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Championship Trial
Venue: Tewkesbury
Trial Held: 28 March 2010



Steward: Jan Darby

I would like to thank BAGSD for the invitation to judge the CD Stake at this very friendly trial run by Charlie Taylor, assisted by Martine.  As usual, Jackie Gibney provided first class refreshments, as well as keeping the score boards up to date and writing certificates and place cards.  Jan was a superb steward, putting the competitors at their ease; she too was a wearing two hats as she was   responsible for running the base in her usual efficient and cheerful manner.

I set a straight forward test; as I called the retrieve, Jan put out the search consisting of a red cartridge, a cork and a 2 inch square of green rubber wellie.  Of the fifteen teams that ran 14 recovered all three articles and one team 2.  On the whole the retrieve was executed to a high standard.

The control commenced with heel on lead around three sides of a 20 yard square followed by a 30 pace recall diagonally back to the first corner.  Heel free followed in exactly the same pattern, finishing with a 70 yard send away to two crossed white poles with flags in line with a large tree in the distant fence.  As is so common in CD the jumps took their toll; unfortunately 33% of the competitors failed this section.

I do hope that you all enjoyed the test as much as I enjoyed judging you and  your dogs.  Congratulations to those who qualified, and I am sure it will not be too long before the rest of you achieve success.

1st Mrs M Robinson JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY, WSD, 97, Q.  Frankie showed himself to his best ability in these experienced hands.  A worthy winner.

2nd J Jefferson, BEKKIS THE PATHFINDER, BC, 91.5, Q.  Just lost odds and ends here and there due to his enthusiasm.

3rd Mrs S Gordon, ABBIEGALE OF THE VALLEY, Lab, 90, Q.  A lovely sendaway and recall.

4th Ms J Cooke, WAGGERLAND TOPIC, WSD, 89, Q.  Topic worked brilliantly; just lost 0.5 in both the nose work and C/A, however the sit stay proved costly.  However, I am sure Topic will prove to be as succesful as Jean’s other dogs.

Also Qualified CDEx:

Mrs L. Poole, VOMKYNA DIAZ, GSD, 86.5

Mr M. Millington, GLENALPINE PERDI, BC, 86






Tracklayers: David Barker and Ruth Cahill

Square Steward: Sam Taylor

C/A Steward: Yvonne Filleul

Catering: Jacqui Gibney

DIY: Derek

My thanks to: BAGSD for the invitation to judge; Ruth, David and Sam for ensuring that all of the competitors qualified the nosework section!  Yvonne for stewarding with consideration, clarity and consistency; Jacqui for my "bespoke" breakfast and lunch as well as organising the scores and certificates; Derek for wielding the hammer on the stakes for the scale (you’re so strong!) and finally the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions with good grace.

9 entered, 8 ran.  Breeds: Hovawart, GSD, WSD, BSD, Lab and Cross.  All qualified the nosework; one scratched prior to the C/A and 4 qualified overall.  The ground was grassland to die for and the weather cool with a short showery squall.  Track pattern: 750 yards long, 8 legs; articles: half a wooden clothes peg and a red shotgun cartridge both placed east - west.  Square articles: green foam, white plastic fork, peat pot and a piece of garden frost matting. (The fork only made it back to the handler in one piece on two occasions!)  The control round, which was designed to move smoothly from one exercise to the next, commenced with medium paced heelwork to the retrieve; fast pace to the sendaway and slow pace to the jumps followed by the stay.  One second attempt was allowed on the agility section; at the face of the scale.

1st Keith Rowley with his Labrador B, WISCOMBE JAZZ, 185.5, Q UDEx.  Typical Labrador track (with a couple of slight "hunting" dives off it on the last leg!) followed by a fast square.  Just needs reminding that Labs are supposed to have soft mouths, Keith!  I am sure you will not be repeating the mistake made at the scale!  A very good all round performance with a full mark sendaway.  Congratulations.

2nd Carol Huckle with her BSD Terveuren D, VAPRESTO DIABLO KINGSWOLD, 183, Q UDEx.  The dog was very confident the majority of the way round, again having a little trouble with the last leg.  If the 4th article had been recovered she could have taken the red rosette home instead of the blue!  The C/A was almost faultless and extremely stylish with full mark heelwork, retrieve and jumps.  Very well done.

