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Open Trial
Venue: Oxspring
Trial Held: 29 August 2011



Tracklayers: Graham Reaney and Jacqui (my mate) Gibney

Square Steward: Roseanne Leatham

Criminals: Graham Reaney, Tom Davis, Antony and Roseanne

Firstly I would like to thank BAGSD for the invitation to judge the PD Stake at their Open Trial.  Also I would like to thank the following:- Trials Manager, Brian Page, ladies in the base and kitchen, Roseanne for doing my squares, my two very experienced track layers and last, but defo not least, all my criminals.  Many thanks.

Tracking was on pasture and looked very nice.  Everyone got through their nosework and the C/A.  We started the manwork with test of courage, a row of balloons blocking the entrance to the field; all the dogs did this easily and weren’t put off by the balloons flapping about at all.  Next came a conversation with a distraught Roseanne and an empty pushchair - apparently someone nicked her baby!!  Then onto the quarter - 3 hides to check, the criminal (and the baby) being located at the last one.  Part one of the escort followed to allow us to get in position for the chase which was next; this was followed by the 2nd part of the escort where the attack on handler took place en route.  We were then back to the correct place to finish with the recall.

1st Mr Rod Roberts and LITTLE JEFF, X-Breed, D, 291, Q.  I wouldn’t expect anything less!!  Only the speak was your weak exercise today; all the rest was as I would of expected from you, Rod.  Well done.

2nd Mr Paul Morling and VONGRAF KAGUL, GSD, D, 267, Q.  There wasn’t anything that caused you any problems today, Paul, although the square was a bit scary!  Well done on your qualification.

3rd Mr Adrian Quick and LAWINICK SLOW N EASY, GSD, D, 266.5, Q.  Nosework and manwork caused no problems today, although I felt the C/A could have been better; nevertheless, well done on your qualification.

4th Mrs Margo Brothwell and TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN, X-Breed, D, 264, Q.  Margo, you worked Ryan very well on every exercise and gave a good account of yourselves, only that darn recall costing you 1st place today!  Well done.

Many thanks to everyone who entered and allowed me to judge you and your dogs - it was a pleasure and good luck to you all for the future.  Oh, and only 1 person found the baby!!

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