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Championship Trial
Venue: Tewkesbury
Trial Held: 29 March 2014



I will start my report by firstly thanking the farmers for the use of the land on which the nosework took place. Secondly, grateful thanks to Charles and Sue Warner for the C/A field and for allowing competitors to park there. Thanks also to Ian and Kelly at the Hawbridge Inn for the use of the hall as our Base.

Entries were somewhat down on previous years, with only 42 TD, 10 WD, 9 UD and 9 CD teams entering. The weather was mainly dry and warm with the occasional heavy thunder storm. Many thanks to the judges, Ruth Cahill, Caroline Martin, Gary Martin and Kate Peyton for TD, WD, UD and CD respectively. I will leave it to them to name their individual teams in their reports but collectively my grateful thanks to all of the tracklayers and stewards - you did a fantastic job. The list of people to thank seems endless but I have to give a special vote of thanks to Ruth Cahill for organising the tracking land for all the stakes; this was such a great help to me living so far away from the venue - you were a star. Again, many thanks to Lindsey Poole for transporting the jumps and also for writing the Certificates and Prize Cards. And many thanks to Jan Darby for running the base so efficiently, doing the score boards and marked up catalogues etc. Thanks also to Julie Skipp for supplying the helpers with food and drinks throughout the trial. Finally, I would like to thank Ann Clarke for taking the entries and producing the catalogues. I must say that with such an experienced team around me my job was made comparatively easy and very enjoyable.

Thank you to the competitors for entering and we hope to see you all again next year.





Square and Control Steward: Barbara Riste

 Thank you to Brian and Barbara and to BAGSD for the invitation to judge.

Barbara was my steward throughout. She took a lot of trouble to guide the competitors through the test accurately and consistently and just as I wanted. Many thanks, Barbara. Jan welcomed the competitors and processed the marks etc. with her usual calm efficiency, and Julie kept us thoroughly fed and watered. Thank you to you all and to Brian for overall organisation.

There were 9 entries and 6 ran. The weather was cold but dry. All the teams made a good attempt at all the exercises, however there were casualties on the jumps and the stays, leaving just one qualifier. The final results were as follows:-

 1st Sheila Tannert and TARNEDGE WISP, Lab, B, 92.5, Q. A consistent and confident round, and good rapport between Sheila and Inka, led to a well-deserved qualification. Well done.

2nd Bob Shropshire and TADMARTON EARL, Lab, D, 73.5, NQ. A lovely enthusiastic dog, unfortunately came to grief on the sit stay, and some other inaccuracies, meant not quite enough on the control. It’s all there - maybe just a need for Harvey to engage brain before leaping into action!

3rd Rosie Lane with VONLUCIANHAN ARLEE FOR CHAANROSE, Mali, B, 73, NQ. Malika showed great potential overall but came to grief on the jumps and down stay - with more experience I’m sure she will do well.

4th Jennifer Speake with TIEKIEDRAAI ENCORE, GSD, B, 68, NQ. First time out, and just lack of experience on the jumps let this team down. Again, lots of potential for the future.

 Thank you to competitors for your entries, for taking part in the test and for accepting my decisions. Good luck next time.




Tracklayers: Tom Derby, David Barker and Lindsey Poole

Square Steward: Maurice Millington.

C/A Scribe: Lindsey Poole

C/A Gate Steward: David Barker

 Thanks to the BAGSD Committee for the invitation to judge. Thanks to Ann Clarke for her pre-trial work, and also to Brian Riste, who easily managed the event in his normal, cheerful and very experienced manner. Thanks to Jan Darby, reliable as ever in the base, and to chef Julie Skipp who fed everybody very efficiently all week. Grateful thanks to my tracklayers, who were very skilled and good company - what would trials do without your hard work in all weathers? Maurice was also great with the squares, starting at exactly the same point for all competitors and remembering to lay alternatives when required.

I knew I didn’t want to spend all week in cold windy fields watching good dogs struggle and fail, so I set an eighteen leg track with fair sized articles, and I was rewarded with some scintillating performances from some super dogs, with just the occasional partnership who were not quite ready for TD on that day, but who had obviously done enough in the past to have earned a try at the test. Gun test was before the nosework.

