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Championship Trial
Venue: Flintham
Trial Held: 15 April 2012



Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Andrea Lynd

Steward: Joan Snowden

Many thanks to BAGSD for the invitation to judge the WD Stake, and to Sheila and all her helpers.  What a great trial to judge at!  Linda and Diana in the kitchen – well, what can I say???  A great pair of cooks they are, and how hard they worked.  Thank you.  Also, many thanks to my tracklayers, Tom and Andrea, and my steward, Joan.

We started with 24 entries, with 7 scratching before the start of the trial.  The stake ran over three days. We saw some very good tracking on lush corn.  The control was also of a very good standard and I ended up with 10 qualifiers.  Very well done.  Those who didn’t – you were nearly there, it was only bits and bobs to tidy up.  Good luck to all of you in your future trialing and thank you all for entering.

1st Gary Martin and MAGIC DARK SHADOW, 196.5, Q.  Very nice round, Gary; also best nosework.  Well done.

2nd Vic Snook and LITTLE MICA, 191.5, Q.  Slight hiccup on the track, but a very nice control round.

3rd Julia Findeisen and GUNNISWENS ARRIVA-LA-DIVA, 184.5, Q.  Lovely track; struggled a little in the search square.  Well done.

4th Jane Wood and LUDGATE POWER N GLORY, 182.5, Q.  Confident all-round performance.

Also qualified WDEx:





K Payton and JEDI KNIGHT, 169.5





Steward: David Waite

Tracklayers: Lis Warrior and Barrie James

Criminals:  Tom Davis, Vic Snook, Anthony Snook and Allan Heatley

Thank you’s:-  Trials Manager, Sheila Tannert, my steward, track-layers and criminals; Jan Derby in the base, Linda and Diane in the kitchen, Lis and John Warrior for the accommodation and of course the competitors.  This was my first ticket and I have for nearly a year been planning this test, ably assisted by my right hand man, John Watts.  Every part of the test was set in order to see the best dogs in the country work and I wasn’t left disappointed.  I thought all dogs and handlers gave a very good account of themselves.  We had 10 entered and 8 ran.

We started with the C/A, first the speak, dog left in any position and handler to go sit in a chair facing the dog at a distance of approx 20 paces away.  20 speaks was what I was looking for.  Then onto the heelwork which would lead us to the start of the sendaway.  Sendaway was straight down the field to a boundary (quite a fair distance) then the handlers were to call the dogs back to a half way point where they could direct either left or right both to a boundary.  The re-direct was to be specified before starting the sendaway.  Then with dogs under control we headed to the jumps and lastly the down stay.  We lost one dog on the C/A.

Then the nosework, which was on a good growth of winter wheat but was exactly the same for every competitor.  Unfortunately we lost one dog on the nosework which left us with 6 going into the manwork on the Sunday.

Manwork – this started with the quarter out to a boundary, then left down the hedge into a little alcove, round this and carrying on left along a boundary to where two criminals where hiding out, surrounded by a few windbreakers, making a kind of tunnel effect with enough of a gap for the dogs to go down the tunnel.  The tunnel was set facing me in order that I could see exactly what the dogs were doing upon locating.  Once the handler joined their dog and was carrying out a search of the area (4 weapons hidden but no-one actually managed to find all 4) one of the criminals sloped off.  After this there was a straight escort to a designated pole at which point the recall would take place.  One of the escorted criminals made a ‘get away’ towards a vehicle and as they were nearing the vehicle (ready to jump in) the handler was instructed to send their dog.  Once that first criminal was in the vehicle another one appeared from the other side and continued the get away, once the dog was locked onto the second criminal the handler was instructed to recall their dog.  Next was the chase, in exactly the same way as the recall.  After joining the dogs after the chase the escort began back along the field where a distraction came from near the crowd with a guy walking right down towards handler and dog, at which point the attack took place.  The escort carried on a little further before starting the test of courage.  This was a bucket of water with a load of sponges to be thrown at the handler and the dog (the criminals were told to avoid throwing any towards the dog’s head once they were biting the protected arm).  A few sponges were thrown at the handler before they could release their dogs and I think the criminals had a great time taking careful aim!!

Many thanks to the four guys acting as ‘criminals’ who helped me set my test up and put a great deal of effort into getting the chase and recall spot on time and time again.  What a great bunch of lads.

1st and winning the CC  Dave Olley and WTCh STARDELL ALULA, Q.  Well Dave, what can I say that hasn’t been said already?  What a team to watch and judge.  Well handled throughout the 2 days and a worthy winner.  Good luck at the      KCC’s at Lauder this year, I will be there to cheer you on.

2nd and reserve CC  Roseanne Leatham and BILKO’S GLORY, Q.  A brilliant nosework and C/A round, then enough in the manwork to ensure a qualification.  Give yourself time, Roseanne, to gain a bit of experience at different scenarios and you will be knocking on the door for a Ticket.  Good luck for the future.

3rd Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, Q.  Murphy really does enjoy his work so much, Dave, and has lost none of his enthusiasm!  Really pleased you qualified and a pleasure to judge you both.

4th Dave Olley and WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND, Q.  Well Dave, whatever you do in your training certainly works.  Both your dogs work with great enjoyment and you can see the rapport between you and your dogs.  I had my fingers crossed on that recall but Ray was just so committed.  The day he gets that recall will be the day he gets that PD ticket! 

To all the competitors who entered, it was a real pleasure to judge and watch your dogs work.  I had a great day and thanks for accepting all my decisions and making my first Ticket appointment an enjoyable experience and one I will never forget.   

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