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Championship Trial
Venue: Flintham
Trial Held: 07 December 2003


C.D. Stake

Judge: Jenny Holt

Steward: Linda Newbold

“Thank You” must go to Sheila Tannert and her team for a very enjoyable two days. This trial, in its new base building is both comfortable and friendly, and the hospitality is second to none. Even though Linda Newbold was working P.D. she unselfishly gave her time on both days to steward both the squares and the Control & Agility making my job very, very easy. Thank you for your company Linda.

Of the stake itself, jumps and control were, on the whole, a good standard. Stays took a few casualties and squares lacked motivation, commitment and focus, resulting in poor style marks on a number of occasions, although 50% of the articles were retrieved on both days.

1st            Terry Austin with Ghyllbeck Nimbostratus [Storm] (Large Munsterlander) True to his name – took the stake by “storm” giving Terry a few hairy moments but nothing that couldn’t be sorted. Controlled, professional handling which was a pleasure to watch. 95.5.

2nd           Mrs L Hulley with Bracken’s Mr Small (WSD) An excellent performance overall. Nore focus in the square may have resulted in the third article. 86.

3rd           Malcolm Snowden with Flyntastic Just Jay (BC) Over enthusiastic heelwork around the jumps nearly cost him a qualification but a near perfect sendaway saved the day. With polish this team will be “dangerous” 84.5.

4th           Colin Ball with Conneywarren Tucker Box (Lab) Excellent work until the sendaway went pear shaped. This dog is only a baby and has a ver successful future I am sure. 87 NQ.

Thank you for your entries. I thoroughly enjoyed judging you all and there were a number of dogs I would have liked to have taken home.



U.D. Stake

Judge: Sue Jones

Tracklayers: Margaret Robinson & Robert Currie

Steward: Pat Herbert

Thanks to BAGSD Committee for the invite to judge at this well run and organised trial, with a special recognition to Sheila Tannert who once again did a fine job as Trials Manager. She was ably assisted by a great band of helpers with Maeve and Caroline keeping us all well fed and watered. My tracklayers and square/control steward were great company and made the two days very enjoyable and gave all competitors a fair chance with the test that I set.

The weather was cold and dry with tracking on winter wheat with very little growth, and all dogs that worked applied themselves to the task at hand.

1st            Liz warior, Oh My Kkatie (X Breed) B. 195.5. Superb track and very good control round, gave us a little scare on the sendaway, but recovered well to give Liz a well deserved win.

2nd           Joan Snowden, Tytrie Triple Tee (BC) D. 189. A good all round performance from Tag. Joan has had some problems with the gun test in the past, but no problems today, even with my blunder-bust gun, and there was also a local shoot blasting away in a nearby field and it didn’t bother him. Well done.

3rd           Paul Bryan, Waggerland Jasper at Brynbourne (WSD) D. 188.5. A very keen dog, Chaos worked well, but over excitement cost this little dog a higher placing.

4th           Norma Ansell, Gefni Walks on Water (GSD) B. 186. Awarded Best Track Trophy and a full point square. Stays were OK today, so let’s hope this problem is now sorted. Well done.

Qex Margaret Bryan, Waggerland Wannabee of Brynbourne (BC) D. 182.

U only, Jenny Harvey, Jotunheim Latin (BSD, Malinois) B.

UD only, Rowena Hodnett, Drummajor Good Luck Charm (Rott) B.  

It was nice to see Jan Darby back so soon, acting as base steward, after her recent illness. She looked very well, but not quite ready to lay 14 squares a day for a whole week, I wish her well.


WD  Stake

Judge: Jill Carruthers

Tracklayers: John Currie (4 days), Ann Clark & Dave Marchant (3 days), Anne Thorpe & Tom Darby (1day)

Search & C&A Steward: Dave Mr Consistent

Thank you to BAGDS for the invitation to judge WD at this terrific trial, Sheila Tannert & Liz Warrior along with other loyal members have put in so much work to make the trial such a success, congratulations to you all. The new Cricket Club is a superb venue, the B&B at the Boot & Shoe great, with lovely meals & very entertaining evenings.

Jan Darby did a very efficient job at the base, sorting out competitors & the scores, it is great to have you back Jan.

Mave & John & Caroline made sure we did not faint out in the fields, lots of goodies to keep us going, thank you, the catering is a lot of hard work.

Tracking was on rape of varying height! Many thanks to Anne, Ann, John, Dave & Tom for giving up your time to lay tracks for us, we witnessed some very good tracks, all due to your efforts thanks from me & the competitors. Dave laid the searches & stewarded the C&A for us, everyone had exactly the same test, he is Mr Consistent, a very professional helper. I enjoyed my time with you Dave, many thanks for all your help & time spent walking, I bet you felt fit after the trial!

1st           188.5 Jolly Jill with Pat Herbert. Jill worked a beautiful track on very high crop, found both articles, got three from the search but had very little breeze to help her. “Wonderful” C&A round, congratulations & look out for this pair in ticket!

2nd         186 Styperson Tay with Mave Weselby. Tay came up trumps for Mave at this trial, Mum had lots on her mind & Tay just did the test, just shows what a super dog you have there Mave. Congratulations & hope you are feeling better.

