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Open Trial
Venue: Long Compton
Trial Held: 31 October 2004

Trials Manager's Report

Having seen how low trials entries have been this year I was also anticipating a low entry, I was therefore pleasantly surprised to have our usual numbers entered.

With low entries on my mind, early on I took taken the decision we would not need a C.D. Judge and asked Paul the C/A judge to take on the task, I got that wrong with 8 entered. 

I therefore split the C.D. stake over the Saturday and Sunday starting with them at 8.30 a.m. however it is not what I like to do.

If I was a C.D. competitor I would not like to feel squeezed in between the others stakes, I prefer to see the other competitors dogs work and discuss the test, training methods and see who qualified and won. That is how I was introduced to working trials and then became hooked, if C.D. is made to appear unimportant no one will be encouraged to enter.

Last year we were worried because there was no rain all summer and the fields were dust bowls, this year the monsoons meant we were worried in case the farmers said we could not go on the land because it was too wet!

As it happened although the ground was wet it was not bad enough to stop us tracking on the cereal, although you did need wellies to get into the control field.

The weather was reasonably kind to us over the trial, as long as you were not a tracklayer as thick fog stayed around until midday on the Saturday. 

The trial went well due to all the enthusiastic helpers and the friendly encouraging approach of our judges.

Lyndsey Poole U.D. Nosework, Wendy Beasley T.D. Nosework and Paul Beasley C&A and C.D.  all set fair tests and went out of their way to put competitors at their ease which I thank them for.

Thanks must also go to every one who helped particularly to the tracklayers who are now much more confident about laying in thick fog!

David Barker and Chris Gregory did a fabulous job keeping the U.D. tracks running;

Ann Clark laid all the early T.D tracks. I don't think she realised it was foggy because it was still dark! Steve Linney and Carla Nuenhuezen put down the other T.D. tracks.

Lynne Linney was search stewarded for T.D. on Friday & Sunday with Allison Davidson stepping in on Saturday, both did an excellent job.

Bob Shropshire was the U.D. search steward to complete the Leamington team up on U.D.

Rita Tongue escorted for T.D. with Anne Shepherd keeping her in order and acting as base steward, a thankless task as you do not see anything. Without an efficient base steward the trial would collapse, particularly at Long Compton where mobile phones do not work, so thanks and well done Anne.

Thanks also to the bed & breakfast ladies Jennifer Speak and Anne Shepherd a new career awaits.

Without food to keep everyone going I know I could not keep everyone out in all weathers so a very big thank you to Eve Sherburn for filling all the picnic boxes, they were five star.

Now to Jennifer Speak who is a brilliant trials secretary and is just so efficient that all the entries, catalogues, report times etc just seem to happen, the trial would not run without her input.

I count myself very fortunate to also receive a great amount of support, encouragement and practical help from my wife Jenny, way before and after the trial, and this year she was also the U.D. escort clocking up over 350 miles getting competitors to the tracking ground some 15 miles away from base.

Manager's reports are all about thanking people but without recognition for all these people that voluntarily come forward to help, trials would not run.

To all the competitors' thanks for entering, turning up on time and accepting the occasional hiccup, it was great to see you all.



C & A and CD Stake


Stewards: Friday: Jennifer Speake,

Saturday and Sunday: Norma Ansell

Thanks to BAGSD for the invitation to judge and to Tony and Jenny for a smooth, well run and friendly trial. We were very well looked after both at the base and field where Eve's lunches ensured we were well fed, and during our stay with Jennifer and Graham Speake who made us very welcome.

Thanks again to Jennifer and to Norma who were my stewards over the three days and were very good company and very efficient. Both my CD and C&A tests were straightforward and allowed those that were ready to qualify in each stake to do so.  Unfortunately we did not have any CD qualifiers but we had five UDs and seven TDs qualifying overall.  Results were as follows:

CD Stake

1st           Mrs E. Mestraud and WOLFHART CASEY GSD (B) (NQ) 85.5 only just missed qualifying on the Control but nicely handled by this experienced handler.

2nd         Mrs R.L. Banfather and STARCO MY GUY OF BANNERSWAY GSD (D)  (NQ) 73. A lovely lively dog with lots of potential but not quite ready.

