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Open Trial
Venue: Long Compton
Trial Held: 25 October 2009

TM, C & A, UD Nosework


After many years of doing the job Tony Orchard quite understandably felt that it was time for somebody else to experience the joys of Trials Management. Despite his relief at being able to step aside, he was unstinting in his help and advice, so ensuring that the transition was as smooth as possible. Thank you, Tony (and Jenny!)

Once again, Sara and Lisa opened their pub for us – what they get out of our being there I have no idea, but their generosity is amazing. Our farmers came up trumps, and I really thought that we were able to provide competitors with some excellent conditions, but unfortunately the results show otherwise! I felt that the judges and helpers bent over backwards to make sure that my first year as Trials manager went as smoothly as possible – thank you all very much. Particular thanks to Anne Shepherd for providing all the refreshments for her team and to David Barker, who laid all the “earlies”, and on the Saturday all six tracks, only to have to collect all six sets of articles!

Once again, Jennifer Speake handled the entries and guided me through the report time process. Sue Lawrie and Shirley Simpson ran the base, John Simpson and Rita Tongue got competitors to their tracks, and last but not least, Eve Sherburn baked cakes. Thank you all very much.





Steward: John Weselby

I would like to thank BAGSD for the invitation to judge CD and C/A for UD and TD stakes at the Long Compton Open Trial. Chris Gregory and her team ran a lovely relaxed and friendly trial. Finally, thank you to John for stewarding for me and keeping the competitors happy and relaxed.


6 dogs entered, 4 competed. For me it was a pleasure to watch you and your young dogs working. The squares were excellent, but the heelwork let some of you down – something to work on.

1st Tom Darby and TRIPLE CHAOS, WSD, B, 95.5, Q. Lovely round from this young dog. Lost a few marks on heelwork. Try and relax a little more, Tom, but otherwise a brilliant round. A well deserved win

2nd Mary Braybrook and GAMEHEART ABERAHAMA, Cocker Spaniel, D, 84.5, Q. Nice, well handled round, but a little more concentration needed on jumps and heelwork. Pity about the down stay. Well done.

3rd Peter Thornton and LIMASMYTHE ENNY, GSD, B, 82, Q. A young dog with exceptional drive who took quite a bit of steady handling. Needs more attention to heelwork and jumps. Well done.

4th Morris Millington and GLENALPINE PERDI, BC, B, 83.5, NQ. A well handled round. What a pity about the jumps.


Mixed success in the track results, but many competitors achieved a good score in their control rounds.

1st Nathan Wilson and SPECIAL GIFT, Weim, D, 193, Q. An exceptional round from this young dog and handler. A team to watch for the future.

2nd Sheila Margreaves and SHADOWQUEST KANE, GSD, D, 183, Q. nother excellent round – well done.

3rd Sheren Perez and MY BOY KAI, WSD, D, 184, NQ. Good control round, just a pity about the jumps. You just need to build up his confidence again. Bad luck.

4th Caroline Woods and PARAVEL ILLUSION, GSD, B, 169.5, NQ.


Whilst all competitors had difficulties with the track, most were able to complete a successful control round.

1st Ann Clarke and STYPERSON QUINCEY, Lab, D, 173.5, NQ. Just did not seem to understand what you were asking for the sendaway. Better luck next time.

2nd Diane Turner and LUCY GREENGAGE, BC, B, 126, NQ.

3rd Gail Gwesyn-Pryce and CONCENN XCEL, GSD, D, 120.5, NQ

4th Peter Turner and TOP SHELF ZAC, WSD, D, 94, NQ.

I feel that in both UD and TD many competitors missed an opportunity by failing to complete the stays, and in some cases the whole control round. Keep enjoying your dogs, and good luck in future trials.


STAKE: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Ann Clarke, Di Assheton-Bowtle

Square Steward: Hayley Woodcock

Many thanks to BAGSD for the invite and to the trials manager, Chris Gregory, who kept me informed.

1st Nathan Wilson, SPECIAL GIFT, Weim, D. Tracked on the first day in the worst weather. Well handled, a worthy winner. 87/20/31, Q

2nd Sheila Margreaves, SHADOWQUEST KANE, GSD, D. A good solid track - I liked his attitude. 88/20/34, Q

3rd Sheren Perez, MY BOY KAI, WSD, D. Tracked really well and got best nosework. 89/20/34, NQ

4th Caroline Woods, PARAVEL ILLUSION, GSD, B. Another one who tracked well in the bad weather. Just unlucky like previous dog on C/A. 85/10/32, NQ

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