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Championship Trial
Venue: Tewkesbury
Trial Held: 26 March 2011


Stakes held TD, WD, UD, and CD.

Being asked to manage this popular trial came as a bit of a surprise, although several months earlier I did say rather than lose the trial I would be prepared to run it - and then thought very little more of it until it happened.

I would like to say a very big thank you to all the farmers for the use of their land; without their help and understanding there would be no trial.  All tracking stakes were held on very well grown winter wheat, this led to many excellent nosework rounds although article recovery was somewhat indifferent.  Many thanks to the judges, Francis Ball, Colin Ball, Anne Shepherd and Zoe Findley, for their time and expertise - you all did a fantastic job.  I will leave it to them to name their individual teams, but I must say many thanks to all the tracklayers and stewards for their dedication and keeping my mind at ease; you were all great.

Special thanks to Ruth Cahill for organising all the land and for introducing me to the land owners.  Without her local knowledge it would have been extremely difficult for me as first time Manager to run the trial so far from home.  A big thank you to Julie Skipp for keeping all the judges supplied with ample food, drink and Wagon Wheels throughout the trial.  Another big vote of thanks goes to Ann Clarke for all of her pre-trial work, receiving entries and for collating the catalogues, again a huge help.  Just a couple more thank you’s; firstly to Lindsey Poole for transporting the jumps from Somerset to Tewkesbury and secondly to Julie Atkins for writing all the TD Certificates.  Finally I would like to say a very sincere thank you to all of the competitors; you were all patient and followed directions impeccably.  Well done to the many Qualifiers and good luck in forthcoming trials.  To those who did not quite make it this time - bad luck, I’m sure your time will soon come.






Steward: Mary Hansell

Thank you to the committee of BAGSD for inviting me to judge, and to Brian Riste and his team for running the trial.  Thanks also to Jan for running the base in your usual efficient friendly manner, Julia for the lovely food and finally Mary Hansell for stewarding for me.  Mary was consistent, laid the squares as I asked and put the competitors at ease. 

I had 21 entries and 17 ran, which was great, and we worked Friday and Saturday, though it felt like the two days were a month apart.  Friday we were reduced to T-shirts and sun cream but Saturday it was extra jumpers, fleece and windproof jackets to keep the cold out, and gloves to keep my hands capable of holding a pen.  On the Friday I was worried I had used too big articles as all dogs retrieved all the articles, but Saturday half the dogs only retrieved 2.  My articles were thick green felt, rubber and brown leather, all approx. 2" x 3", in quite lush grass.  I was very pleasantly surprised with the control, seeing some of the best heelwork I have seen in trials.  Six teams went out on the agility and six broke stays.  Thank you to the competitors for accepting my decisions.  Well done to the qualifiers; to those who didn’t, keep up the work and you’ll get there soon.  Good luck to you all for your future trials.

1st Anne Bussey with VONGRAF NAOMI, BSD Mali, 93.5, Q CDEx.  Thoughtful, consistent handling from this experienced handler and not too confident young bitch.  I’m sure you’ll do well with Nuschka as your bond strengthens.  Well done.

2nd Stephanie Gordon with TADMARTON DAYDREAMER TILLY, Lab, 91.5, Q CDEx.  Superb work with minimal marks lost apart from the heelwork where you struggled.  Improve that, Stephanie, and you’ll be winning.  Well done.

3rd Dave Sidaway with PRECIOUSPEGG ALFIE, Beardie, 90.5, Q CDEx.  Good work, Dave, just a few untidy bits.  Alfie looks superb at fast pace with his flowing coat, appearing to float across the ground.  Kept your cool in the runoff, well done.

4th Rosie Lane with CHAANROSE GET-OH-FABULOUS, Dobe, 90.5, Q CDEx.  What a difference that last article would have made.  Not a great square, Rosie, but the rest of Etta’s work was lovely, the best sendaway of the 2 days and the highest control marks.  Work on her motivation in the square and you’ll have it sorted.  Dave just pipped you to 3rd place on the runoff.  Well done.

Also qualifying CDEx:

Maurice Millington with GLENALPINE JUD, BC, 88.5.  One of only two to execute a full mark square, very tidy.  Well done.

Mavis Mills with CARISHILL VENUS, G Ret, 88.5.  Beautiful heelwork.   One of the few to get all 3 articles on the Saturday.  Well done.

Gill Cooke with SWEET GORGIA BLACK, X, 86.5.  The best heelwork of the trial, lovely natural trials heelwork.  The jumps were a little close for comfort.  Well done.

Qualifying CD:

Sue McCrilley with ShCh LITTLETHORN ZODIAC, BC, 76.75.  Another article and a bit more on the jumps and that CDEx would have been yours, Sue.  Well done and good luck for the future.




Tracklayers: David Barker (both days), Val Upton (1 day), Ann Clarke (1 day).

Steward: Barbara Riste

Many thanks to BAGSD for inviting me to judge the UD, stake at Tewkesbury.  A big thank you to Brian Riste for taking on the manager’s role at fairly short notice; you did a really good job.

I had a really good team with me – Barbara, who stewarded very efficiently in a very friendly manner, and David, Val and Ann, my tracklayers, who all did exactly what was required.  Thank you to you all.

The tracking land looked really good, with about 5-6 inches of really thick growth of wheat.  The articles on the track were firstly a piece of hosepipe, and the end article was a rectangle piece of green carpet.  The articles for the search were a piece of scouring pad, a cartridge case, a piece of thick brown material and a piece of tied soft plastic.  On the whole the searches were very well done.  Unfortunately, only 2 of the 6 competitors got round on the Friday, but only one failed on Saturday.

The control round started with a retrieve, then heelwork and then the sendaway.  This was to a gap between two trees on a boundary; the majority of the dogs got really good marks for this.  The agility was on the whole well done.  We lost a couple on the stays and at the end of the day we ended up with 5 qualifiers.

1st D.Warrick and SPACE COMMANDER, CDEx, X-Breed, D, 195.5, Q.  This dog looks to have a promising future, with a full mark nosework. Lost 2 on control and having to have a second attempt on the long cost him another 2.5 marks.  Very well done.

2nd K Peyton and JEDI KNIGHT, CDEx, BC, D, 193, Q.  Another very good track and square.  Lost 2.5 on control, and full mark jumps.  Well done.

3rd E A Thorpe and GLENALPINE MISS MOLL AT DALEMAIN, BC, B, 188, Q.  Almost faultless track and search, but lost bits and pieces on control, mainly on heelwork and retrieve, and no marks for the long jump. Well done.

4th E T Noel’s VONGRAF NAOMI, Mali, B, handled by Anne Bussey, 185.5, Q.  Very good track and a full point square; lost 4.5 on control and just qualified on agility. Well done.

5th M Herrits and MASTER MARKATS INTUITION, CDEx, WSD, D, 168.5, Q. Another full point track, but went over the last article, and only got 2 out of the square.  Full marks for heelwork and retrieve, and lost only 2 on the S/A. Needed a second attempt on the long jump.  Well done.

Must just mention Melvin Drewitt’s "Trouble", who would have qualified but lifted his bottom off the floor enough to see day light!!  Bad luck Melvin.

Thank you again to all concerned; I had a lovely couple of days.  To all the competitors - thank you for accepting my decisions; you were a lovely bunch!  Good luck to you all in the future.

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