Thanks to David Barker for giving the competitors their mark sheets before the C/A, providing them with an initial briefing of the test, then collecting the marked sheets after the test so Brian could update the scoreboard instantly.

In the C/A I asked competitors to show me their best fast and slow pace without halts for 60 seconds in a marked 30 yard square. These experienced handlers nearly all took the advantage of demonstrating their dog’s best heelwork, most started with slow pace and seemed to enjoy showing the dog off, but only Sheila Tannert put in a perfect performance! Then I stewarded the normal pace (with a halt) to the start of the sendaway exercise. The outrun was approximately 110 yards to a dead tree in the boundary fence, followed by a redirect, also of approximately 110 yards, left along the edge of the field to a metal bridleway gate. Sendaways overall were not that impressive - surprising since it was such a straightforward test. Then a tad more normal pace back towards the jumps, which were generally done well, with just the odd disappointing failure. After the scale, handlers took their dogs and tethered them about 10 yards away from it and then took up a hidden position on the other side of the jump. I wanted 10 barks and then a cease, during which the handler returned to the dog. This was done well by nearly all dogs.

Thank you, Lindsey, for alternating timing, sketching the sendaways, scribing and reminding me to do the speak at the end!

Overall the standard was exceedingly high and I saw many good tracks and squares. Unfortunately, some dogs failed other aspects of the test and so went without a qualification, but I know their handlers still appreciated their dog’s work.

 1st Gary Atkins with GLENALPINE PETE, CDEx – TDEx, BC, D, 215.25. A good track (97.75), all the articles and a full point square aided by practical heelwork (4.75), 8 for sendaway, 5 for speak and only dropping a quarter of a mark for hovering in the sit on the other side of the scale gave them a superb total mark and makes Pete a Working Trials Champion subject to KC confirmation. A very good win in stiff competition – well done.

2nd Tony Lockyer with WTCh LAWINICK COME N GET IT AT HARTSHILL, CDEx – TDEx, GSD, B, 211.5. Isla got 98 for her track and all her articles but unfortunately mouthed a bit in the square. I can easily see why Isla is so successful but an unenthusiastic redirect meant that she could not catch up with Pete today. She did however show that it is possible to walk a lot closer to Tony on the heelwork than her kennelmate did!

3rd Tony Lockyer with TRIPLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, CDEx- TDEx, WSD, D, 210.5. Very accurate track (98.75) and all his articles but I do wish this dog was happier in his work. This is something that I know Tony will work on as it affects nearly all Bob’s exercises and detracts from the overall picture.

4th Sheila Tannert with WTCh STYPERSON CLEO, CDEx- TDEx, Lab, B, 209. Good nosework and outstanding C/A when you only dropped half a mark on the redirect. Very strong performance and again I can easily see why you have been so successful with Teal.


Also qualifying TDEx:


G Paige and WTCh BILKO’S GLORY, CDEx – TDEx, PDEx, WSD, D, 206

Jane Wood and LUDGATE POWER ‘N’ GLORY, CDEx-TDEx, BC, D, 206


Sue Ashby and WTCh THE TITAN CDEx-TDEx, WSD, D, 201.75


Jo Magness and LIZLINE MANDOLIN, CDEx-WDEx, PDEx, GSD, D, 197.25

Paul Adams and SHERINGHAM GLYNN, CDEx – TDEx, BC, D, 193.75

Jill Carruthers and WTCh VOMKYNA DARCA, CDEx-TDEx, GSD, B, 191

Wendy Magyar and GLENALPINE TED, CDEx-TDEx, BC, D, 187

Barry Gilbert and GLENALPINE COSWORTH, CDEx-TDEx, BC, D, 181.5

Julie Skipp and ZAK OF SKIPWAY CDEx-TDEx, WSD, D, 177.5

Qualifying TD:

John Simpson and FAR CANAL FOSTER, CDEx-TDEx, Crossbreed, D, 164


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