3rd         177.5 Briglen Nutmeg with Glenys Page, 2+4 in the nosework, just a hic-cup with the retrieve & clear jump, but a comfortable WD EX.

4th          176.5 Flyntastic Red Jaff of Tarnforce with John Wykes. Jaff tracked in the high crop & enjoyed the track with both articles, but only found two in the search. A very good C&A round & another WD EX

175.5 Stanley of Annesley Springs with Polly Thomas

174 Sunshine Jed with Pat Williams

170 Stillmoor Storm on Striding Edge with Dave Craven

168 Big Duke with Val Scott

WD only 154 Jess of Seldomseen with Carole Hall

The weather was very kind to us over the trial, I expect Sheila had something to do with it, I had a very enjoyable time over the five days & hope you can continue to hold onto this fabulous venue. Good Luck.


P.D. Stake

Judge: John Rogerson

It is always a pleasure to judge trials and Sheila and her willing band of helpers made my three days sheer enjoyment.

Thanks to my hard working team of  tracklayers Tom and Andy , search stewards Pat and Stevie and criminals Steve, Malcolm and Danny and my hidden ‘body’ Estelle all of whom played an extremely important part in the smooth running of the stake and making my job of judging the dogs really easy.

The tracking was on growing corn and the weather, 9 leg track and generous articles made for relatively easy qualification on the nosework section.  On the Friday the weather was near perfect which was just as well as we had a visit from a contingent of the British army Defence Animal Centre who were suitably impressed by the standard of what they saw.  The control and agility section was very informal with the handlers simply being asked to demonstrate their training expertise by carrying out all of the exercises without a steward and with minimal instructions from me.  Notable dogs on the first day were Celia Bourne’s Kai who obtained full marks on every exercise closely followed by Linda and Dave Marchant’s dogs who were both an article adrift.  Saturday was a very different story with the weather very cold and a stiff breeze to contend with.  It was during the coldest and windiest part of the morning that we lost our only two tracking casualties with the rest of the dogs managing qualifying marks.  Rod Roberts dog Bart was the only dog on the second day that obtained a full mark track but missed one article in the search.  So by the end of the two days of nosework we had eleven dogs out of the sixteen that worked still qualifying.

For the patrol round I started by restricting the handlers movement to a small area from where they had to send their dog to search for a dead body.  It is strange that, even though the handlers were told that they were looking for a body they still shouted “I know you’re out there” etc etc!! The ‘body’ was located in a leafy area of the wooded section of the field and was face down concealed by a blanket.  There was also a stuffed dummy person in another area of the woods on the opposite side of the field and if the dog indicated this then the handler was permitted to go forward and then could continue their search from this easier location.  Having found the body the handler was required to position the dog and then take control of the situation.  Again it was strange to see dogs being put in defensive positions ready to protect the handler from the body?

Next was a straight chase diagonally across the field with a run out point if the dog was not fast enough.  From the chase we then had a test of courage from a criminal emerging from a parked car to threaten the dog with a stick while the driver sounded the horn as the dog approached.  There followed a search, escort and attack on handler.  During the escort the handler was questioned as to their tactics in positioning their dog.  This completely threw some of the handlers but is a requirement of the test.  The final exercise was the recall with the dog chasing on the same diagonal as for the chase exercise and being recalled approximately half way between handler and criminal.

At the end of the test we ended up with 7 qualifiers with just a few dogs falling by the wayside in the final test.  Two notable dogs that just missed out because of a failed recall were Caroline’s GSD and Linda’s X-breed Bradley, both dogs should qualify soon with a bit more control- the attitude is already there.

When the marks were all added up over the three days of working the results and final placing were as follows:

1st           Q PDex. and Working Trials Certificate Celia Bourne with Kai’s Kindred Spirit WSD (305 points) Kai did a brilliant patrol round which was only marred by some of Celia’s nervous handling mistakes but this team were already just to far in front for some of the other teams to catch after the nosework and C and A.  Good luck at the KCCs and I hope you don’t have to wait too long for that second ticket, on this performance it should come soon.

2nd         Q PDex and  reserve Working trials certificate Manda Mclellan and Jetfire Jake of Ashlindt WSD (297 points) Very good overall performance frustratingly close but still just that bit too far away. Just minor mistakes that all start to add up but this team are easily capable of doing better especially if Manda decides to start turning up on time!

3rd         Q PDex Tracey Park and Top of the League WSD (296.5 points) Another very well handled dog that, on this performance should soon be getting that second elusive ticket.  Just to much ground to make up on the winner but still very impressive overall.

4th          Q PDex. Lorna Cottier W.T.CH. Melnola Jazzland X-Breed (293.5 points) Best patrol round and very professionally handled - you should give some of the more inexperienced PD competitors some lessons in taking control of different situations.  Great overall performance.

Also Qualifying PDex

Wendy Beasley’s W.T CH. Bridgealpine Libra of Stardell BC (276) points Struggled on the track but very well handled to finish.

Rod Roberts Little Bart X Breed (270.5 points) - a dog with lots of attitude

To all those competitors that did not quite make it well at least we had a nice sunny day to play with dogs, is there anything else you would have rather been doing!

John Rogerson

Dave Marchant’s Waggerland Mister Jake WSD (268 points) A bite in the hide cost the reserve ticket - if only if only! Otherwise very well done.

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