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Open Trial
Venue: Long Compton
Trial Held: 26 October 2014



 Many thanks for our wonderful base and generous farmers, who enable us to run this trial.

Overall entries were slightly up this year, Intro, 3; CD, 3; UD, 11; TD, 35. Hopefully the low UD entry was just a temporary blip. TD again proved to be a challenge too far for most with only 4 teams completing the track; however, we were delighted to get one qualifier - well done, Julie Paul!

Many, many thanks to the people who regularly turn out to run this trial. Kath has made TD squares her own (good luck with your pup), Annie Thorpe, Heather Donnelly, Ann Clarke and David Barker - excellent track layers all. David not only lays the "earlies" but, amongst other things, provides and transports the jumps and helps mark out the fields. I couldn’t do it without him. I don’t have to worry about UD because Ruth Cahill takes care of that. This year Di Assheton-Bowtle was my second tracklayer and Lesley Mack laid squares - thank you both. It was great having Ann Shepherd in the base, escorting competitors and providing food for the judges and helpers. Diana Stephens ran the base for the second year and did a great job. Last but not least, Jennifer Speake, who takes and collates the entries.

Thanks to the judges (Gary Haim, John West, Zoe Finlay) for the straightforward tests that you set. I can’t finish without mentioning that an unacceptable incident occurred during one of the stays. I’m not going into details other than to say that it has been dealt with via the appropriate channels.








Steward: Sandra Haim


Many thanks to the society for the invitation to judge at their recent Open Trial. Thanks also to Trials Manager, Chris Gregory, for all her hard work running the trial and keeping us well fed. Thanks to Diana for running the base and doing all the scores. Special thanks to Sandra for stewarding, laying squares and stay stewarding over the three days. Finally, many thanks to all the competitors for coming forwards and working their dogs which meant we were not kept waiting.




1st Mrs K Wykes with DREAGANTA XARY’S STAR OF TARNFORCE, BC, 85, Q. A good all round performance from Kate and Star, with full mark jumps and stays; just need to sort out the sendaway. Well done.

2nd Mrs A Ferens with WIZZY LIZZIE LET’S GET BUSY, English Setter, 75, NQ. Lottie spent a lot of time running around outside the square, which proved costly. The rest of her work was good but unfortunately no down stay today.

3rd Mrs L Lavender with CHARLOTTE OF PORLOCK, Rottie, 62, NQ. Lottie lacked motivation in the square and needs work on her jumps. Keep trying.



1st Mr G Taylor with TEELAM BATES, WSD, 72.5, NQ. Just the jumps let you down today, with the rest of the exercises being carried out to a good standard. Good attempt.

2nd Mrs S Warrick with ZEFRAM APLEUS AT CONCENN, GSD, 68.5, NQ. Quest needs more motivation in the square, with the sendaway also proving costly today. Keep on trying.

3rd Mrs J Le Mesurier with BRYNFFRWD ANGEL GABRIELLE, HWHV, 59, NQ. Angel was another dog that seemed to lack motivation in a lot of the exercises, but did one of the best sendaways. Keep trying.



1st Mrs B Spensley with CARISHILL EMERALD, G. Ret, 195.5, Q. Dafni worked every exercise with great enthusiasm, only lost 1 mark on her C/A. It was a pleasure to watch her work. Very well done.

2nd Mr P Ross with MEADLE BLACKTHORN JACK, GSD, 187.5, Q. Good all round performance from Pete and Jack, just a bit of work needed on his jumps. Well done.

3rd Mr R Shropshire with TADMARTON EARL, Lab, 181, Q. Harvey was another dog that only lost 1 mark on his C/A - full mark jumps and sendaway. Very well done.

4th Mrs J Snowden with STARDELL MERCURY, BC, 179.5, NQ. Long jump and stay proving costly today for Moss; the rest of his work was very good with A full mark sendaway. Well done.



1st Mrs J Paul with DIANDIE SUMMER STORM, GSD, 177, Q. Nice round from Julie and Percy; sendaway still needs some work but overall a good attempt. Well done.

