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Championship Trial
Venue: Flintham
Trial Held: 13 April 2008

Stake: CD

Judge: Maeve Weselby

Steward: John Weselby

I would like to thank BAGSD for inviting me to judge the CD Stake at Flintham Championship trial.  Thank you to Sheila and her team, Jan, Stevi, David and Robert for keeping everything running smoothly, not forgetting Julie and her helpers in the kitchen for our refreshments.  I would also like to thank John for giving up his time and stewarding for me.

From 12 entries, the following qualified CDEx:

1st Shirley Frankcom with VAPRESTO DISCOVERY, BSD Terv, 86.  A lovely round, just a pity about the long jump.

2nd Stephanie McBride with SMALE CALYPSO, Lab, 85.  Super young Labrador, handled well by an experienced handler.  Nice round, but a little more attention needed on the heelwork.  Well done.

3rd Anita Snell with CROESLLWYN STREAK OF LIGHT, WSD, 82.  A little more work needed on the heelwork and square, but well done.

4th John Phillips with BLAKATO BILLIE, GSD, 81.  A nice round from this young dog.  Well done.

Congratulations to all the qualifiers, and to those that didn’t – there is always tomorrow!


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Andrea Lynd

Stewards: Liz Warrior (searches), Frances Ball (C/A)

My thanks to BAGSD for inviting me to judge the WD stake at their Championship trial at Flintham. Thank you to Sheila Tannert, Trials Manager, and all of her team for all the hard work before, during and after the trial.

The WD stake ran very well.  My thanks to Tom and Andrea for laying all the tracks just as I asked and to Frances who started as search square steward and then stewarded all the control and to Liz who (being spare!) stepped in to do the rest of the search stewarding.

Tracking was on good winter wheat and we certainly saw some good tracks.  The weather varied from good to horrendous, with sunny spells and hail storms and everything in between. Terry Austin and Gunner tracked in the worst of the hail storms but Gunner stuck at it and, with the hail hitting and hurting our faces, finished the track – well done.

All the work was completed in one day. There were 30 entries, 26 ran, 17 qualified in the nosework and 12 qualified overall.

The control and agility followed the nosework and the sendaway, 110 yards straight down the middle of the field to a small marker, seemed to cause a bit of trouble for several of the dogs.


A very good round, expertly handled!  Brig is heading for the top.  Well done, Judy. Also the best nosework. 188, Qual WDEx

2nd Nick Williams’ BC, SUNSHINE ANTIC.  Antic is a lovely working dog, losing just three marks on the track and a full mark sendaway. Well done.  188, Qual WDEx

3rd Ron Jaques’ BC, JAQ IN A BOX.

Well, Jaq did three legs of the track perfectly before losing it, then searched and searched until he recovered.  He then finished the track in 19 mins 58 secs!  Well done, I’m glad I didn’t call you off the track. TD soon. 185 Qual WDEx.

4th Hilary Morris’ Golden Ret, CARISHILL PARSLEY.  I hope that you enjoyed your tour of the Flintham countryside prior to your track – it didn’t have to rain, did it?! Another good round, also including a full mark sendaway. Well done Pep and Hilary.  183.5 Qual WDEx

Also qualifying WDEx:

Jenny Holt’s  HULLATER BROCK, 180.5

Andrew Fox’s BC, STARDELL MUSCA, 180

Pat Williams’ XB, SUNSHINE PIP, 176

Paul Adams’ BC, GLENALPINE MEG, 175.5

Mrs S Zackheim’s XB, MISH MASH MISKA, 172.  Handled by Sue Drake

Vana Moody’s BC, GLENALPINE SHEP, 171

Jane Douglas’ Lab, ROTHIEVALE CIARA, 167

Qualifying WD:

Gill Armstong’s ACD, SAPPHIRE TYG, 149.5

Well done to all the competitors. I hope that you enjoyed the tests and good luck at the next trial.  My thanks again to Sheila and co. and thanks for the present.


