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Open Trial
Venue: Oxspring
Trial Held: 26 August 2013



Thank you once again to our farmers, the Bettyes and the Stuarts, for providing us with all the land for tracking, and to Carol and Arthur Rivers for providing the brilliant base, and running the outdoor catering with the help of Karon - you were brilliant!!

This year our judges were:- PD Stake, Malc Snowden; UD Stake, Joan Snowden; CD Stake, Steve Smith.  They were all very efficient, and gave every competitor equal consideration.  In PD there were 15 entries, and same in UD, unfortunately only one entry in CD.

The weather stayed bright and mainly sunny, so that was a bonus after last year’s deluge.  Thank you to my usual helpers, Fran and John Atkin, Steve Smith, Chris Trevor, Steve Lancashire, Anthony Snook, Martyn Wilcock, Tom Davies and Linda Newbold - you all did a great job!!!!!!!

A special thank you goes to David Waite for preparing all the paperwork before the trial; it makes my job a lot easier when you can rely on efficient helpers, so a big thank you once again.  I would also like to thank my wife, Glenys, for all the preparation involved before the trial, and manning the base during the trial and completing all the paperwork after the trial.  I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend as much as us, so hopefully we’ll see you all back again next year.  Happy Trialling.






Search/Control Steward: Jean Archer

Many thanks to the committee at BAGSD for the invitation to judge CD at their Oxspring trial, and thanks to Brian and Glenys Page for making Jean and me welcome at this lovely trial set in the hills around Penistone.  The ladies in the kitchen did a brilliant job of keeping us fed and watered - thank you.  Last but not least, thank you to Jean for stewarding in the morning and also for looking after the dogs in the afternoon while I was away tracklaying.

1 Entry, 1 Ran.

1st Gordon Fossard with PRINCE TYE, WSD, D, 64, NQ.  Overall a good round from this exuberant little Collie, qualifying in the control round, but unfortunately it was the jumps that were the problem.  Well done.





Tracklayers: John Atkin, Steve Smith, Martyn Willcock

Steward: Fran Atkin


Many thanks to BAGSD for the invitation to judge the UD Stake. Thank you to Brian and your team of helpers for running a well organised trial.

The weather was fine over the two days. We started with the control; most dogs made a very good attempt. Tracking was on grass, with a good growth, and resulted in varying degrees of success. I ended up with 4 dogs qualifying – well done to you all and good luck to everyone in your future trials.

 1st Tracey Eaton with CLEYNEHAGE ON THE TILES, Golden Retriever, 189, Q. Well done, Tracey, a lovely control round.

2nd Winston Cadogan with CAESAROMAGO OBELIA, Mali, 185.5, Q. Lovely track, only lost half a mark on the track, and half a mark in the square, but missed one article on the track. Well done, Winston.

3rd Suzanne Plumb with DREAGANTA TRAFFID TANZI, BC, 182.5, Q. Again, a super control round. Well done, Suzanne.

4th Beryl Gummow with WANTON AVAWAGA, ASD. Again, a good overall round.

 Thanks to everyone for entering.




Tracklayers: Chris Trevor, Dave Olley

Square, Control and PD Steward: Linda Newbold

Criminals: Tom Davies, Steve Lancaster, Dave Olley, Antony Snook and Chris Trevor


Many thanks to BAGSD for the invitation to judge the PD. Thank you to Brian and your great team of helpers. A special thank you to Linda for the square, control and PD stewarding, and to Tom, Steve, Dave, Chris and Antony, who all did a great job.

The tracking on lush grass did not cause many problems, but control had a few hiccups. On the patrol round we had a few problems with the quarter, and also the recall proved to be tempting. I finished with 3 qualifiers.

 1st Wendy Beasley with STARDELL LUNAR, BC, 289, Q. Nice to see you back in PD, Wendy. Lunar worked very well for you in both tracking and control; it was lovely to stand back and watch an almost perfect patrol round. Well done, I’m sure you’ll do well in PD in the future.

2nd Mark Lewindon with MANPOL SPIRIT AT BRACOKELI, GSD, 274.5, Q. Just made it, Mark. He worked well for you on the day, but the control still needs a bit more work. Well done.

3rd Vic Snook with LITTLE MICA, X-Breed, 269.5, Q. Well done, Vic, and good luck in the future.

4th Vic Snook with WOOLSHAN INKSPOT, GSD, NQ.

 Good luck to you all in future trials.


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