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Open Trial
Venue: Oxspring
Trial Held: 25 August 2014




Steward: Jean Archer

Gate Steward: Fran Atkin

Tracklayers: John Atkin and Richard Musgrave


Many thanks to BAGSD for the invitation to judge and to Brian and Glenys Page for their hospitality and the smooth running of the trial.

Thanks to John and Richard for tracklaying both days, especially on Monday in the wind and persistent rain. And thanks to Fran for keeping a good flow of competitors through the gate also for stewarding the stays

Carol and Karen did a brilliant job in the kitchen, keeping us well supplied with food and drink - thank you.

Last but not least, thank you to Jean for stewarding control and search squares on both days.

17 entries, 15 dogs worked

 1st Cheryl Savage with DREAGANTA KYP, BC, D, 193, Q. Very well done

2nd Barbara Bell with DREAGANTA MILO, CDEx, BC, D, 188, Q.

3rd Ann Trodd with POMELO GELERT AT CHELSASA, CDEx, Cavalier KCS, D, 185, Q.

4th Linda Newbold with WAGGERLAND EDWARD, WSD, D, 181, Q.

 Also qualified:

Di Assheton-Bowtle with HAUSBAILEY LOKI, GSD, D


Dean Woodcock with CORIES TEX, CDEx, Aus Kelpie, D

 Well done and best of luck for the future.





Tracklayers: Chris Trevor and Brian Page (spare)

Search, Control and Patrol Steward: Jenny Olley

Protected Stewards: Chris Trevor, Dave Raybould, Bernie Martens, Erin Bootland and Martin Brown.

 Thanks to BAGSD for the invitation to judge, and to Brian, Glenys and all the great team at Oxspring. Thanks also to Carol and Arthur for a great venue. A special thanks to my team of helpers, who all did a superb job.

Six entered, four ran. We started with the nosework - tracking was on lush grass. On the tracking field the track was followed by the speak, then the search and the gun.

All four teams were qualifying after the nosework; the C/A took its toll with just two qualifying going into the patrol round. The field we were using was long and narrow, so the redirection was a send on, which caused a couple of the teams a problem.

The theme for the patrol round was that following a punch up at a local night club a man been taken to Casualty. During his treatment he had wandered out over the nearby fields, and his girlfriend asked the dog handler for help to find him.

So started the first part of the quarter 50 yards away, where the dog came across a man laid against the wall in the bushes, with his head bandaged, talking deliriously, and unable to walk without the aid of a crutch. Once the man had been helped up they were escorted down the field towards the gate, at which point the injured man spotted one of his assailants. This was pointed out to the handler and an attack ensued. Once the bad guy was dealt with the escort was continued.

Part two of the quarter was around the field, checking out two hides on the way, then going on to the third hide to find another protected steward. Once the situation had been dealt with, the next exercise was the chase - this exercise was completed well by all the dogs. There was an optional cursory search at the end of the chase followed by the recall exercise; once the dog had successfully recalled, we moved quickly on to the test of courage. Two criminals, each shaking large water cooler bottles with dried peas in - the stewards were also screaming and shouting; all dogs coped with this test very well.

When the points were totalled we had one qualifier and one near miss. Thanks to the competitors for entering and accepting my decisions.


1st Andy Laws and LAWS LITTLE FRANKIE, Cross, B, 303.5, Q. Strong in every section, a polished performance. Good luck in ticket, Andy and Frankie.

2nd Les Theobald and TYTRI ROMAN JACK, BC, D, 275.5, NQ. Good patrol round, just little hiccups on the control. It is no surprise to me Les has now qualified.

3rd Martyn Willcock and MURPHY MAGNESS LUMMOX, WSD, D, 246.5, NQ. This team has improved massively over the last few months - keep going, Martyn.

4th Joan Miller and WOOLSHAN JAGER, GSD, D, 241.5, NQ. Great nosework, Joan, but a bit of a tough day otherwise, but Tyler always impresses me on his commitment.


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