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Championship Trial
Venue: Tewkesbury
Trial Held: 02 April 2016

Trials Manager’s Report

Firstly, I would like to thank the farmers for the use of their land - without their support and understanding trials would not function.  Many thanks to Ruth Cahill for organising all the tracking land and liaising with the farmers prior and during the trial.  Without this help it would be almost impossible for me to run this trial so far from home.  Thanks also to our judges who were: Jean Howells, TD; Richard Musgrave; WD and UD; and Pippa Bentham; CD.  You all did a fantastic job in somewhat difficult circumstances.  I will leave it to them to thank their individual teams, but my grateful thanks to all their tracklayers and stewards - you were all great.  Again, grateful thanks to Ruth and Lindsey for supplying all the food and drinks for the helpers, which was much appreciated by us all.  Thanks also to Lindsey for supplying and transporting the jumps.

My next thank you is to Ann Clarke for taking the entries and producing the catalogues etc.  I would also like to say a big thank you to the new owners at the Hawbridge for allowing us to continue using this as our base, and wish them every success in their new venture.

As the TD tracking land was so far from base, about nine miles in total, we were very grateful to the escorts, namely Sandra Hill and Arthur Jeal, who got everyone safely to their tracks on time.

I am sure that by now you will have all heard that unfortunately none of the dogs who competed in the TD stake were able to complete the track.  It was, and still remains, a mystery why almost thirty dogs were unable to track on what seemed like reasonably good land.  The corn was four to five inches tall, although a little sparse in places.  In contrast the search squares caused hardly or no problems, with most dogs retrieving three or four articles.  The land owner assured us that nothing had been put on, or been on the fields since the day they were planted.  Many well experienced trialists have since said that we will probably never know the reason, but all of those dogs knew something?  Thank you to all the competitors for being so understanding in your disappointment.

Last, but not least, many congratulations to all those who qualified in the lower stakes and good luck in future trials.

Brian Riste



Stake: CD


Steward: Felicity Veazey

Thank you to BAGSD for the invitation to judge the CD stake at this trial. Thanks also to Brian Riste, Ann Clarke and everyone else involved in the organising and running of this trial - lovely sandwiches appeared by the gate just at the right time.

The day was a bit cold and overcast but any rain held off. The grass was quite short which suited my articles. Thank you to my steward, Felicity Veazey, who also managed to mend my stop watch after I'd broken it, and thank you to Richard Musgrave for the loan of his tape.

From an entry of 11 only 5 worked. I saw some lovely nosework and control generally was of a good standard; stays were all clear - it was just the jumps that sorted them out.

1st           Christine Davis with MERPOL VITO, GSD, B, 90, Q CDEx. A lovely young dog, well-handled to bring out her best. Congratulations, Chris.

2nd         Natalie Stevens with CRUFF DUBBO, GSD, D, 81.5 Q CDEx. Making his return after illness, he worked really well for you, Natalie. You should be proud.

3rd          Brian Wootton with ANNACOURT SEFFE, GSD, B, 85.5, NQ. The real “if only” story of the stake, the long jump, oh, that long jump! Better luck next time, Brian.

4th          there was a slight hiccup at the presentation, I'm afraid. 4th should have gone to Sharon Lord with QUINCEBOIS LEYRENNE, Hovawart, B, NQ with 69.5 marks. Unfortunately, Inka wasn't totally cooperative today but she quite clearly showed that she is very capable of qualifying should she chose to. Well done, Sharon, you handled her well.

Thank you all for letting me judge your dogs; well done to those who succeeded, and better luck another day to those who didn't.


Stakes: UD and WD


Tracklayers: Charlie Taylor and Ann Clarke. 

Square Steward: Maurice Millington.

Control and Agility Steward: Les Allen.

Base:  Brian Riste

Catering:  Ruth Cahill and Lindsey

Manager: Brian Riste.

My thanks to BAGSD, Tewkesbury, for the opportunity to judge at this trial.  Brian was at the helm for this trial, well supported by Ruth Cahill.  Everything I needed to know in order to do my job was provided without needing to ask. Many thanks and well done on such a good trial and for being perfect hosts to me and Teresa.

