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Open Trial
Venue: Long Compton
Trial Held: 30 October 2005

Trials Manager's Report

Entries 35 T.D., 28 U.D. & 5 C.D.

Last year’s entries were high so I was surprised to have an even larger entry this year with three days of U.D tracks.

C.D. as usual had low entries, which I think makes for a second class stake having to be squeezed in between the other stakes. I continue to be amazed that after 25 years in trials I am still wondering why it is has not become a qualifier for CD Ex.

The land was good this year, cereal with considerably more growth than usual, the fields actually looked green, the warm weather with regular showers provided good growing weather prior to the trial.

The Red Lion told me just prior to the trial that our usual pool room was not available as it had become a temporary kitchen while refurbishments took place, so we were set up in a corner of the bar.

I was very concerned as it is a rather plush carpeted area in with the usual customers.

However all went well and a more varied menu served all day meant competitors had a good selection of sandwiches and snacks, which everyone seemed to enjoy. The extra business for the hotel probably means we will be in the public area next year.

During the trial the weather was reasonably kind to us until Sunday morning when it all went down hill with torrential rain, so I jumped in the car and stayed there, no point in getting wet!.

The Judges Penny Bellis T.D. nose work, Maeve Weselby U.D. nose work and Jean Howells C&A and C.D. set very fair tests and did a great job.

With three days of U.D. tracks it was really reassuring to have our usual tracklayers David Barker and Chris Gregory making sure the stake ran smoothly.

Steve Liney was very kind being up before dawn each day putting down the early T.D. tracks, also track laying was Carla Nienwenhuizen, Heather Donnelly and Len Newman.

Search stewards were Julie Bedford T.D. and John Weselby U.D. with Jenny escorting T.D. and Rita Tongue escorting U.D.

Anne Shepherd spent three days in the Red Lion as base steward assisted Saturday and Sunday by Ann Cark.

Refreshments for all Judges and helpers were put together by Eve Sherburn.

Jennifer Speak as secretary organised all the competitors and paperwork, Jenny Orchard escorted and kept me in order.

Everyone from judges to catering to base steward and workers in the field did a brilliant job working together to make the trial a real success; it is very reassuring to know you have reliable, experienced cheerful helpers making it all work.

To all the competitors thanks for entering, turning up on time, being so cheerful and accepting the occasional hiccup, it was great to see you all.



C&A and CD stake


Stewards : Alison Davidson (Friday), Bob Shropshire (Saturday / Sunday) and CD

I would like to thank BAGSD for inviting me to judge the C&A and CD stake at their open Trial.  The three days were very enjoyable.  My thanks to Jenny and Tony for the lovely caravan site! And all the super food.  Thanks also to Eve for the welcome food boxes.

I had two stewards over the three days.  Alison on Friday and Bob on Saturday and Sunday.  Bob was also square steward for CD.  Thank you both.  The weather was very windy at time and very wet on Sunday morning.  Well done to everyone who qualified.


1st           Q, Kevin Johnson and DUNNSLAYNE BLUE SKIES WSD (D).  A lovely dog but a little over enthusiastic today.  Well done on your win.

2nd         Q, Val Upton with JAXBERRY JOE BC (D).  Well done Val, a lovely round.  Good luck in Ticket.

3rd          NQ,Pauline Pearce and DUSTER RAGAMUFFIN WSD (B).  Handled by Alan Ballinger.  Unfortunately Rags fell off the scale, otherwise you would have qualified.

4th          NQ, June Reed and LITTLE JOE GSD (B).  Lovely heelwork but you need a little more work on your speak and sendaway.


1st           Q, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Simpson with GLENROYAL YAZZ GSD (B).  handled by John Simpson.  A lovely round.  Nice heelwork and a good sendaway.  Well done on your win.

2nd         Q, Lynne Liney with HORNAGE COPSE WSD (D).  Another good round.  A lovely sendaway and full marks on the jumps.  Well done.

3rd          Q, Maureen Capes with WHITEROSE HOLLY BC (B).  A nice round.  Well done.

4th          Q, Sue Pickerin with NIKONIS QUIET RIOT AT HOBHILL GSD (B).  Another nice round.  Well done.

