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Championship Trial
Venue: Flintham
Trial Held: 10 April 2010



Steward: Pat Herbert

Thank you to the BAGSDS committee for the invitation to judge the CD Stake.  A big thank you to Sheila for looking after me so well and ensuring that everything, before and during the trial ran so smoothly; but most of us know that without the fantastic team of helpers this would not be possible, so thank you to David Waite for all his assistance, to Jan for running the base and keeping the competitors flowing, to Jacqui for keeping us well fed and to all the tracklayers, stewards and helpers, in what ever capacity - you are all very much appreciated.  Thank you to the farmers for the use of their land.

Thank you, Pat, for stewarding and being such great company and putting all the competitors at their ease, and putting up with me walking in all the wrong places!  Thank you to the competitors for entering and allowing me the pleasure of seeing your dogs work.

We had a great venue this year for the CD stake, a lovely level, clean field with plenty of space.

1st  Margaret Robinson and JUST FRANKIE AT TRENT VALLEY, 99, Q.  A super round from a lovely team.  Margaret got the most out of this young dog, only losing one point on the control round.  Congratulations.

2nd Trish Harding and RUSHBOTTOM RIVEROTTER, 94, Q.  Nice work from Otter and Trish.  Well done.

3rd Diane Ellis and KENMILLIX SKY’S THE LIMIT, 92.5, Q.  Another nice round from Diane and Annie, who make a lovely team.  Well done.

4th Sue Ellis and RUSHBOTTOM RIGHTO MR BRIGGZ AT RETCOLL, 91, Q.  First ever trial and Briggz did a great job, despite Sue’s nerves (and tears).  Didn’t realise anyone could stop breathing for so long!!  Really well done.

Also qualifying CDEx:

Paul Adams and SHERINGHAM GLYNN, 90.  Lovely round just a slight hiccup on the scale costing a higher qualification today.

Andrea Clarke and ORLISCWT BOBBIN ALONG, 83.5.

Jenny Henton and BLACKBERRY FEN, 81.

Qualifying CD:

Janette Davis and ANNACOURT ANJA, 77



Track Layers: Andrea Lynd and Tom Darby

Search and Control Steward: Eric Carpenter

Thanks to BAGSD for the invitation to judge, and to Sheila and her team (Dave Waite and Liz Warrior) for all their hard work organising and running the trial.  It paid off – sunny, warm weather, lovely refreshments, thanks to Jacqui Gibney, aided by Linda and Diane, and an efficient base courtesy of Jan.  Thanks to you all.  This trial has the first wish on the Trials Managers Wish List - a landowner that competes in trials!  Thanks to Liz and the other farmers for use of their land over the three days. The competitors were lucky enough to have Tom and Andrea as their tracklayers and 90% of the competitors completed the track.  Thanks to Tom, Andrea and Eric (very smelly, efficient square layer) for all their hard work.  Finally, thanks to the competitors, most of whom accepted my decisions.  I was quite happy to discuss my marking with any competitor at the trial. My email address is; if anyone wants to know why they lost marks, I’ll be happy to explain my reasons.

I set a simple track pattern with generous articles on the track and in the square.  Most of the dogs were pretty messy working the square and in retrieval and presentation of the articles, and this was costly.  Only one dog got full style/handling marks - Sheila Margreaves’ GSD.  In control marks were lost for lack of definition in change of pace on heelwork, slow return on retrieve, and extra commands on the sendaway.  I’d asked that competitors did not grab or over-handle their dogs and one or two lost marks for that.  Overall the majority of the dogs were very good.

1st Moira Rogerson, XANDOA’S CHANCE, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, 189.5 (2+4), Q WDEx.   Expertly handled by Moira, Chance worked a good track and square, only losing marks on the sendaway in the C/A.  Also Best Nosework.  Well done.

2nd Lee Payne, LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE, CDEx - WDEx, X-brd, 185 (2+4), Q WDEx.  Diesel lost marks for casting on the track, worked a very nice square and did a good C/A round.  Well done.

3rd Liz de Unger, STYPERSON ROYCE, Lab, 184.5 (2+3), WDEx.  Sohrab was a little bit untidy on the track, but did a cracking C/A round losing just 1 on the heelwork and 1 on the sendaway.  Well done.

4th Julie Atkins, GLENALPINE REG, CDEx - WDEx, BC, 183.5 (2+3), Q WDEx.  Julie and Reg worked a stunning track losing marks for only a minor error.  Reg then went on to work an excellent C/A round, losing just 2 on the sendaway.  Well done.

