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Championship Trial
Venue: Flintham
Trial Held: 13 April 2014




Steward: Liz


Thank you to BAGSD and Sheila for the appointment to judge CD at your fabulous trial. What a beautiful day we had, they do say the sun shines on the righteous! Sheila and David, you do a wonderful job with all the behind scenes work that most of us are unaware of, thank you. Sarah, Diane and Lynda, thank you for the delicious food and for working so tirelessly in the kitchen. Jan, you man the base at so many trials and I hope you realise how much we appreciate your hard work, thank you. Finally, Liz for stewarding all day, thank you so much, you were great company and a brilliant steward.

Sadly we ended the day with no qualifiers; some partnerships not quite ready but keep at it you’re so nearly there. The search square was on winter wheat which seemed to throw the majority of the dogs, who preferred to have a good graze rather than search for articles! We had only one dog in qualifying marks after the nosework. The overall standard of control and agility was very good, with most dogs gaining 10 marks for the sendaway. Three dogs did stays and our only qualifier came adrift on the down stay sitting up after 8.5 minutes - we were gutted!

 1st Anita Doxey with LIZLINE BARCELONA, GSD, B, 72, NQ. So close, Anita, I’m sure it won’t be long before you both qualify. Lovely sympathetic handling and all articles from the square, very well done.

2nd Tracey Berry with DEBUTANTE BLACK BEAUTY, Lab, B, 55, NQ. Lovely heelwork and a perfect sendaway; well done.

3rd Jennifer Le Mesurier with BRYNFFRWD ANGEL GABRIELLE.




Steward: Tracey Park

Tracklayers: Tom Darby and Pat Herbert

 Thank you to BAGSD for the invitation to judge at this friendly well-run trial. Everything was catered for by the great band of helpers; the weather was very kind for the three days. Sheila and David do a great job running this trial, finding us some lovely land to track on. Jan ran the base so efficiently, Linda and Diane kept us well fed and ensured we put on a few pounds throughout the trial.

Tracey did a fab job of stewarding and laying my squares, I never had to translate once and my tracklayers Tom and Pat for the two days also did a fantastic job. Thank you to you all.

Also a big thank you to Tony, Anne and Anna Fowler for allowing us to stay for the weekend. Great hospitality with some lovely long walks for the dogs each evening.

 1st Sam Rawson, Ir WTCh RYAN’S DAUGHTER, X-Breed, 193, Q WDEx. Only losing 1.5 points on the nosework, Sassy worked very well. 2nd attempt on the face of the scale was a scary moment, but the rest of her agility was good. She has a bright future ahead of her. Worth the journey!

2nd Lee Payne, ASHLINDT METEOR, GSD, dog, 187, Q WDEx. Matrix worked hard on the track and finished with a good square. Bits and pieces on control, but full point jumps. He has a super attitude. Good luck for the future.

3rd Heather Cook, LOOKYLOOKY LIFE N SOUL, WSD, dog, 186, Q WDEx. Jaxon completed the track with plenty of confidence, which is what Heather came for! Missed an article in the square. Nice control and agility from this team. Well done.

4th Manda Mclellan, GARTONHAUS BORS OF ASHLINDT, GSD, bitch, 184.5, Q WDEx. A nice track from this team, with four articles from the square. Bailey worked a nice control round, but lacked a bit of control around the jumps. Well done.

 Also qualifying WDEx:

Suzanne Plumb, DREAGANTA TRAFFID TANZI, BC, bitch, 180.5

Janet Freeman, ASHLINDT ARRAN, BC, dog, 171.5


Irene Seymour, HAUSBAILEY KALAB, GSD, dog, 161

 Well done to all qualifiers




Tracklayers: Liz Warrior, Barrie James

Search Steward and Escort/Attack on Handler helper: Andy Magyar

C/A Steward: Liz Warrior

Patrol helpers: scribe, Joan Snowden; steward, David Waite; recall steward, Andy Magyar; criminal helpers: Malcolm Snowden, Vic Snook, Chris Trevor.

 My thanks to BAGSD for the invitation to judge and especially to Sheila Tannert as Trials Manager. Sheila, aided by David Waite, had the trial running smoothly with no hitches. The land was great and in all it was a very relaxed and friendly few days. Thanks also to Linda and Diane for the excellent catering, not only all day but also in the evening – what a fab way of doing it and really appreciated. Also to Jan at the base for keeping everyone organised and to Liz and John Warrior for putting me and Clyde up at their lovely home - many thanks.

I had a great team of helpers who ensured the stake ran well and as I wanted – my very much appreciated thanks to you all.

