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Open Trial
Venue: Oxspring
Trial Held: 28 August 2007

Trials Manager’s Report

This year, with running an extra stake, a big thank you goes to Graham Fox and family, along with the Stuart

family, for the use of their tracking land, especially at a time when foot and mouth is rising its ugly head again. Nothing was too much trouble; we are very grateful to people like this - without them our sport could not continue.

Thank you once again to Carol and Arthur Rivers for the use of their brilliant venue for the base, especially at a time when Carol’s Dad was very poorly.
Unfortunately he passed away only days after the trial; our condolences
go to you at this sad time.

The weather was kind to us this year. We are 800 metres above sea level, so it is
always a bit cooler than average, but there was not too much breeze, so the
marquee which was kindly loaned to us from Yorkshire Working Trials Society
stayed intact. Thanks also to Yorkshire for the loan of the jumps

Although we were running a UD Stake this time, unfortunately the CD stake had only one entry, so it was decided not to run it. Something needs to be done about this situation.

My thanks to the judges: PD, Paul Morling and UD, Sheila Margreaves -
both did a fantastic job. Everything went smoothly until Steve sustained an injury to his leg during the chase – I hope you are making a successful recovery, Steve. Thanks to Damian for stepping in at short notice, so the patrol round could continue.

I will leave it to the judges to thank their
respective tracklayers and stewards.



Stake: UD


Tracklayers: John Atkin and Jeff Margreaves

Steward: Fran Atkin

Many thanks to BAGSD, and Glenys and Brian Page for inviting me to judge this new UD Stake. Thanks also to Carol and Arthur Rivers for the brilliant venue and taking care of the catering - great job, Carol. Thanks also to Glenys and Brian for working so hard to make this trial a brilliant success.

A big thanks to Jeff for tracklaying and a special thank you to John Atkin for tracklaying for the first time, - you did a fab job. Thanks also goes to Fran Atkin for stewarding
for me.

We were tracking on lush grass; the weather was sunny but windy at times.

There were 20 entries, of which 19 competed over two
days, and 7 qualified.

1st Mrs S Tannert, STYPERSON EBONY, CDEx, Lab, B. 100/% on the track, and with full jumps a worthy winner. Q, 195

2nd Mr N Williams, SUNSHINE ANTIC, WSD, B. Good control round, and worked well on the nosework to achieve this qualification. Q, 192

3rd Mrs L Newbold, COLLIEWOOD DANCING BRAVE, WSD, D. All four articles out of the square in 1.58sec; a solid performance throughout the test. Q, 191.5

4th Mrs P Williams, SUNSHINE PIP, Xbreed. Only lost 0.5 mark on the track, a good all
round performance. Q, 189.5

Also Qualified:

CDEx, Large Munsterlander,188

Mrs A Clark, STYPERSON QUINCY, Lab, D. 186.5

Mrs K Tiffany, BRICKER BRACKEN, WSD, D. 184.5

Thank you to all the competitors for allowing me to
judge them, and congrats to all qualifiers.
To those who didn’t, keep at it, it will come soon. The quality of work overall was very good,
with good conditions, and it made the bank holiday a brilliant weekend.


Stake: PD


Square Steward and Control Steward: Roseanne Leatham

PD Steward: Laura Bardwell

Tracklayers: Graham Reaney and Jeff Margreaves

Criminals: Steve Lancashire, Dave Marchant, Linda Newbold and Damien

Thank you to BAGDS for the invitation to judge the PD at this trial, to Brian and Glenys for looking after me so well and running a smashing trial, and to Carol and Arthur for providing a base to envy. To my tracklayers, criminals and stewards - thanks for doing a great job just as I asked.

Only two dogs were qualifying after the nosework, which proved much harder than it looked. My PD test started with the recall. On returning to the handler the dog was at heel when three criminals came onto the field for the test of courage and the dog was sent to detain them. After dealing with the situation dog and handler escorted them back to the start pole; on the way they were attacked by one of them. The dog detained them and the escort continued. The quarter was next; three hides were set out so the dog would quarter four sides of an oblong field. The test finished with the chase.

I hope everyone enjoyed my test as much as I enjoyed judging it.

1st     Q, Joan Miller with TRKINDALE ACE, WSD. Well done Joan, good to see you doing well. What a good quarter.

2nd   Q, John Wykes with FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE, BC. Well done, keep it up.

3rd   NQ, Malc Snowden with FLYNNTASTIC JUST JAY, BC.

4th    NQ Bill Richardson with CAPER KALI, Mali.

All these dog and handlers are capable of PD Champ; all the best in the future.

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