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Championship Trial
Venue: Flintham
Trial Held: 16 April 2006


Trial Manager’s Report

This was a super trial to run and I would like to thank Mr Hildyard for the use of his land all the tracks were done on land belonging to him. John Warrior, his farm manager, was just wonderful working round us. Thank you John (& Lis Warrior), without her I would have had a lot more work to do. Whatever you ask Lis to do you know it will be done. Thanks also to, David Waite, for all the hours he spent sorting all the entries and producing the catalogue.

Thanks go also to Jan Darby for running the base in her usual efficient way Thank you also to Stevi for collating the scores. To my tracklayers in PD David Waite and Andy Fox in WD Tom Darby and Robert Currie. Thank you for giving up your time it was very much appreciated.

My judges were a pleasure to be with during the trial and I hope they enjoyed themselves. Thank you to the criminals/helpers without there help and support there would have been no trial. All I had to do was phone Steve Lancashire and all the criminals were sorted out he’s a trials managers dream

Bob and Sue Carter for keeping us all fed and watered and the super Fish and Chip supper on Friday evening. Thank You.

Good Luck at the KCC to Dave Marchant the winner of our Ticket



Stake: CD


Steward: Malc Snowden

Thanks to BAGSD for the invitation to judge the CD stake, to Sheila and her team for running the trial. Thanks Bob and Sue the good old Chuck Wagon was here. Malc thank you for stewarding for me and keeping the competitors at ease.

There were 19 entries in the CD. 14 ran with 6 qualifying Ex. and 1 CD only. As most of you would expect the standard varied but mostly it was very good. Some dogs seemed to need a little bit more work in the square and the jumps saw points lost. The control round was mostly very good. Well done to everyone who qualified and those who didn’t, a little bit more experience will see you gaining your CD Ex. Thank you all for entering under me. I hope you enjoyed your day as much as me.

1st           K. Ingham with RUSKATH OTHENTIC IMAGE WSD on 94.5 points.

2nd         J. Beverly with TRAJAN JAFFA WSD on 93 points.

3rd          C. Bourne with FLAME OF THE FOREST WSD on 92 points.

4th          D. Matthews with JANDOURAGS LADY KIZZY WSD on 89 points.

Also qualifying CDex;

A. Hurst with TOUCH WOODY WSD on 86.5 points.

H. Mercer with STARDELL INDI BC on 81.5 points.

CD only;

M. Regan with STARDELL HEBE BC on 78.5 points.


Stake: W.D.


Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Robert Currie

Stewards: Jacquie West, Ron Jacques (Stays)

What a pleasant surprise to be asked to judge further north than the Watford Gap, yes they do trials with good weather that far north. Thanks to the BAGSD’s committee and Sheila Tannert for the invitation and especially Sheila for all her hospitality and such a well managed trial. The base was well managed by Jan Darby, the scores were executed by David Waite and Stevi Boyall all ably supported by Liz Warrior. The catering was excellent supplied by Bob and Sue Carters catering unit.

flintham wd track small

The weather was good, the ground was excellent, the tracklayers precise, so after the first three days there were only three qualifiers to which I began to question myself whether the test was not suitable to all the given conditions, however my worries soon disappeared on Sunday as eight out of ten competitors qualified. My thanks to this endeavour must go to Tom and Robert my tracklayers and Jacquie for all the squares and scribing the control round.

I would also like to thank John Warrior for the use of land and control fields.

1st           Kevin Johnson and DUNNSLAYNE BLUE SKIES C.Dex, U.Dex, W.Dex (WSD) 191.5 Q Amazing piece of nose work if Kevin can leave Sky to get on with the square on his own a ticket dog is in the making.

2nd         Dean Woodcock and LAETARE LEFT IN THE DARK C.Dex, U.Dex (BC) 189.5 Q With a full mark control round all Dean needs to do is keep tracking until Abi finds the end article.

3rd          Moira Rogerson and SELDOMSEEN RIO C.Dex, U.Dex (WSD) 188.5 Q As the first and second another excellent control round, really unlucky by just going over second article on track.

4th          Liz Warrior and Oh MY K-KATIE C.Dex, U.Dex, W.Dex (X Breed) 187.5 Q First dog first day with excellent nose work would have stayed first through out but just a little more work required in the control round.

Also qualified:

Doug Shearer with DREAGANTA DONN (BC) 185 Q


Sheila Shearer with DREAGANTA DEODUBH (BC) 182.5 Q

Nicky Prescott with DUNNSLAYNE DOVE (WSD) 178.5 Q

Carla Morris with AZI AZA KITE (Collie X) 176.5 Q

Pat Werner with CROCODILE DUNDINGO C.Dex, U.Dex 172 Q

Bill Richardson with CAPER KALI C.Dex, U.Dex, W.Dex 170.5 Q

Best Nosework

Barry James with TYTRI KAY C.Dex, U.Dex, W.Dex 184.5 NQ

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