14 teams entered, 11 ran, 4 qualified overall

The test commenced with the gun followed by the track, which proved straightforward mainly due to the lush corn being used. The weather on Friday was warm and bright; on Saturday it was colder and overcast and that perhaps brought up a few new smells to divert the dogs’ attention during the tracking on the second day.

On completion of the track the handler remained at the end of it. Andy challenged from a short distance away and then walked towards the handler who subsequently escorted him back to the tracking pole. During this, the attack on handler took place. This gave few problems, however the sleeve was then placed on the ground at the track start pole, which was a few feet away from the search square. The dogs were expected to then refocus on this next exercise and leave the sleeve in situ. Some, especially the four qualifiers, coped with this well. A few were distracted by the sleeve (we had some nice retrieves of it!) and others took a wee while to focus on the search square.

The C/A was straightforward but at PD Ch level, thus dogs that felt the need to eat grass during and in between exercises were penalised accordingly.

The patrol was set in an L-shaped hillside with very scenic views. The test was set out to ensure spectators could see the test but also so that the patrol helpers could run a route avoiding rabbit holes. There were no safe natural hiding places so I elected to use my car as a ‘hide’. A couple of footballs were placed within the quarter area; one in the middle of the field and the other near the car. These did prove distracting to some of the dogs but I did subsequently manage to return them to Sam without him noticing the puncture marks.

The test commenced with a quarter to the car then round the perimeter of part of the field. The dogs then returned to the handler as no person was hidden. The chase followed, with two helpers (Vic and Chris) approaching the handler and befriending him/her. One remained with the handler chatting whilst the other ran. Dogs were sent to detain and the helper escorted back. The recall followed in the same manner.

The quarter was again then carried out, except in the opposite direction. The emphasis here was to see that the dogs were committed to returning to an area they had already searched. Most did so willingly enough and they then located a helper (Malcolm) sitting in my car with the door open. The handlers, despite being fairly nearby, did not join their dogs till 30 seconds had passed to ensure the dogs remained focused on the helper.

On joining the dog that exercise was finished and the handler then walked their dog on the lead in a relaxed manner along with Malcolm whom had the sleeve dropped by his side. They were engaged in casual conversation in order to ‘switch the dogs off’ so that they were not hyped up for the test of courage.

The two helpers (Vic and Chris) crept out towards the handler from behind another car. Wearing balaclavas and with a black bin bag over the sleeve, they continued to creep towards the dog which, remained stationary with the handler who was initially not allowed to say anything. The dog, on the lead, was then to drive back the helpers before they turned, the dog released and the helpers noisily attacked the dog, using the bin bags as weapons.

Thanks to all the competitors for their good sportsmanship even when things perhaps didn’t go the way they wanted. We saw loads of great rounds and happy positive working dogs.

 1st Lee Payne and WTCh LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE D, X-Breed, 306, PDEx. Good track and search by Diesel, near faultless C/A. Lost a bit in the quarter when missing out a corner of the field, however again near faultless with the rest of his work. The control on the patrol field is polished and calm but still with total commitment and focus in the round. Well done. Nosework 56.5/60, 20/20, 33.5/35; C/A 54.5/55; Patrol 141.5/150.

2nd Dave Olley and WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND D, X-Breed, 298.5, PDEx. Excellent nosework and very good C/A by Ray. Another totally committed dog in the patrol, but lost a few marks here and there for anticipation and extra commands when Ray’s enthusiasm got the better of him. With both this team and Lee and Diesel, experience, clear understanding and knowledge of each exercise in the stake showed throughout. 58.5/60, 20/20, 35/35; 33.5/35, 19.5/20; 132/150.

3rd Tom Davis and JOTUNHEIM ALMA B, Mali, 279.5, PDEx. Good nosework and C/A, particularly impressive was Ruby’s ability to focus on the search despite the presence of the sleeve nearby. Solid in the patrol - Ruby is so highly motivated - but she needs more polish on the control aspect and focus on the searching purpose of the quarter (not that the deer helped!). With a bit more experience and polish, this team will trouble the best. Good to see Tom get something back for all the commitment he has given and still gives PD. 53.5/60, 20/20, 34/35; 32/35, 19/20; 121/150.

4th Manda McLellan and LITTLE TIGER D, X-Breed, 269, PDEx. Superb track, okay search but lost marks as Tiger enjoyed a good chomp of the corn. Good C/A. Fab quarter and very good patrol work with the exception of the recall but I’m sure it’ll be sorted with a whistle he can hear! A young dog with a promising future. 59/60, 20/20; 32/35, 18.5/20; 113.5/150.


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