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Open Trial
Venue: Oxspring
Trial Held: 29 August 2006

Trials Manager’s Report

We had a good weekend for our trial at the beautiful venue of Oxspring.  Thanks go to Carol and Arthur Rivers for the use of their land for the base, with fields for the Patrol Round and Control, along with the CD Stake.  We are grateful also to Kenny and Joyce Stuart for allowing the use of their pasture land for the tracking. This year we had the use of a large marquee, which was borrowed from Yorkshire Working Trial Society, along with a set of jumps.  Thanks to the committee for those, and special thanks must go to Jeff and Sheila Margreaves, who not only helped put everything in place, but stayed back to dismantle everything and replace it all in the trailer. The food was excellent, with Carol working hard to satisfy everyone’s appetite, with help on Monday from Roseanne.

The weather wasn’t quite as kind, it really tested the marquee, but through wind and rain it stayed in place.  It didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the competitors or the spectators.

The entry for this small trial was as good as ever; PD – 7 Entries – 5 worked; CD – 7 Entries – 7 worked.  Dave Marchant was the PD Judge and Sheila Margreaves the CD Judge; they did a great job.  I will leave it to the judges to thank their helpers.

Thank you for all the donations of raffle prizes, and lastly a huge thank you to Glenys for her help and support before, during and after the trial.

To all competitors and spectators I hope you enjoyed the trial, good luck for the future.



Stake: CD


Steward: Jeff Margreaves

I wish to thank the Association for inviting me to judge my first working trial, CD open at Oxspring. I would also like to thank Glenys and Brian Page for organising a well run trial. Thanks to Jeff for helping me, and to Arthur and Carol Rivers for allowing us to use their land; Carol, thanks for feeding us well.

The weather was a bit of everything from sunshine to blowing a gale in the pouring rain.

Thanks to all competitors for entering under me, we saw some really nice work from you all.

1st           Mr B Bray and SWEET SOUL LADY – Beardy - Q 92.  A worthy winner, really good round throughout all the exercises.

2nd         Miss R Leatham and COCKLEY SPECTACULAR – Jack Russell - Q 86.5. This young team worked very well.

3rd          Mrs R Kidson and CHESARIK ZAC – BC - NQ 86.  Brilliant in the square, obtaining all 3 articles in 28 seconds, sadly this young dog went out on the jumps.

4th          Mrs K Tiffany and BRICKER BRACKEN – WS – NQ 79.  Worked a great round until the stay took its toll today. 


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Graham Reaney and Jeff Margreaves

Steward:  Linda Newbold

Criminals: Steve Lancashire, Graham Reaney, Laura Bardwell, Tracey Park

Thanks to the society for the invitation to judge and to Glenys and Brian Page for a well run trial.  Thank you to Carol and Arthur Rivers for keeping us well fed and to my track layers for doing a good job.  Thank you to all my criminals, especially Tracey who got volunteered at the last minute, and thank you Linda for laying squares and stewarding the control and patrol rounds.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering and good luck to you all in your future trials.

1st           Q, 279, Mr J Watts and JAYEES ROUGH AND TUMBLE.  John’s experienced handling made him the only qualifier to day.  Well done.

2nd         NQ, 241, Mr M Snowden and FLYNNTASTIC JUST JAY.  Not Malc and Jay’s day, but I’m sure they will soon be qualifying.  Good luck for future trials.

3rd          NQ, 258, Miss J Miller and TRKINDALE ACE.  Nice patrol round, but didn’t want to work the square today, which cost a qualification.  Good luck for the future.

4th          NQ, 173, Mrs Pam Wandsworth and NIKOLAEV WESLEY WITH DODANODOGS.   No qualification today, but, as always, Pam and Denzil enjoyed themselves.

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