Also qualifying

Jannette Sayer with VILLAGE KING GSD (D)

Sally Baker with IVYMOOR HESTER Weim (B)


1st           Q, Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Wells and BERAKA HURRICANE OF COPYHOLD SBT (D).  Handler Marney Wells.  Well done Marney - I did hold my breath while you were doing the square as Busby seemed to be very hungry!

2nd         NQ, Marie Dixon with THE BOY GUNNER XB (D).  If only Gunner had found the other articles in the square.  Keep trying.

3rd          NQ, Mr. A. Goodley with HOLLY COLLIE WSD (B).  Handled by Rosemary Woods.  Holly worked well in very wet conditions, but unfortunately she failed the scale.





Tracklayers : Chris Gregory and David Barker

Steward : John Weselby

Many thanks to BAGSD for inviting me to judge UD stake at Long Compton.  Tony Orchard and his team did an excellent job of organising the trial and making sure everything ran smoothly.  I would particularly like to thank Chris and David for their well laid tracks and my steward John for his smelly squares.

Tracking conditions were good with plenty of growth.  Unfortunately the weather over the three days was cold and windy and especially wet on Sunday.  We saw some excellent tracks and squares regardless of the weather and the dogs who qualified really deserved to.

1st           John Simpson with YAZZ (GSD).  Yazz did a lovely track which was a pleasure to watch.  I hop you have many more birthdays like that one John.  Q 82/20/33

2nd         Lynn Liney with BOSS (WSD).  Despite Lynn feeling very nervous this team worked really well together - have faith in yourself and your dog Lynn.  Well done.  Q 80/15/33

3rd          Maureen Capes with HOLLY (BC).  Lovely track - well done.  83.5/20/28

4th          Sue Pickerin with RIO (GSD).  An excellent track in horrible conditions.  Good luck in the future.  84/20/25

Also qualifying

Jeanette Sayer with ZEUS (GSP) - 85/10/26

Best track - Gail Gwesyn-Pryce with KEVIN (GSD)

Best nosework - Marnie Wells with BUSBY (STAFF BT) NQ

Congratulations to all who qualified and to those who did not, keep trying.


TD stake


Steward : Julia Bedford

Tracklayers : Steve Liney, Heather Connelly, Len Newman, Carla Neiuwenhausen

BAGSD op long crompton oct2005 TD small

1st           Kevin Johnson with DUNNSLAYNE BLUE SKIES CDEx, UDEx (WSD)(D).  204.  Track 96, arts 30, search 33.  Best Nosework award.  Windy conditions.  Very accurate and businesslike track.

2nd         Val Upton with JAXBERRY JOE CDEx, UDEx, WDEx (BC)(D) 194. Track 94.5, arts 20, search 27.  Happy dog and experienced handler beat the conditions.

3rd          Mrs. P. Pearce's DUSTERS RAGAMUFFIN handled by Alan Ballenger.  (WSD)(B) NQ.  Track 93.5, art 30, search 22.5.  Excellent  nosework - bad luck.

4th          Mrs. J.L. Reed with LITTLE JODE WDEx (GSD) NQ.  Track 96, art 20, search 32.  Best Track award.  Slow, steady and very precise track.  Well done.

Thanks to the committee of BAGSD for the invitation to judge the Tracking Dog Stake of the Long Compton open trial.  Congratulations to Trial Manager, Tony Orchard and helpers for an excellent trial.  To the helpers attached to my stake, Julie who did a top job as square steward and the very experienced tracklayers I was fortunate to be allocated.

Thank you to Tony and Jenny Orchard for having me to stay and the excellent dinner parties.  Thanks too to the farmers for the land, Lisa and Sarah for the facilities at the Red Lion Pub, to Eve for the lunch boxes and to Ann Shepherd and her team at base.

The conditions looked okay on the tracking fields - moist sandy soil with 4" or so growth of wheat.  It was however on the crown of a hill and exposed to the blowy weather - anyway the dogs struggled with it!  After ten scratches, 25 dogs attempted the track.  Five completed the track with qualifying marks and all of those worked very hard to do so.

Great congratulations to those who qualified - it was well deserved.  To those who didn't - better luck next time.  Some competitors arrived on the tracking field with an openly negative approach.  Remember "If you think you can do it you might - if you think you can’t do it, you won’t!"  In those conditions, your dog needs to know you are on his side, and have faith in him.

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