Also qualifying WDEx:

Dave Marchant, MISTER BEAMISH, WSD, 183. 

Fran Atkin, BLELDRI OF STEPASIDE, CDEx - WDEx, WSD, 181.5.

Sheila Margreaves, SHADOWQUEST KANE, CDEx, UDEx, GSD 180.5. 

Sue Ashby, THE TITAN, CDEx, UDEx, WSD, 178.5.  What can I say about Sue and Titan’s tracking.  I wish we’d made a video of it.  The handling was perfection, Titan only made one minor error.  Anyone wanting to know how to improve their tracking should go along to trials and watch this team.

Jill Carruthers, VOMKYNA DARCA, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, 176. 

Richard Musgrave, XANDOA SAM, BC, 171.5. 

Paula Jaques, EMM OF EMLEY, CDEx - WDEx, BC, 170.

Lisa Coull, CALLISAE SCARCITY, CDEx, UDEx, Weim, 168.5.




Tracklayers: David Waite and John Weselby

Square stewards: Liz Warrior and Maeve Weselby

Stewards: David Waite and Linda Newbold

Criminals:  Tom and Gill Davies, Vic, Jackie and Antony Snook

Scribe: Laura Bardwell

Thank you to BAGSD for the opportunity to judge Ticket at this trial, and also to Sheila Tannert and her team, for their hard work to ensure my job was made as easy as possible, leaving me to have only the competitors to concentrate on.

Thanks to Jan Darby for her diligent work at base and to Jacqui Gibney for her sterling work in the kitchen, not only supplying us with food and drink in the field, but also laying on some first class evening meals.  A special thanks to Liz and John Warrior for opening their home to me and making me feel very welcome, in fact it was like home from home.  Thanks also to the competitors who where first class sports and a pleasure to judge.

Special thanks also to the criminals, who once again came up with the goods, both on the day and previously, helping create the test, and on the day doing all the spade work - not easy on a steep hillside.

So to my test: I set a fourteen leg track, not easy but it was Ticket stake, good sized articles but placed in such a way as not to be obvious to the eye.  My square articles where selected to test the dogs’ ability to return them undamaged, also not small but certainly testing.

The Control and Agility was straight forward but as these two sections have within them their own pitfalls we suffered the usual failures in these two sections.

The Patrol round started with the quarter, not a big one but not easy either; towards the end of the quarter the dog encountered a innocent family enjoying a picnic, sat at a low table containing three plates of smelly, tasty, sardines - easily available should the dog feel a little peckish!  When the handler arrived at the table he was told by the family of some sort of disturbance in a tent about 100 yards away.  The quarter needed to be continued; on the arrival of the handler at the tent they needed to bring the dog under control and continue the search and escort without interruption.

A full search was required.  During the handler’s search of the tent the criminal was told to creep off, interrupting the handler’s search of the tent, or perhaps losing the criminal.  Once the handler was satisfied his search at the tent was completed he needed to escort the criminal to a holding area; during this escort an attack on handler would be made.  As the test was a lockout they did not know that during that attack a second sustained attack would be made from behind - this attack would be determined and quick.  A gun and knife were hidden and needed to be found in this section.

On to the chase and recall: for these two exercises the handler was led to believe that more than one of each was required and that he would not be told about the recall until the last second.  In reality he had one of each, the recall being first; he was told it was the recall at the moment he was required to do so.  This, of course, was followed by the chase.

Finally the test of courage: this attack on the dog was made about fifty yards from the handler, and it was determined and noisy.

1st Andy Baker and SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER. A strong confident performance in all sections by this team, who listened to what I said at the briefing and acted upon it.  A well deserved win, congratulations.  278.5

2nd Manda McLellan and ASTRA STORM.  Another strong performance by this team, so close and yet so far.  I suppose Manda will think now I have finally got it almost right.  Another well deserved qualification and reserve ticket.  277.5

3rd Wendy Beasley and WTCh GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL.  What can I say?  Another strong performance, where an odd mark here or there could well have told such a different story, however it’s all ifs and buts.  Congratulations on your well deserved qualification.  277

4th Dean Woodcock and WTCh LAETARE LEFT IN THE DARK.  What a hard luck story.  Seriously strong in all sections, just no track articles ruined this team’s weekend.  I am sure other tickets are not far away, Dean.  288.5 

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