3rd Sarah McDowell with her BC D, PERFECT ZAK, 178, Q UDEx.  A very positive track followed by a solid square, backed up by a confident C/A round.  I am reliably informed that you have been away from the dog for some time, so well done on this result!

4th Lorna East with her WSD D, PENDRE IOLO, 159, Q UD.  This team made my job very difficult in both the nosework and the C/A sections!  All the drops and mouthing were extremely costly in the morning; adding on the barking plus the constant wandering off in the afternoon equalled an "only" qualification.  But I am sure that Lorna’s grit and determination will resolve these issues going forward!

I would like to thank the competitor who withdrew their dog from competition prior to the C/A in consideration of their dog; it saved me from making a difficult decision and was much appreciated. This demonstrated good judgement and self discipline which was all the more challenging because they were qualifying.

Hard luck story of the stake, James Warrior with Rosie; one mark short on the agility section!

Best laugh of the day, when one competitor arrived ready to work apart from forgetting their dumbbell.  Another mistake that will probably never be repeated!  (This has happened to me too in the not too distant past but not on the competition field thank goodness!).

For those who were not successful on the day, better luck next time.  I really enjoyed watching handlers and dogs work my test and the gift was inspired!




Tracklayers: Maurice Millington (2 days), David Barker (2 days),  Ruth Cahill (1 Day)

Search Steward: Ruth Cahill (1 day), Cath Manfield (1 day)

C/A Steward: David Barker

I would like to thank Ann Clarke and the BAGSD committee for the invitation to judge the WD stake at the Tewkesbury trial.  As usual it was a well run trial, managed by Charlie Taylor who was then controlled by the real trials managers, Jan Darby and Jacqui Gibney. 

We had 18 entries with 11 turning up to work.  The ground was wheat with about 3’’ growth; it looked ok but on the Wednesday night before the first day we had very heavy rain and then on Thursday night we had more rain.  So what we thought would be OK was in fact very hard going and every dog, including the qualifiers, struggled to track as the ground was very wet and heavy.  My 2 track layers did an excellent job in very difficult conditions, and every track was laid as I wanted - many thanks.  My search steward for Thursday was Ruth, she also fired the gun and kept us under control all day.  Ruth also laid the spare track on Friday - many thanks, Ruth.  On Friday Cath stepped in to cover for Ruth and she also did a great job of square laying and gun shooting - thank you, Cath.  On the Thursday David Barker stewarded the C/A, giving everyone clear instructions - thank you, David.  On Friday I stewarded myself so that David could do the spare track, and as I didn’t see him afterwards I assume it was OK.

1st Tony Lockyer with LAWINICK COME N GET IT AT HARTSHILL, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, B, 187.5, Q WDEx.  As I said before, every dog struggled on the track and Isla was no exception, however she did not give up at all.  On the C/A Tony lost just 1 mark on the sendaway.  It was a privilege to watch a master at work - well done, Tony. 

2nd Kevin Hill with VEKKA LADY, GSD, B, 186.5, Q WDEx.  Kevin and his first dog were trained by Tony Lockyer and I reckon you really did listen to what Tony had to say, as you did a brilliant track and a very good control round with the dog you trained yourself, Vekka.  Kevin also won the Best Nosework award. Well Done.        

3rd Sheila Tannert with STYPERSON CLEO, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, Lab, B, 173, Q WDEx.  Teal struggled on the track and, as Sheila said, you couldn’t even see a footprint just to reassure yourself; however she managed to finish it and then did a nice square.  Control, as I expected, was very good.  Well Done

4th Sheila Williams with WAGGERLAND TOCKEE, WSD, D, 166.5, Q WDEx.  The same applied to Sheila; the track was hard going which took it out of the dog and so he only retrieved 3 out of the square.  Went on to do a nice control round.

I think that if it had not rained so much before the trial tracking would have been much better, but I guess that’s trials.  Finally, I would like to congratulate Ann Clarke on winning the Ticket at Tewkesbury.




Track Layers: Tom Darby, John West, Lindsey Poole

Search Stewards: Jenny Orchard, Kate Manfield

Control Steward:   Jenny Orchard

Thank you to BAGSD for inviting me to judge the Ticket; it is a special privilege to set a test for the best handlers and dogs in the country.  Thanks to Charlie Taylor, who managed the trial in a very efficient and friendly manner even though not feeling well.  Of course behind every well organised man is a well organised woman, so also a big thank you to Martine - they made a good team.

