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Championship Trial
Venue: Flintham
Trial Held: 17 April 2005

Trials Manager's Report

This was a super trial to run and I would like to thank Mr Hildyard for the use of his land - all the tracks were done on land belonging to him. John Warrior, his farm manager, was just wonderful working round us. Thank you John (& Lis Warrior). Without her I would have had a lot more work to do. Whatever you ask Lis to do you know it will be done. Thanks also to my friend of more years than either of us care to remember, David Waite, for all the hours he spent writing a programme for the computer and sorting all the entries and the catalogue - I think everyone worked on the day of their choice.

Thanks go also to Jan Darby for running the base in her usual efficient way - there were no problems with Jan at the helm. Stevi who had been in hospital on Thursday managed to be there on Sunday to operate the computer. To my tracklayers; Tom Darby who laid all the early tracks in PD with David Waite as partner in crime laying the later ones, in WD Robert Currie and Andrea Lynd on all the days and with Tom Darby helping again on the Sunday. My judges were a pleasure to be with during the trial and I hope they enjoyed themselves. Thank you to the criminals/helpers whom worked really hard. All I had to do was 'phone Steve Lancashire and lo! and behold there they all were on Sunday morning! not forgetting Bob And Sue Carter for keeping us all fed and watered Thank You. Good Luck to John Watts, our ticket winner, at the KCC's.



CD Stake


Control/Square/Stay Steward: Gary Atkins

Thanks to BAGSD for the invitation and to Sheila Tannert and her gang of very efficient helpers.

What a super trial, brilliant organisation, excellent venue, lovely land and only just over an hour from home-couldn't be better!

Gary stewarded brilliantly and made it easy for the handlers and for me. Thanks dearest.

After a lot of scratches we ended up working just 10 dogs of the very mixed standard you often get in CD but most dogs did something right giving everyone something to build on. Group 4 was disappointing with only 4 dogs getting qualifying marks, mostly down to very poor retrieves. Stays were "interesting" and I must admit we were glad when they were over-only 4 teams did them successfully. Control and agility were better, with 6 teams qualifying in each of these sections and we saw lots of good sendaways. When Gary explained to one handler that the sendaway was straight to the hedge, she said, what no pole or cone or fence post or marker and he replied no just 250 yards of hedge!

We ended up with 2 very good qualifiers so well done to them and good luck to the rest for next time.

1st           Stan Taylor. CHALKWELL OUT OF THE ORDINARY. GSD (D). This team made my day. What a rapport they had between them. It was a shame that more of the other inexperienced handlers had not been there to watch them. Stan's handling was smart, honest and so effective with this very enthusiastic and handsome dog and in return he just worked his socks off for him. The heelwork was for me just right for trials with a loss of just one mark and that was on lead. A young dog with a great future, good luck! 92 CDEx

2nd         Pat Werner. CROCODILE DUNDINGO UDex. Aust. Kelpie (D). Another super team. Pat knew what to do to get the best out of her dog and she did it. She took her time getting him settled especially when she was just setting him up for the sendaway and a PD test of courage kicked off in the next field, she stopped waited and started again-very good handling. The best Group 4 team with 28.5 and the only full mark retrieve. I know this CDex has been elusive for you so very well done and all the best with him in WD. 87 CDEx.

3rd          Liz Price VIKKAS PUSHKIN. GSD (D). The very first trial for this team and I hope they enjoyed it. Some very positive areas that I know you were pleased with and now just get those jumps sorted. Good luck 70 NQ

4th          Cath Chadwick. KERCHACK DANCING RHAPSODY. GSD. (D) This team was a pleasure to judge. He played Cath up in some places but made up for it in others, like doing a lovely full mark sendaway! Good luck with him Cath. 67 NQ

Also on 67 were Gill Flowers and THISTLE DAWN qualifying in all sections except for stays but went home so not available for a run off but well done and good luck next time.

Janine Atkinson and her BC QUAY did not have the best of days overall but I must mention the control round, losing just half a mark it was beautiful to watch.


Stake: WD


Steward: Maeve Weselby

Tracklayers: Robert Curry, Andrea Lynd, Tom Darby.

What a great crowd of enthusiastic and friendly helpers they have at Flintham. The result was a trial that ran smoothly throughout and was very enjoyable for competitors, judges and helpers alike. Surely this is what trials are all about. Thank you all.

Tracking was on lengthy, but sometimes sparse corn. The nosework was of a high standard, with 2/3rds within qualifying marks. The sendaway seemed to cause the most difficulty in the control. 120 paces to cross poles visible to the handler but not the dogs.

I ended up with almost half the teams qualifying at the end of the 3 days.  Thank you all for accepting my decisions.

1st           CARFELD GRIFF BC Dog handled by Yvonne Carpenter 188.5. GRIFF put in a good nosework round followed by a precise and stylish C/A. I'm sure we will see more of this team in the higher stakes. Good luck.

2nd         COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE WSD Bitch handled by Diane Collie 188. Was unsure on sendaway today. I'm sure Diane will soon have this right. An excellent team. I can understand why you are so pleased with CRYSTAL. Well worth the day trip over from Ireland.

3rd          CARIS TYLER WOOD G/R Dog handled by Angela Porter 181. The first time I have seen CHARLIE work and I was very impressed. This place decided by a run off with Jill. Well done.

4th          JASUETER RED GARNET GSD Dog handled by Jill Carruthers 181. A very happy bitch. Needs a little work of the sendaway. Very steady on her stays today.

Also qualified WDEx


L. Warrior with OH MY K-KATIE Best Track




Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Tom Darby, David Waite.

Steward: Paula Bridge

Helpers (criminals): Steve Lancashire, Tom Davies, Jim Sewell, Chris Madden, Andy Mundin.

Thank you to BAGSD for the invitation to judge the PD ticket at Flintham. A superbly run trial by Sheila Tannert and her very efficient helpers Jan Darby and Liz Warrior in the smart new clubhouse. Paula and I were treated to excellent accommodation at the pub in the village, only having to 'travel' downstairs for a lovely meal every night. Super breakfast and pannini lunches c/o Bob and Sue Carter.

We had good weather every day ranging from cold and windy to warm and sunny on patrol day.

Super tracking land a stones throw from base and smashing C/A and patrol fields made my job very easy and enjoyable.

I would like to thank my tracklayers Tom Darby and David Waite for a super job, with all the competitors getting round the track.

Thanks to Paula for square stewarding, laid every square beautifully, in between watching 'parachutists' jumping out of gliders!!! Also for scribing and stewarding C/A and for doing a super job of stewarding the Patrol round ensuring each round ran smoothly.

Thanks to my criminals Jim, Steve, Tom, Chris and Andy for a super job making sure all competitors had the same round.

Thanks also to Lee Paine and BUZZ for doing the run through, and John Phillips for agreeing to run first.

14 entered, 13 ran

12 qualifiers nosework

11 qualifiers C/A,

11 went into patrol round

2 qualifiers overall

1st           John Watts with W.T.Ch STARLIGHT BLUE on 279 and best Patrol Round. Well done John and nine year old BLUE. Nice calm, well handled round.

2nd         Lorna Cottier and W.T.Ch. MELNOLA JAZZLAND on 265. well done Lorna and HAMISH another good round.

3rd          NQ Tracey Park and WAGGERLAND BROOK on 253.5

4th          NQ Celia Bourne and KAI'S KINDRED SPIRIT on 249

Thanks to all competitors for entering, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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