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Open Trial
Venue: Devizes
Trial Held: 27 February 2005

Trials Manager's Report

Well, I have lived through managing another working trial.  In no small measure due to the support of the usual band of helpers who rally round every year here at the Devizes trial.

I always plan on having judges who will not terrify the competitors and who set reasonable tests for the level of stake being judged and this year Ruth Cahill (UD) and Jenny Orchard (WD) could not have been better. Thanks, girls, I hope the frost bite has worn off!!

All the tracking took place at relatively low altitudes, this year, on the fields farmed by my lovely neighbours, Rachel and Jonny Rider and Charlie Rudler.  They are always so helpful and obliging.

WD was on the lovely flat, well grown grass fields that I am lucky enough to have available to me for the whole year and we had the excellent talents of Linda Bowden and Lindsey Poole laying the tracks.  Tony Orchard stewarded squares and the C&A, so completed an excellent team of helpers.

The UD tracks were on well grown winter wheat and were laid by Allyson Tohme, Pippa Bentham and Barry Cook. Good old Tim (the one I am married to) did the squares on Saturday and is certainly getting the hang of hauling jumps around the place.  He does prove useful on occasions!!!  I think that all the helpers I have mentioned so far are permanent fixtures at this trial but we did have a new one this year.  My friend Vicky Wilford who is quite new to trials, volunteered to do the kitchen duties.  She is now booked for the foreseeable future!!  Her homemade cakes and soups were wonderful.  Thanks Vicky!  Barry's wife, Nessa also sent along a cake, which was up to her usual high standard, so I will need to starve for at least a week now.

Thanks, also, to the competitors who were all in the right places at the right times which made everything run smoothly.  Trials people are a good bunch.  I hope you all enjoyed the trial.



UD Stake


Tracklayers:: Pippa Bentham (both days), Allyson Tohme (1 day) and Barry Cook (1 day). Thank you for your time and effort.

Thanks to both Tim Wells who did my squares on Saturday (very accurately - at his one Trial attendance of the year), and to Allyson Tohme who did them on Sunday as well as stewarding the control for me on both days.

BAGSD Devizes UD Open Track small

Thanks to BAGSD for the invitation. Thanks to Marney and Tim for letting me stay in their lovely house again despite previous visits (Dyno-Rod etc). I once told Marney she would make a very good Trials Manager and I was certainly right! My replacement in the kitchen was Vicky and she did such a good job that I'm out in the cold again next year. And it was very cold with a bit of snow about early on both days but basically dry. Nearly all the dogs tracked well on the lovely even growth of winter wheat and all competitors had a lovely sporting attitude to their dogs and Trials. Thanks to Lindsey Poole for writing the certificates, shame you had to withdraw Jax when he was qualifying the nosework after he hurt himself at the clear jump.

1st           Val Upton and JAXBERRY JOE BC. 184.5. CoM. Best track - 89. 2+3. Ret 3. Hw 5. S/a 9. Needed 2nd attempt at long. One to watch this - with his keenness almost an obsession and Val's experience he should fly through the stakes. Well Done.

2nd         Chris Young and MALI OF MEADOWALK CDEx. BC. 182. CoM. Track - 87. 2+3. Control: Lovely heelwork, Ret: short throw, otherwise fine. S/a 9.5. Jumps 15. Well Done Chris.

3rd          Juliet Ward and WOLFROCK MIDNIGHT STAR GSD. 181. CoM. Track - 87. 2+3. Great retrieve. S/a 10. Clear jumps. But for a silly mistake this could have been my winner! Shame.

4th          Chris Gregory and VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM GSD. 176. CoM. Very unlucky on last corner of the track but excellent work allround. Lovely square. Another near winner! If only!

Also qualifying:

Val Isherwood and BAYRIVER ADVENTURE GSD. 170. A strangely familiar looking dog who luckily knew better than his handler on the track.

Gary Martin and TYTRI ROY BC. 160.5. Very promising partnership.


WD Stake


Tracklayers: Linda Bowden, Lindsey Poole

Stewards: Tony Orchard

Escort: Tim Wells

Thank you BAGSD for the invitation to judge this efficiently run trial managed by Marney Wells and her team of helpers. We had excellent accommodation with Shirley, and an entertaining and enjoyable meal on the Sunday evening.

The WD stake started with 11 entries, but by Sunday this had for one reason or another, whittled down to six teams that actually worked. I started with the C&A losing one team on stays and another on control, however all six qualified the jumps.

I had set a straightforward nose work test, the track being in the shape of an H the first article being a black cartridge, the end article a piece of carpet 2.5 inches by 2 inches.

The search articles were a six inch straw, a green bottle top, a six inch piece of brown electrical wire and a 2.5 inch by 1.5 inch piece of green corduroy material. Of the five teams that attempted the nosework two achieved qualifying marks. Marney had arranged beautiful land for this stake, lovely green pasture so although the temperature was chilly, the conditions were good.

I was left with two qualifiers.

1st           Ms Diana Stephens Q 176 MAESTRO THE POCKET ROCK Xbreed. Lost 1 on heelwork and 2 on sendaway a good track but failed to retrieve the drinking straw from the square. An aptly named dog, Maestro is certainly a little rocket, congratulations.

2nd         Mrs Gill Lawrence Q 172 SLIEVE CHANCE CDEX, UDEX. BC. Lost 0.5 on sendaway, 1.5 on retrieve. Scrumpy only managed to recover two articles from the square but worked a track to be proud of and well deserved the best track award.

3rd          Mrs P Pearce NQ 141.5 DUSTERS RAGAMUFFIN WSD. Nice control round with full mark, jumps, four articles from the square, just a hiccup on the track.

4th          Mrs L Newman NQ 117.5 BAYRIVER ANTICS CDEX GSD. Lovely retrieve and heelwork, Ruby retrieved four articles from the square but made an error on the track.

I must thank both Lindsey and Linda for tracklaying and Tony for stewarding. It was comforting to have such experienced help.

A special thank you must go to Vicky a newcomer in the kitchen a newcomer to trials who fed and watered us in style. I did however mention to her that was how I started in trials I made a fruit cake in 1982 and ended in the kitchen at Chipping Norton for 10 years.

Marney was assisted in the base by Lindsey who sorted out the score boards and wrote the certificates.

Finally thank you to the competitors who entered I do hope that you enjoyed the test as much as I enjoyed watching your dogs work.

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