We were extremely well looked after and the accommodation was first class.

During the trial Jacqui Gibney provided all the five star refreshments which we thoroughly enjoyed.  Throughout the trial numerous regulars helped out, with Jan Darby, Jean and Arthur all mucking in checking score boards and equipment, others towing people out of ditches - well pulling me out, actually.  A big thank you to everyone involved.

There were 47 entries, and 39 ran.  Conditions for nosework were very good with plenty of growth, mild temperatures and, apart from an odd shower, basically dry. The tracks were laid perfectly by the track layers, giving all competitors the same opportunity to qualify.

I was treated to some really good tracking with 21 competitors completing the track with two or more articles, however only five dogs out of the 39 recovered four articles from the square.  Two of the articles were placed two paces apart at the far side of the square, but if the dog recovered one a considerable number of handlers then did not allow their dog to go back into that area.

I was treated to one special performance by Annie Thorpe and WTCh GLENALPINE IZZIE OF DALEMAIN losing 1.5 on the track and 0.5 in the square - definitely the best track and search by a long, long way.  It was a shame more people could not watch it; if I had a replay button it is a performance that I would constantly be replaying. Well done.

Taking account of the excellent working conditions it was surprising we only ended up with three dogs on 3 and 4.  There were 20 teams with qualifying marks after the nosework.

The control day was bright and dry with 20 competitors returning, so I was looking forward to a busy morning.  The control round started with the speak; the dog was tied to a stake with the handler then positioned 15 paces away with their back to the dog, 10 barks quiet for five seconds then another bark.  There were 14 good speaks with others dropping easy marks.  The heel work, the standard of which was poor, was basically three sides of a square around the jumps, but passing between the clear and long jump.  The sendaway/redirect outrun was 100 yards out to a tree on the left, with a 130 yard redirect coming to the right across the front of the handler to a branch in the middle of the field.  The only full mark sendaway went to Tony Locker with WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL; only 7 dogs received marks of 6 or more.

1st Mrs Ann Clarke, STYPERSON QUINCEY, Lab, D, 208, Q.   A superb track, only losing 4.5, followed by a brilliant square, losing only 0.5.  The team kept it together in the control round with full mark agility.  A good performance, but a particularly well handled control round, taking advantage of Quincey’s fantastic nosework round.  Keep handling him like this and the second ticket will not be long.  Very well done.  Congratulations on your win.

2nd Mr Tony Lockyer, WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, D, 201.5, Q.  As usual, a fine display of tracking dropping only 3 marks - an alert eye found the first article.  A good search, recovering three articles.  Dropped only 1 mark in the control round and, as usual, a perfect sendaway.  Full mark agility, another display of very professional handling.  Congratulations a worthy Reserve Ticket.

3rd Mrs Linda Newbold, COLLIEWOOD DANCING BRAVE, WSD, D, 198, Q.   A well handled track, losing 9.5, recovering all three articles.  An excellent search, a little dropping and mouthing lost points  but confidently recovered four articles.  Lost marks on the speak and heelwork, but a lovely sendaway and full mark agility ensured a qualification and very well earned place. Congratulations.

4th Mr John Currie, DREAGANTA SAMH, BC, D, 196, Q.  Another display of experienced handling producing a good track, dropping only 6 marks. Unfortunately missed an article in the search. A competent control round, producing a good sendaway and confident jumps. ,Very well done. ,Congratulations.

Also qualified TDEx:

Mrs Anne Shepherd, LITTLE MISS LOTTIE, Cross, B, 192.5


Mrs Liz Hickman, WOLFHART TOUCH OF GOLD, GSD, B, 191   

Mrs Sheila Tannert, STYPERSON EBONY, Lab, B,189

Mrs Janet Parker, NEDLO TOP OF THE POPS, BC, D, 185


I would like to thank all the tracklayers who, without exception, put the tracks down to the advantage of the competitors, taking account of all the variables, as good experienced track layers automatically do - you did a great job.  A big thank you to Jenny for stewarding the searches and stewarding on the control day - judging is made much easier if you have a steward you can rely 100% on.  A big thank you to Kate stepping in to search steward when Jenny was judging CD; she was so efficient I did not notice there had been a change!

Finally, thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and showing such sportsmanship, without exception you are a credit to trials.

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