I had the same team throughout the trial and my warmest thanks go to them for their accuracy, commitment to getting it right, and for being such good company.  Everything about the test was as I hoped and so gave each competitor the best possible chance.  My control steward was Les; once the round had been explained, Les took each competitor through their paces without a further word from me.  Exactly as I hoped.

Thank you to the whole team for your efforts in both stakes, you were “Spot On!”.

UD Stake:

 9 entries, 7 ran, 4 qualified.  The UD stake was on my last day of judging and proved to be a rewarding one, with four qualifiers.

Tewkesbury UD 2016


1st           Mr John Wykes, DREAGANTA RED RORY OF TARNFORCE, CDEx, BC, D, 196, Q.   A delightful round from start to finish.  A pleasure to watch and to be judging one of our most experienced handlers with his young dog.  A full point track and a very solid C/A.

2nd              Mrs Ann Ketteringham, DREAGANTA LARK AT COALWAY, CDEx, BC, B, 183, Q.  A good all round performance, well deserving a place and qualification.  Only lost two on the nosework, full points control but did not do the long jump.  The down almost cost a qualification, but full points for the rest just made it to twenty five for the group.

3rd               Mrs Ruth Payton, KALIAZAR CHAOS, CDEx, BC, B, 182, Q.  Another really good nosework performance, only losing two in the square.  Just the long jump proved costly but a good round.

4th          Mr Bob Shropshire, TADMARTON EARL, Lab, D, 176.5, Q.  Lots of commitment from Harvey.  Just scraped enough on the agility this time.  Well done.


WD Stake:

Tewkesbury WD 2016

1st           Pat Herbert, GLENALPINE FEN, CDEx, UDEx, BC, B, 196, Q.  The only marks lost were on the early part of the track.  Once Fen got into it the rest was perfect.  A full point C/A finished off an exemplary performance.

2nd              Ruth Cahill, RASSAU LERA OF VOMKYNA, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, B, 194.5, Q.  An accomplished round, beginning with a stylish track.

3rd               Julie Atkins, GLENALPINE PEG, CDEx, UDEx, BC, B, 193.5, Q.  Another delightful round to judge.  Very little between the first three places.

4th               Tony Lockyer, ABBI BLACK AT HARTSHILL, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, B, 181.5, Q.  A solid round from Abbi, just one section on the track proving difficult, but Tony’s vast experience made the difference and the track was finished well.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Lindsey Poole and David Barker

Search Steward and C/A Steward: Chris Gregory

Well that was the week that was!!  Not one single qualifier all week.  What happened and why we will never know.  The fields looked good, a little sparse in places but if I had taken my dog out to track on those fields I would have been quite happy.  Ruth checked with the farmer who told her that nothing had been put on the crop since it had been sown.  So we ended the week the week as we started, without a single qualifier.

Many thanks to the farmers for allowing us to use their fields, for although no one got round, without the farmers land we would be unable to run any trials.  Thank you so much to my tracklayers, Lindsey and David – what a task they had, as only 5 competitors got the first article, so on 25 tracks they had to find all three articles.  It must be very hard not to have a single person get round any of your tracks.  At least Chris, my steward, had more success with the squares, with the majority of dogs getting 4 out of the square – thanks, Chris.

Thanks to Brian for his hard work running the trial.  Thanks to Lindsey and Ruth for all the refreshments and Ruth, Sarah and Arthur for escorting.  Thanks also to Chris for stewarding the 3 Non-Q’s who turned up in pouring rain on Saturday to do the control round!!

1st           Tony Lockyer with WTCh LAWINICK COME N GET IT AT HARTSHILL.  Isla made a good stab at the track finding the first article.  She got the furthest round the track before running out of time.  A good effort, Tony.

2nd         Judith Stamp with LITTLE MADAM MABELLINE.  Mabel tried very hard on the track, managing to find the first article and doing nearly 6 legs of the track.  Nice control round.  Another good effort.

3rd          Les Allen with TADMARTON ENZO.  Unfortunately, Enzo lost the track from the beginning but did a very nice square.  Best control round on Saturday.  Lovely sendaway.

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