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Dave Skipp, David Waite

C/A Steward: David Waite

Search Steward: Stevi Boyall

Patrol Steward: Linda Newbold

Patrol Scribe: Stevi Boyall

Criminals: Rob Currie, Tom Davis, Nigel Hines, Steve Lancashire and Jim Sewell

Patrol Gate Steward: Alyssha Burt

Many thanks to BAGSD for the invitation to judge at this trial - what a friendly and well organised trial it is.  Thanks especially go to Sheila Tannert and Liz Warrior for their hard work, to Jan Darby at the Base, and Julie Skipp serving the delicious ‘cobs’, and to all my excellent helpers who were great company and ensured the best possible chance for each dog.

The conditions were good, the odd heavy shower didn’t cause any problems and the tracking ground of crop was at an ideal length. 

15 entered, 11 worked and we had 9 qualifying for the patrol round.

The round started with the first quarter, whereby two criminals were to be located after the field was searched.  It was emphasised that the two small woods were to be properly searched by the dog, not just run past, but several had a problem with this and thus lost marks.  Part of the escort followed, and then the recall took place, thereafter another short quarter back up to a wood already searched but where a criminal had now ‘sneaked’ into. This was to see if the dogs were motivated enough to search an area a second time; most dogs were happy to go back up the field, though again some weren’t too keen to go into the wood.  Few dogs found that criminal easily; he was merely standing beside a tree, however there was no wind and I hope it showed some handlers that the dog running along the edge of the wood isn’t enough for that area to be searched properly.  I wonder how many folk train their dogs to search a wooded area and not just run round the edge of a field; to me woods are the best way to teach a dog how to search properly. (I’ll get off my soap box now!)  Another noisy criminal then entered the area and most dogs showed good control and resisted the temptation to bite.  The search and escort followed; quite a few escorts had the dog too far in front of the handler meaning a running commentary of ‘heel’ and the occasional ‘lie down’.  The attack on handler was well done, as was the chase and the test of courage; two very angry men with sticks.

I hope the handlers (and dogs) enjoyed the test.  Thank you for entering and giving me the pleasure of seeing your dogs work.

1st Wendy Beasley and WTCh GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL, BC, B.  Phoebe had to work hard to get round a game ridden track and followed it up with a good search and excellent C/A.  In the patrol she was consistently good at all parts of the test and so well handled by Wendy, a very confident and smart round.  Well done and best of luck at the KCCs.  (N/w 98/115, C/A 53.5/55, Patrol 138/150) 289.5 

2nd Jeff Poole and MANPOL ROBYN, GSD, B.  Very good nosework and a solid C/A, Kiri also gave a confident patrol round; in the first quarter she searched both woods brilliantly but later didn’t see the point in going back in again a second time. Everything else was done very thoroughly at her steady pace and she gave Phoebe a run for the ticket. (N/w 110.5, C/A 46, Patrol 129) 285.5

3rd Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, WSD, D.   Excellent nosework and good C/A (and he was the only one it rained on!), Murphy went into the patrol round in the lead. However the second wood wasn’t searched the way I was looking for and this proved expensive. His location and focus on the criminals throughout was first class.  (N/w 110.5, C/A 48.5, Patrol 126) 285

4th Malcolm Snowden and FLYNTASTIC JUST JAY, BC, D.  Good track and excellent search and C/A, Jay comes into his own on the patrol field. He really is super to watch - the motivation, control and overall way he works the round is excellent.  With a bit more experience he’ll trouble the best. (N/w 91.5, C/A 51, Patrol 139). Best patrol round.  281.5

Also qualifying PDEx

Jeff Poole and LATCHETS BOSS, GSD, D, 278.5

Paul Morling and BASIL THE BOUNDER, X Breed, D, 273.5


Tracey Park and WAGGERLAND BROOK, BC, D, 250, Qual  PD

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