whilst walking across to a post in the middle of the field engaged in an unheated conversation with the handler. Once at the post the man touched it and made his run and the handler could then send the dog and recall it as soon as it had passed the post.   When the dog returned to the handler they turned to face another hide at some distance behind them for the Test of Courage. This was made up of five hides forming an enclosure with a passage way in and a fairly narrow entrance. At the entrance stood two children's umbrellas with funny faces, big eyes and sticking up ears.  An aggressive criminal came out and goaded the dog, shaking a plastic milk bottle full of stones and then ran back in. The handler could hold the dog during this but once the dog was sent into the hide another man with a stone filled bottle jumped up and both attempted to drive the dog out of the hide.

Following this test of courage the handler and dog once again returned to the start point, turned around and took on the chase criminal in exactly the same way as the recall and once the dog had bitten the handler ran down and joined their dog and the test was over.

I was impressed with the standard of all the dogs, although some were not ready for ticket the two that qualified certainly are, and the others all had potential and made a good attempt at the test. No dog failed the test of courage completely although a couple were a little hesitant. Only one dog failed the recall and all chased well.

1st Tracie Park with BC WAGGERLAND BROOK CDEX-TDEX Q 297.5. Tracie's experience has ensured that Brook is ready to move into championship PD where I am sure he will do well.

2nd Graham Brumpton with WSD JUST WILLIAM CDEX-TDEX. Q 294.5.  Although new to PD on this showing I am sure that Graham and Billy will do well in Championship.

3rd Polly Thomas with WSD STANLEY OF ANNESLEY SPRINGs CDEX-TDEX NQ 255. Stanley is not yet confident enough to move on from this level but I am sure that Polly will soon remedy this.

4th Nelson Smith with GSD LAURIANE HAKA CDEX-TDEX NQ 254. Although still young and inexperienced this dog had the right attitude and potential and could soon be troubling the best.

It is nice to see that all these four dogs are qualified up to TDEX .

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