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Championship Trial
Venue: Tewkesbury
Trial Held: 01 April 2006


Stake: CD

Judge: RonDavies


My thanks to BAGSD for this invitation to judge. The trial was well run by Charlie Taylor with the able assistance of his wife Martine. Many thanks to Yvonne for stewarding search squares and scribing the control and agility round. Also thanks to Ruth Cahill for two days accommodation, you made me feel most welcome.

I thought the standard of most competitors work was excellent; it was a pity we lost so many in the stays because of the rainstorm.

1st           Mrs C. Bourne with FLAME OF THE FOREST (WSD) D. Full mark sendaway, a great round. 95.5

2nd         Mrs M. S. Jones with RUSKATH ONESTEP AHEAD (WSD) D. First class search and retrieve. 94.5

3rd          Mr & Mrs Thomson with CONCERN XANADU (GSD) D. Handler Gavin Thomson. Full mark agility - well done. 94

4th          Mrs C. Brookes with DARIAH IN YOUR SMILE (BC) D. Well done Chris. 91

Also qualifying CDex;

Mr C. Goodridge with NURAJAY TINKS KINGDOM (GSD) D. 89.5

Mr & Mrs Stonely with SPARKY OF WESSEX (WSD) D. 87.5

Mr D. Edmonds with PEPNICK HOCUS POCUS (GSD) D. 86

Mrs J. Gibney with BRYN HEULOG AT BRECON (WSD) D. 84.5

Mrs E. Anderson with PINES PORSCHEOFMYRTILLAS (Hovawart) B. 84


Mr and Mrs B. Wood with PIXHAM PRETTY LADY CDex. (SS) B. 80.5

J.S. Thornley with ARICIA ALL SPICE (Terv) D. 80

Qualifying CD only

Miss J. Weaver with LENWORTH BRYONY (Lab) B. 78.5 CD only

Mrs E. Beaumont with VOMHAUSNYE ODDYSSELLS GSD) D. 77 CD only


Stake: U.D (17 Entries)


Track Layers: Ruth Cahill (two days), Marney Wells (one day), Yvonne Filleul (one day).

Search Steward & C/A Steward Brian Riste (two days)

Thank you BAGSD for the invitation to judge the U.D stake. I really enjoyed myself. A very well run and friendly trial. This is mainly due to Martine and Charlie for all their hard work, not only during the trial but also for pre-trial organisation, plus all their merry band of helpers. Jan at base what a super job you did. For my track layers and steward a big thank you, you did a grand job not only for me but also for the competitors, not forgetting Jaquie for putting up the jumps. The weather was a combination of sun, rain and wind. Tracking was on spring corn with quite good growth.

1st           Mrs Sue Jones - DURSTONE MELODY W.S.D. A superb performance throughout, and also the best track. Well done Sue. Q 197.5

2nd         Mr John Simpson - GLEN ROYAL JAZZ G.S.D. Again a good all round performance. Well done. Q 189.5

3rd          Mrs N Rees - TRIJEM ICENI WREAK HAVOK A.S.D. A good all round performance too. Well done. Q 187

4th Chris Young - MALI OF MEADOWALK B.C. Worked well throughout, a good performance. Well done Chris. Q 185


Stake: W.D.


Search and Control stewards; Ruth Payton and Anne Clark.

Track Layers: Dave Skipp, and Anne Clarke, (3 days), Julie Skipp (1 day), Lyndsey Poole and Val Upton (4 days).

My Thanks to BAGDS Committee for the invite to judge. I love coming to Tewkesbury, always have a great time and am well looked after. Especial thanks to Charlie and Martine Taylor for all their hard work, and for putting up with me!

My track layers worked very hard, they were walking on heavy red clay, most of which ended up on our boots, and the dogs' paws when they tracked. It made walking hard work, and very tiring, unfortunately a lot of articles had to be retrieved also.

Thanks to Ruth for stewarding for me all week (and being my chauffeur, except Thurs morning when Anne Clarke stepped in.

To Julie for the drinks and rolls sent out to us, and anyone else behind the scenes, escorting etc. Thank You.

