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Open Trial
Venue: Oxspring
Trial Held: 27 August 2012


Once again I would like to start by thanking our farmers, the Stuarts and the Foxes, for allowing us to use their land; nothing is too much trouble.  The base was at Carol and Arthur Rivers’ place; they also provided the food for everyone to enjoy.  Helping Carol with the supply of food was Karon, and at the base sorting out the reports  and scores, and writing out the certificates, in between judging the CD stake, was my other half, Glenys.  The PD Judge this year was Paul Beasley, and the UD Judge was Tom Mills.  Tracklayers were:- PD – Chris Trevor and Bernie Martens, who both doubled up as criminals for the Manwork round, UD - John Atkins and Lynda Newbold. Stewards were:- CD - Fran Atkin, UD - Liz Mills, PD - Wendy Beasley.  The other manwork criminals were Steve Lancashire and Martyn Willcock.  A big thank you to all of you!!!!

I would also like to thank David Waite who does all the fetching and carrying, brings the jumps to the venue and provides all the necessary paperwork etc.

The weather wasn’t very kind to us over the Bank Holiday, with showers and heavy rain during the manwork both days.  In between we did have a bit of sunshine, but only windy on Monday.  I would like to thank all the competitors for entering this trial; many thanks to those who took the time to say how much they had enjoyed being at the trial, both verbally and after the trial by cards etc.  I wish you all success in your future trialling.





Steward: Fran Atkin

Thank you to BAGSD for the invitation to judge CD Stake at Oxspring once again, and to Fran Atkin, my steward, who made my job so much easier.  We had no qualifiers but this was down to the usual things with new dogs in this stake - jumps and stays.  I hope you all enjoyed your day at Oxspring, I certainly enjoyed judging you, and good luck in your next trial.

1st Suzanne Plumb with DREAGANTA TRAFFID TANZI, 70.5, NQ. Just the stays and long jump today, but otherwise she’s coming on nicely.

2nd Ruth Sutcliffe with JUST CHARLIE, 69, NQ.  Just short on the nosework, and again one mark short on the jumps, but you’re almost there.  Well done.

3rd Stella Uttley with KENOCTO NATIVE LEGEND, 66.5, NQ.  Again jumps and stays were your let down today, but keep training; I’m sure you will get there.

4th Alex Russell with LYNZONE FREEDOM FIGHTER, 62.5, NQ.  Unfortunately he didn’t want to do the jumps today, but he did a nice sendaway.  Well done.




Track layers: John Atkin, Linda Newbold

Steward: Liz Mills

Tracking Land: Ankle deep lush grass

Weather conditions: Sunday – fine, still day; Monday - fine, but with moderately strong breeze.

Firstly I would like to start by thanking BAGSD for the judging appointment and to Brian and Glenys Page for all their hard work organising the trial and for their pleasant and friendly company throughout it.  Thanks also go to the base catering staff, Carol and Karen, who kept us well fed and watered.

My tracklayers for both days were John Atkin and Linda Newbold, who both did this conscientiously, maximising the competitors’ chances of success, and were a pleasure to work with - I thank them for that.  My wifey, Liz, stewarded the C/A and the squares for both days, so a big thank you for that.  Thanks also to the farmers for their support and co-operation in providing the land for us to use.

The stake ran over 2 days, starting in the morning with the C/A with the stays at the end, then moving on to the tracking after a short break.  12 competitors entered and 10 ran, 6 on Sunday and 4 on Monday.  On both days we were lucky with the weather, as the rain came down just after we had finished for the day, and boy, did it rain on Sunday afternoon!.

I set straight forward tests; unfortunately, as the results show, with only one qualifier things didn’t work out in all sections for most competitors on the day.

The nosework proved to be the most successful section, helped in part by the lush ankle depth grass.  This, combined with the ideal weather conditions on Sunday, resulted in 5 out of 6 competitors getting around the track.  However, we had the wind to contend with on Monday and the success rate dropped to 2 out of 4, with all of these getting both articles from the track.  Also, almost all dogs got either 3 or 4 articles out of the square.

The agility section, as is quite often the case in this stake, took its toll, with the long jump and scale proving to be equally problematic.  The only real surprise in the control was the sendaway.  It was 80 yards straight down the middle of the field from a pole to a pole, with only 3 dogs really doing it.

Finally I would like to thank the competitors for allowing me to judge you, and for those of you who it didn’t quite go according to plan, I hope you keep up the training and I wish you better luck another day.

1st Mrs Vicky Hunter, XANDOA SPOT, (Spot), BC, 190.5 , Q.  Track 89.5 +20, Square 4 /34.5, Control 31.5, Agility 15.  Cracking sendaway and near faultless nosework. Shame about the long jump, as Spot had the length but jumped out (twice).  But apart from that hiccup (and the heelwork!), a nice performance and a well earned qualification (COM).  Well done!

2nd Jennifer Speake, ALVESTON BIXHEAD, (Slaba), G/Ret, 185.5, NQ.  89.5 +20, 4 /34.5 (Best nosework). 27.5, 13.5.   Worked on Sunday and did a superb track even in the wind.  Hence I awarded them the best nosework prize.  A bit of a hiccup with the sendaway, but the lack of the return over the scale cost the qualification this time, which was a pity as I know Slaba can do it ok.

3rd Diane Whiting,  SHELTYSHAM SO ESOTERIC, (Eric), BC, 172.5 , NQ.  87+20, 4 /34, 16.5, Agility 15.  A nice track and square.  A couple of hiccups on the jumps and sendaway, but the broken down stay was costly.  

4th Kevin Johnson, VOMKYNA ECHO, (Isla), GSD, 168 , NQ.  86.5 +20, 4 /31.5. 25, 5.  Isla did a nice track, but had slight blip with a pee in the square.  The jumps and sendaway were not quite there, despite Kevin’s enthusiastic handling.




Tracklayers: Chris Trevor and Bernie Martins

Square/Control/Patrol Steward: Wendy Beasley

Criminals: Steve Lancashire, Chris Trevor, Martyn Willcock, Bernie Martens

Despite heavy rain on both days most of the nosework was completed in the dry and all teams qualified this section.  Both the C/A and the Patrol round took place in the rain and all teams gave a good account of themselves in all sections.  I was very impressed both with the standard of work and the variety of breeds and with three new very efficient "criminals" - it all bodes well for the future of PD.

1st Alan Bexon with WSD, FLY BY NIGHT, 298, Q.  This little collie did very well in the patrol round with no lack of courage or commitment.  On this showing he will do very well in championship.

2nd Bill Richardson and Malinois, KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, 295.5, Q.  Both the commitment and control of this dog was very impressive and if he carries on like this he could trouble the best.

3rd David Waite and Rottweiler, EYLAUERHOF RULA, 260.5, Q.  Not much wrong here and with a recall would have been higher.  Rula loves her PD work and is a credit to David’s training.

4th James Warrior and X-Breed, WARRIORS LITTLE ROSIE, 258.5, Q.  A strong performance with only bits and pieces to work on. James and Rosie are a lovely team and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them work.

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