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Open Trial
Venue: Devizes
Trial Held: 26 February 2006

Trials Manager's Report

There are always so many people involved in a successful trial, but the definitely indispensable are the long suffering farmers who let us come back year after year to play games on their land. My usual farmers were as cooperative as ever, with Rachel and Jonny Rider and Charlie Rudler lending me fields for nosework and C&A and Andrew Brown letting us use the car parking facilities. Hard standing parking is pretty important in the Pewsey Vale in February.

We did not have very good entries this year with only 13 in WD and 11 in UD, but that was certainly no reflection of the judges, Allyson Tohme and Rob Currie, who both set lovely straightforward tests. The lack of qualifiers (only 2 UD) was more to do with the high winds and very cold conditions on the tracking ground than anything else.

Most of my usual helpers turned out again and some had a variety of jobs as ill health prevented a couple of people coming at the last minute. Allyson came over to help me set up the jumps on the Friday and we were joined by Lindsey Poole, who also laid UD tracks for two days and WD tracks for one day (and wrote out the certificates!). Pippa Bentham laid UD tracks one day, then turned into a square steward for both stakes on Sunday. Heather Cook was pressed into service at the last minute, square laying and stewarding UD on the Saturday. Linda Bowden laid WD tracks both days and Barry Cook laid WD tracks one day. My long-suffering husband, Tim (who had not arrived home till Friday evening) was also busy laying squares for WD on the Saturday. The whole gang was great, and, hardly complained at all about the bitterly cold wind. Mind you, there was the reward of home made hot soup and pizzas, bacon butties, garlic bread and home made cakes back at base, all provided by Vicky Wilford. Her talents in the kitchen are truly awesome!

Thank you to the competitors, too. There was only one thoughtless person who did not turn up and had not bothered to contact me. Luckily, we did not lose a track. I would hate to have thought that one of my tracklayers was freezing out in a field for nothing. The rest of you were a lovely cheerful bunch even if you did not do as well as you may have hoped. Better luck next time.



Stake: Utility Dog


Stewards: Heather Cooke and Pippa Bentham

Tracklayers: Pippa Bentham (Sat) and Lindsey Poole (Sat and Sun)

Firstly, I would like to thank the society for the invitation to judge my first nose work stake. A huge thank you extended to Marney for running a great trial; Heather for stewarding on Saturday (this was her first time stewarding in trials and she did a great job); Pippa for stewarding the squares on Sunday and for track laying on Saturday; Lindsey for track laying both days and last but certainly not least to Vicky for providing some great food.

1st           Miss Jane Hedges and TREVORSILK INDIAN QUEEN CDex. 188Q. A lovely Flatcoat that worked really well on the track in very windy conditions (87.5 + 20 + 33). Control was very tidy though the jumps had us a little worried! Good luck in the higher stakes.

2nd         Miss V Middleton and SHARDEE’S JODIE 170.5Q. This dog did a lovely track (88 + 10 + 28). A good control round though the sendaway let you down on the day. Good luck for the future.

3rd          Val and Gavin Thomson and CONCENN XANADU 181 NQ. This dog worked really well on the track and in the search (86.5 + 20 + 31). Went on to a lovely control round and got 10 for the sendaway but failed the stays, keep at it and you will get there (I know!).

4th          Gail Gwesyn-Price and CONCENN XCEL CDex 165 NQ. This dog did a super track, hardly putting a foot wrong, consequently winning Best Track (89 + 20 + 19). In the control, heelwork was very tidy though the sendaway and stays let you down. However, I’m sure you’ll get this together in the near future.

To the competitors, thank you for making this an interesting and enjoyable couple of days and thank you to those who took my decisions graciously.



Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Linda Bowden (2 days), Barry Cook, Lindsey Poole (1 day).

Square Stewards: Tim Wells, Pippa Bentham

Catering: Vicky Wilford

I would like to express my thanks to the Association for the invitation; the Trials Manager, for the outstanding organisation; my tremendous tracklayers; superb square stewards; and the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions gracefully.

Vicky dwarfed Gordon Ramsey in the hospitality stakes and had the trial run any longer I would have been in danger of reaching hippo like proportions from the consumption of her delicious home made food!

13 entered, 9 ran, including 4 breeds.

Being cognisant of the fact that WD Open could represent only the second competition for some teams I set a straightforward Control Round commencing with the retrieve, a straight line of heelwork to a sendaway of 100 paces to crossed poles followed by the Agility Section where second attempts were allowed at all obstacles.

Stays were the downfall of three of the teams with only one dog going out on the Agility. Sendaways were generally well performed and heelwork was very competent. All dogs gained full marks for the gun; retrieves were mixed.

Tracking (10 legs) was on Rape; unfortunately the weather- bitterly cold with very strong winds, spelled defeat for all but the two most experienced dogs/handlers. Enthusiasm, greenness and speed are not the best combination in such conditions. Everyone got at least two articles from the square, most three and some all four.

Track articles: a) wooden stirrer b) green plastic handle.

Square articles: metal teaspoon, 3" x 3" square of green scourer, 5" length of green rope, 4"piece of electric wiring.

I saw some very promising dogs, excellent handling and super control and agility performances.

Unfortunately the test, dogs, handlers and judge were beaten by the uncompromising climate therefore I was left with no qualifiers.

1st           Miss C S Young with MALI OF MEADOWALK CDex, BC (B)

This little bitch worked her socks off to get round the track with one article recovered and 3 from the square plus a full mark retrieve.  What a shame about the stays.

2nd         Mrs L Coull with FURSDON MIDNIGHT MONSOON CDex, Weim (B)

A lovely nosework round from this bitch earned her the well deserved "Best Track" award.

3rd          Dr N Prescott with DUNNSLAYNE DASHA WSD (B) All 4 articles out of the square and full mark jumps.

4th          Mrs J Brine with LAETARE JUBILEE BC (D) This dog made a determined effort, recovering the first track article with ease but just could not outdo the wind.

Best C & A Round: Polished execution by Mr J Simpson with GLENROYAL YAZZ, a very stylish GSD bitch.  53.5/55

The only full mark sendaway: Mr R Willatts with MOORMILL NILANDU a FCR that never looked as though he would run out of petrol.

I hope you all enjoyed the trial as much as I did, despite the "negative player outcome", and I look forward to seeing you all in the higher stakes.

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