Unfortunately the standard was not, on the whole, up to WDX. The weather did not help, and we had more failures on the track than I have ever had, hence, the poor tracklayers and steward having to pick up so many articles. Having said that those that did the track and qualified where of a very good standard, and some just had bad luck. But do remember this is a taxing sport for dogs; they need to be fit mentally and physically, both on the track and for the agility.

To those that did the track, Well Done, it was not easy, on spring corn and thick clay, with very strong winds and rain. To those that qualified WDX, again Well Done, most of the C&A rounds were good also.

1st           Tony Lockyer and DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL. (WSD) qualified WDex 192.5. Lovely track from Gyp, on not an easy field, losing 4, 2 & 4 articles. Good control and clear jumps. Well Done Tony, Good Luck in TD.

2nd.        Ruth Cahill and BAYRIVER AMBUSH OF SALENZE CDex,UDex,WDex.(GSD) WDex 179. Cash did a steady track, losing 5 with 2 and 3 articles. Good Luck in TD.

3rd.         Miss V. Dixon and BLINK AND YOU'VE MISSED IT. CDex,UDex,WDex. (FDU) What a smashing little dog, tail never stopped wagging. Lost a bit on the track, but made up for it with 2 and 4 articles. Good C & A. Well Done.

4th          Roger Shrimpton and GRELGANNA KIRI. CDex,UDex. (BC) Roger and Kiri worked as a team on the track, very steady, 88 for track, 2 and 2 articles. Made up for it on C&A 31/19. Well Done both of you.

Also qualifying WDex.,

Stan Taylor and CHALKWELL OUT OF THE ORDINARY. CDex,UDex (GSD) 176.Did good track 85, with 2 and 3.

WD only

Pippa Bentham and UTHYR DRAGON. CDex,UDex,WDex. (WSD) 153.

My Control round was designed to flow and keep dogs warm (and handlers) for the jumps. So many handlers stand around in the cold and expect their dogs to jump cold. That's when injuries happen. Thank you all for accepting my decisions


Stake: TD


Track layers: Tom Darby, Len Newman, John West, Ruth Cahill

Search Steward: Maurice Millington

Control Steward: Ruth Cahill

Thank you BAGSD for the invitation to judge and to Charlie and Martine for running a very successful trial with the help of all the people involved. To my tracklayers who did exactly as asked, many thanks. Also to Maurice you did a great job, thanks. Ruth thank you for putting me up and looking after me and also doing a great job of control steward. Martine for the food bag every day, Charlie for the hot pies and Skippy for the egg and bacon rolls, thank you.

Tracking was on winter wheat very much the same, good conditions except for Monday due to bad weather. Track was 1,121 yards, 21 legs. 44 qualified the nosework, 45 teams worked on Saturday, 18 qualified.

1st           and CC Mr G and Mrs J M Atkins with OUR DUG CDex – TDex. (BC) D. A very good all round performance losing 3.5 on the nosework and 1 on control, congratulations. Best of luck at the K.C.C. 215.5 Q Ex.

2nd         Mr G and Mrs J M Atkins with CAFCOLL RON CDex – TDex. (BC) D. also a very good round losing 3.5 on the nosework and 3 on control. Well done. Best of luck. 213.5 Q Ex.

3rd          Mr B Gilbert and WT Ch LAETARE DAY JAVU CDex – TDex. (BC) D. good round lost 8 on the track and 3 on control. Well done. 208.5 Q Ex.

4th          Miss J Owens FIRCROFT DOON CDex – TDex. (BC) D. After a run off with T. Lockyer’s HARTHILL NUTMEG. Good track 95, square 1.5 control 10. well done and good luck. 203.5 Q Ex.

Also qualifying:

T. Lockyer’s HARTHILL NUTMEG 203.5


Mrs J. Howells GLENALPINE JED 199.5

Mr E. Brown DIVAS DELIGHT 197.5

Miss S. Boyall STYPERSON LOMOND 195.5



Mr and Mrs Wykes FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF 187.5


Mrs C. Stewart BELDORM DUNCAN 186.5


Mrs A. Clarke TARNEDGE SOLAR 181.5

Mr D. Marchant WAGGERLAND MURPHY 180.5


Best Track Rosette Ms M. Lyons KALIYON SHEEFRA

Many thanks to everyone involved in the trial, for a very good week and best of luck in the future.

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