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Championship Trial
Venue: Flintham
Trial Held: 14 April 2013



Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, Tom Derby

Search Square: Richard Musgrave

Control Steward:  Richard Musgrave

Thank you to BAGSD for the invitation to judge WDEx, also to Sheila Tannert and her team at the base for running an excellent trial.  My thanks to Linda, Diane and Teresa, who worked in the kitchen, keeping us well fed throughout the trial.  A big thank you to my tracklayers, Andrea and Tom, also to my search and control steward, Richard, who did an excellent job and was great company.

1st Mr D Paul with ALBADHU PAWS FOR A REST, L. Munst, 166.5, Q WDEx.  The only team to qualify in such hard conditions.  Congratulations on your win.

2nd Mrs D Williams with ASTRA TZIAKA, CDEx – UDEx, BC, 154.5, Q, WD.  Tziaka struggled on the track, just missing out on an Ex.  Good control.  Well done.

3rd Mrs S Burroughes with TARNEDGE VELVET, LAB, NQ.  Best nosework mark, but sadly went out on the jumps

4th Mrs E Price with LIZLINE OLIVER CROMWELL, GSD, NQ.  Excellent track from Oliver; unfortunately also went out on the jumps

Thank you to the competitors and good luck to you all in future.





Tracklayers: Pat Herbert, Barry James

Search and C/A Steward: Joan Snowden

PD acting criminals/helpers: Tom Davies. Steve Lancashire, Vic and Ant Snook, Dave Marchant

PD Steward: Linda Newbold

Scribe: Heather Cook

Firstly thanks must go to the two landowners who allowed us to use their land once again, despite the problems they have endured recently with the weather; so George and Liz, many thanks, as without your generosity we wouldn’t be able to run Trials.  Thanks to BAGSD committee for the invitation to judge the Ticket; I really enjoyed the weekend, and hope the competitors did too.

C/A was worked first and almost all teams were successful despite the rough field, as we lost the flat lawned field we usually have just hours before; once again thanks to George for not putting the cattle out.  The land for nosework this year was very different to past years; tracking was on ‘failed rape’, basically mud with wheat debris and some rough grass growth.  Fairly windy, but staying dry on Friday, 4 of 6 competitors came off with qualifying marks, but heavy overnight rain Friday night scuppered chances on Saturday, and no dog was able to complete the nosework.  In their defence, they were beaten by the conditions.  Most were successful PD and TD Ticket winning dogs, all of whom never stopped working to find the track, and all handlers were sympathetic towards their dogs, trying every technique to help, to no avail.  Disappointing for all of us. Many thanks Pat, Barry and Joan for your time and hard work, giving every competitor the best chance and standing with me willing the dogs to succeed.

So going into Sunday we had 4 competitors for the championship, and 4 NQ to work.  Thanks to David Waite and Dave Marchant for working out times and distances with me and the runners on Sunday morning, and the working the ‘run through’ to give the qualifiers the best chance of qualification.  David Waite then went back to the ‘paperwork and organising’ and Dave Marchant became ‘criminal’ for the test of courage.  I intended to set a straightforward round with a few testing points for both handlers and dogs - this is Ticket after all.  The round started with the quarter, round the perimeter of the field to find two men, one in a hide, one behind a hedge, both out of sight of the handler; both men were searched and the large holdall from the hide taken whilst escorting the men.  Whilst escorting, the handler was distracted by an irate man, and the attack on handler took place, the other criminal continuing to walk away if not told to stop.  For the recall, two men came from different parts of the field arguing, the handler challenged, the men ran, the dog was sent.  Once the dog was out of sight of the handler, the dog was recalled.

Same set up for the chase; after their argumentative exchange, the two men started to fight, then ran when challenged; the men split up as the dog bit the first, the handler joined, got the dog out and sent the dog after the other man, taking the first man with him and escorting both back.  Finally, the test of courage.  Steve came out of a hide, threatening; once challenged, the dog was sent in.  Steve had to keep the dog out for 3-5 seconds with a plastic dustbin lid, at which point three other men come out from behind the hide also threatening.  Once the dog had shown his tenacity to bite one or more of the men, the test was over and the dog won the sleeve.  As the meerkat said, ‘simples!’

The test was carried out exactly as I wanted it to be, and all the helpers and stewards did a sterling job on the field - we couldn’t run PD without you.  Thank you all very much.  On the quarter, I wanted to see a dog who was really looking for the hidden person; one or two dogs did this well, but Diane Ling’s Tom excelled, exploring every possibility.  All dogs spoke well on location, although ‘nudging’ was costly; positioning and searching was done well by all competitors.  Although all had seen the attack on handler, one was distracted and got ‘got’.  Position and distance on escorting was done well by most, although some dogs needed too many commands.  The recall was set up to test trust between dog and handler; it was obvious to us watching that it took time (due to the wind) for the command to reach the dog round the corner.  Once the dog had turned, an extra command cost less than a second command when the dog was in full flight.  On this occasion use of the whistle rather than voice seemed to be more clearly heard.  The chase tested control, stamina and fitness of both handler and dog, but was well done on the whole, although Dave’s Nell and Graham’s Charlie each decided to stop both criminals by darting between the two, biting one then the other!

Best Patrol round was performed by newcomer into PD Championship, Alan Heatley and his Mali, Driver.  Apart from nudging a lot in the hide, the rest of the work was super, Driver ensuring the criminal wasn’t going anywhere once he’d bitten, as he locked his legs around the ‘criminal’.  Even Teflon Tom couldn’t get out of that!  Awarded the Lester Tucker Memorial Trophy. Patrol 132/150.

1st and awarded his first PD Ticket, WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND with Dave Olley.  Dave has always known that Ray’s day would come, and today it did.  The recall was a ‘cracker’.  Congratulations, a super trial.  Patrol 127, Total 279/320

2nd WTCh TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND with Graham Reaney.  Charlie is a good strong dog, and showed real conviction on this test. Well done.  Patrol 113, Total 260/320

3rd WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM with Diane Ling.  Tom didn’t recall today, but I’m sure he’ll be very successful in PD Championship very soon.

4th WTCh STARDELL ALULA with Dave Olley.  Nell was not on her best form today, but it was hugely entertaining!  Dave, as always, was a real sport.

Finally, many thanks to ‘Team Sheila Tannert’, David Waite, Liz Warrior and Jan Derby, for ensuring that everyone was in the right place at the right time and for doing all those jobs which make the trial so successful, and Linda and Diane in the kitchen for feeding us all so well, day and evening.   I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend as much as I did.

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