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Open Trial
Venue: Oxspring
Trial Held: 25 August 2008



Tracklayers: Geoff Margreaves and John Atkin

Steward: Cath Wooley

First I would like to thank the society for asking me to judge my first nose work stake, and what a great time I had - it really was a joy.  I would also like to thank Brian Page for running such a lovely trial, Carol and Arthur for the use of their lovely home as a base, also Carol and Karen for looking after us so well keeping us very well fed and watered.  I would also like to thank Geoff Margreaves and John Atkin for laying my tracks just as I wanted, Fran Atkin for keeping everything in the control running smoothly, Cath Woolley for being my steward and doing a fantastic job, and Sheila and Glenys for running the base and keeping every thing running like clockwork.  Mostly I would like to thank the competitors for being such a pleasure to judge and for them accepting my decisions.  Unfortunately the jumps took their toll on most of these young dogs, but I am sure it won’t be long until their hard work pays off.

1st Kate Wykes with KIPCROFT MEG OF TARNFORCE, 185.5, NQ.  What a great track; it was so good, blink and you missed it.  What a shame Meg didn’t work as hard at the square as Kate.  But sadly the jumps cost them this time, but what a super little dog.

2nd David Waite with EYLAUERHAF RULA, 178, NQ.  Another nice track from this lovely Rottie, who also did a lovely control round with beautiful heel work - a shame about the scale.

3rd Val Scott with KAIROBEA CHARLIE FOXTROT.  A lovely Shepherd, Kai was, sadly, unable to do the long and clear jump today, but even so he looked like he was having a great time, especially on the heel work - making up his own round.

4th Janet Freeman with KING ARTHURS CHOICE, 153.5.  How lucky was Spud when he ended up being taken in and loved by Janet; he really is a beautiful dog.  Another good round, but  finding the jumps today a little too much, but I’m sure it will all come right very soon.

Good luck to you all in the future.




Tracklayers: Jeff Margreaves, David Waite, Sheila Tannert

Stewards: Roseanne Latham (squares, control and scribe), Linda Newbold, PD

Criminals: Steve Lancashire, Tom Davis, Vic Snook

Thank you BAGSD for the invitation to judge PD at what is almost my local trial; thanks also go to Carol and Arthur Rivers for allowing us to use their property for base, control, and PD Fields.

Thank to Brian and Glenys Page for running a first class trial, to Karen Tiffany for ensuring we were well watered and fed, to Sheila Margreaves and to everyone else involved in a very enjoyable weekend.

A special thanks to all my team named above, who all worked tirelessly to make my job easy, and to ensure that all the competitors got an equal chance, and to those competitors who accepted my decisions in a very sporting manner.

1st Dean Woodcock and ABI.  A first class performance in all sections - a well deserved win.  Nosework 112, Control 34, Jumps 20, Patrol 134, Total  300.

2nd Ruth Cahill  and  BUD.  A good performance, but this dog certainly needs an experienced handler.  Nosework 99, Control 31, Jumps 20, Patrol 123, Total 273.

3rd Rosie Jones and PIPER. Another good performance.  Nosework 106.5, Control 34, Jumps 19, Patrol 107.5, Total  267.

4th Dave Olley and NELL.  Once again a good performance.  Nosework 100, Control 31.5, Jumps 20, Patrol,111, Total 262.5  

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