3rd          Mrs B Wood and PIXHAM PRETTY LADY SSD (B) (NQ) 73 No trouble with the jumps for this little dog but the ground conditions did not suit her in the Control round.

4th          Mrs I Doody and SWEET SAVANNAH HOTLIPS WSD (B) (NQ) 70.5. Lovely square but not quite ready for the Control and Agility.

UD Stake

1st           Mrs. J.A. Speake and SANTROVASO SONATA GSD (B) (Q) 191.5 Good all round performance by this very keen young bitch.

2nd         Mrs K Peyton and GLENALPINE SOLOMON BC (D) (Q) 190.5 A lovely happy collie that really enjoyed his work.

3rd          Miss R. D. Cahill and BAYRIVER AMBUSH OF SALENZE GSD (D) (Q) 190  Ruth showed us all how it should be done with a full point control round and clear jumps.

4th          Mr D Marchant and WAGGERLAND MURPHY WSD (D) (Q) 189.5 Dave's experienced handling brought out the best out in this young dog.

Also qualifying  Mr R. Shrimpton and SLIEVE CARRIE ANNE B.C. (B)  (Q)187.5

TD Stake

1st           Mr T. Austin and GHYLLBECK NIMBOSTRATUS Lg Munsterlander (D)  (Q) 192.5 A good  working dog well handled and keen to please.

2nd         Mr J Phillips and JENSIL BLAKATO BOUNTY GSD (D) (Q) 189 A solid performance by this team.

3rd          Mrs L East and WAGGERLAND QUAVER WSD(D) (Q) 188.5 An impressive team with dog and handler working well together.

4th          Mrs. M Bryan and WAGGERLAND WANNABEE OF BRYNBOURNE BC (D)  (Q) 183.5 (handled by Mr P. Bryan)    Another keen collie who coped well with the test.

Also qualifying

Mr. A Buchanan and GLENALPINE SOCKS BC (B) (Q) 180

Mrs. E. De Ungar and BARNSTHORN STIKE IT LUCKY Lab (D) (Q) 180


TD  Nosework    


Tracklayers: Ann Clarke, Steve Liney (All three days) and Carla Nieuwenhuizen (Friday)

Search Stewards: Lynne Liney (Friday and Sunday) and Alison Davidson (Saturday)

Thank you to BAGSD for the invitation to judge the TD stake. I have never been to this trial before but will make a point of doing so if I need an Open trial in the future. Tony and Jenny Orchard ably assisted by Anne Sheppard at the base and Jennifer Speake ran a very well organised trial and we were well looked  after by Jennifer and Graham Speake who put us up for the three days, Rita who kept the competitors coming and Eve who provided our lunchboxes.

Tracking was on rape grown through stubble which tracked very well by those dogs ready for this stake. The weather was for the most part dry and mild with enough wind for the searches and wet enough underfoot to assist the tracking.

My tracklayers did a sterling job, more especially on the second day when nearly all the tracks went down in thick fog.  I am amazed at the skill of these people who can put down tracks in fog and know exactly where they are when the competitor comes to work them. They made my job very easy and my two search stewards were also very efficient and great company.     Results were as follows:

1st           Mr T. Austin and GHYLLBECK NIMBOSTRATUS Lg Munsterlander (D)  (Q) 192.5

Although not as neat as some on the track this dog just kept working got all three articles and never looked like failing. Well done.

2nd         Mr J Phillips and JENSIL BLAKATO BOUNTY GSD (D) (Q) 189 Good teamwork with John finding the article that Logan missed on the track. A strong keen tracking dog.

3rd          Mrs L East and WAGGERLAND QUAVER WSD(D) (Q) 188.5 A lovely track from a team that never looked in trouble. Quaver unfortunately dropped the fourth search article as he gave it up and neither of them could find it.

4th          Mrs. M Bryan and WAGGERLAND WANNABEE OF BRYNBOURNE BC (D)  (Q) 183.5 (handled by Mr P. Bryan)    A good track but dropped articles in the search were expensive.

Also qualifying

Mr. A Buchanan and GLENALPINE SOCKS BC (B) (Q) 180

Mrs. E. De Ungar and BARNSTHORN STIKE IT LUCKY Lab (D) (Q) 180

Best track and Best Overall Nosework Mr W.A. Wright and Campbell Black BC (D)  

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