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Championship Trial
Venue: Tewkesbury
Trial Held: 29 March 2009

UD, WD, TD Stakes


Judge: Marney Wells

Tracklayers: Ruth Cahill and Martine Taylor

Square Steward: Sam Taylor

C/A Steward: Ruth Cahill

Thanks to BAGSD for asking me to judge the UD stake at Tewkesbury, and thanks to Charlie and Martine for running such a friendly trial. Many thanks also to Ruth and Martine for being my tracklayers - I could not have asked for anyone better - and my square steward was excellent. It may have been Sam’s first time stewarding at a trial but he has obviously had lots of practice at home, as he was brilliant. And had the advantage of being very smelly, as most of the articles were recovered by the dogs! Ruth also stewarded my control round - well, what can I say? She is just brilliant and still putting me right when I have lost the plot! Thanks, Ruth.

Last but not least, thanks to the back room girls (using the term loosely!), Jan Derby in base and Jacqui Gibney for the lunch. Although I was a little concerned that I would get it in my mouth - I managed!

I set a test that I felt any dog at this level should have been well able to do so that I would have something to judge and not just watch a whole load of dogs failing. None of the articles were particularly small, but even so, not all were retrieved. There was not a lot of heelwork and the sendaway had a clear marker.

Ten teams entered and only eight ran, which meant that the whole stake could be judged in one day: all very convenient. The conditions were difficult, with tracking on new leys with very little ground cover with the soil being very dry and dusty (yes, this really was Tewkesbury!). There was also a very strong wind. In the circumstances, I was impressed by the way the dogs applied themselves to the tracks and really put in some good performances. In general, the control rounds were also done very well, with most of the heelwork of a standard that would certainly put some ticket handlers to shame!

1st Sheila Williams with WAGGERLAND TOCKEE, WSD, D, 191, Q UDEx. Tockee’s nosework was a joy to watch: good track and then a near perfect square. He followed this with a good control round and full mark jumps. Also won the Best Nosework trophy. Well done, Sheila, not bad considering you nearly didn’t come to the trial!

2nd Sarah McDowell with PERFECT ZAK, CDEx, WSD, D, 182, Q UDEx. Another very good track with both articles. Three articles out of the square with a bit of mouthing and dropping losing some marks. Very good

control round with 33/35, and all worked in the most horrid rain and hail storm which started as Sarah did her retrieve. Zak still managed to get full marks for that and his heelwork - I was very impressed.

3rd Sue Martin with ASK ME NICELY, GSD, B, 179.5, Q UDEx. Jay did a lovely track (88) with both articles. Three out of the square, just a bit of mouthing and dropping making it less than perfect. Jay’s control round was good and when she learns to keep her mind on the job, she will be stunning.

4th Jodie Phillips with FLIP FLOP RIP, WSD, D, 175.5, Q UDEx. Pip worked well on the track, and although the wind did mean that he had to cast a bit on a couple of corners, he worked it all out in the end. Jodie found the last article - well spotted! Again, could do with tidying up article retrieves, but did get three out of the square. Another full marks for heelwork and sendaway. What an amazing jump this dog has, I could not believe he would get over the clear from so close to it - but he did! Must have springs in his feet.

Thanks to the competitors for entering under me. Well done to the qualifiers and good luck to all of you at future trials.




Tracklayers: Maurice Millington, Val Upton, Ruth Cahill

Search and Control Steward: Yvonne Filleul

My thanks to BAGSD for inviting me to judge the WD stake at Tewkesbury Trial. It was a very enjoyable few days in good company. Many thanks to the farmers for allowing us to use their land, and to Charlie and Martine for running a good trial. Thanks to Jacqui for the lovely rolls and cakes etc in the bags and for the food at the base, and thanks also to Jan for running the base so smoothly. My thanks to my tracklayers, Maurice, Val and Ruth, for all their hard work. Thanks to Yvonne for laying all the squares and also for stewarding the control rounds.

The weather was cold with a few heavy showers and very windy at times, which dried the ground out. The tracking was on crop which was quite sparse in places.

24 entered, 22 ran. A lot of the dogs found the tracking really hard and only 3 dogs completed the track .

1st Jenny Holt with BEELAHOLT ZIGGY ZAG, BC, B. Ziggy missed out the last part of the track, so missing the last article. After a good square with 4 articles you were just in qualifying marks. You then qualified on the control round and the jumps. Well done. 148.5, WD

2nd Graham Brumpton with TAFFY GO LUCKY, Cross, D. Taffy did the best track and a good square with 4 articles. A good control round, then unfortunately went out on the jumps. 179, NQ

3rd Janet Parker with NEDLO TOP OF THE POPS, BC, D. Echo tried hard on the track but only managed a few legs. Another good square with 4 articles. A very nice control round and full marks on the jumps. NQ

4th Judith Stamp with SPROLLIE DOLLIE, Cross, B. Jess worked hard and managed to get a fair way round the track before going wrong. NQ




Tracklayers: Tom Darby, John West, Lindsey Poole Search steward: Chris Gregory

Control Steward: John West

I would like to thank BAGSD for the invitation to judge the TD stake. Thanks also to Charlie and Martine for running the trial and all their helpers. I know this is not an easy trial to run but at least the weather was on their side this year, and Charlie didn’t have to spend all his spare time counting the bricks on the bridge to see if we were going to be flooded out. Thank you to my tracklayers, Tom Darby, John West and Lindsey Poole - they did a great job. Chris Gregory gave up her time to lay the search squares perfectly - thank you. Chris and John West stewarded my control round excellently; I really enjoyed your company. Thanks also to Jacqui for keeping us fed and watered throughout the trial, and not to forget Jan who always runs a tight ship in the base.

1st Dave Marchant, WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, WSD, 205. Congratulations, Dave. Murphy was the only dog to find all the articles on the track and in the search and you still managed to keep it together on the control.

2nd Tony Lockyer, WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, 197.5. Well done, Tony. You were my only qualifier on the first day and the conditions were very difficult, but Gyp really worked hard and he also did a really nice control round

3rd John Wykes, WTCh FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE, BC, 196.5pts. Another good nosework round followed by a steady control round. Well done, John.

4th Anne Thorpe, WTCh GLENALPINE IZZIE OF DALEMAINE, BC, 193.5. A missed article on the track was very costly, but your control round was a pleasure to watch. Well done, Anne.

Also qualified TDEx:

Jill Carruthers, JASUETER RED GARNET, GSD, 183.5

Pat Parkinson, CARISHILL HYACINTH, Gold Ret, 182

Jeff Poole, WTCh LATCHETTS BOSS, GSD, 178pts

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