2nd Mr L Allen with TADMARTON ENZO, Lab, 194, NQ. This was the first team to work on the Friday and you did not disappoint us. Enzo attacked every exercise with great enthusiasm and precision, only losing 1 mark on C/A. Very well trained and handled by Les - he is a credit to you. Very well done.

3rd Mrs J Reed with SHADOWQUEST ONE AND ONLY, GSD, 173.5, NQ. A good attempt from Arnie; full mark jumps, just the sendaway not to his liking today. Well done.

4th Mrs D Williams with ASTRA TZIAKA, BC, 163.5, NQ. Jumps proving costly for this team, otherwise a good attempt. Well done.





Tracklayers: Ruth Cahill and Di Assheton-Bowtle

Steward: Lesley Mack


Thanks to BAGSD committee for the invitation to judge the UD nosework. Thanks to Chris Gregory, trials manager, for all the organisation, Diana Stephens on the base and Chris’s hubby Pete for the food box.

I had a great team on the field, Ruth Cahill and Di Assheton-Bowtle tracklaying and Lesley Mack my steward. You all did a sterling job and were good company, thank you all. Thank you to the competitors for entering under me and to Gary Haim, my co-judge. Congratulations to those who qualified, good luck in the near future to those who didn’t quite make it today.

We had 11 entries, 9 ran, with 7 completing the tracks and 3 qualifiers overall. The tracking was on quite prolific stubble with a keen breeze. The track articles were a length of folded rubberised plant tie and a lovely piece of carpet at the end. The square articles were a square of welly, underlay, scourer and knotted rope. The tracking was mostly very good; the dogs that completed the tracks all worked very nicely. The overall standard of the squares could have been tidier; although most of the dogs searched well, marks were given away with mouthing and dropping.


1st Mrs B Spensley and CARISHILL EMERALD, G Ret. 195.5, Q. Lovely track with both articles and by far one of the best squares of the day. Dafni was a pleasure to watch, lovely attitude to work, beautiful holds on the articles and quiet, calm handling from Belinda. So pleased to see that the C/A was as impressive as the nosework. Well done.

2nd Mrs P Davies’ MEADLE BLACKTHORN JACK, CDEx, GSD. 187½, Q. Handler Pete Ross. Almost faultless track from Jack with just a few marks lost on the square for mouthing. Good luck working through the stakes, Pete.

3rd Mr R Shropshire and TADMARTON EARL, Lab. 181, Q. Another lovely track from Harvey, again just a few marks lost on untidy holds. Good luck working through the stakes, Bob.

4th Mrs J Snowden and STARDELL MERCURY, BC. 179.5, NQ. What a shame, Joan. Lovely tracking and very nice square with super holds. Good luck next time out, you know it’s all there.





Tracklayers: David Barker, Annie Thorpe, Ann Clarke, Heather Donnelly

Search Steward: Cath Channing


I must start with an apology for the delay in the report but since the trial I have had a complete new kitchen and utility room renovation, losing power for electrics; I have also been competing and when I finally got down to catching up I’ve realised that I have overlooked making a report. So once again sorry if you have been waiting but here goes.

I would like to give a big thanks to Chris Gregory for running a good trial; anybody who has done so will know there are always hiccups, however all was handled well! I would also like to thank my track layers, as Long Compton often feels a lost cause when the ground doesn’t seem to hold a lot of sent, so thank you again for your dedication and time to myself and BAGSD.

Thank you also to Cath for all the squares, of which most had success; maybe the dogs had more energy as they didn’t get round the track, however the few that did the track also did the square, so like the competitors I’m confused. The track itself was 12 legs and all ninety degree turns and the square had one in each corner.


1st Mrs Julie Paul with DIANDIE SUMMER STORM, CDEx – WDEx, GSD, Q. With a track mark of 88, Julie with Percy proved it could be done. It was especially great that Percy knew exactly where to go and Julie did not - a good example of believing your dog. Well done to you both.

2nd Mr and Mrs Les Allen’s TADMARTON ENZO, CDEx – WDEx, Lab, handled by Les, NQ. This is surely one of the most hard luck tracks ever, with the ground conditions; Enzo scored 95 for the track, a full mark square but only one article off the track. Les thought he may have seen the last article but wasn’t sure; however, I’m sure that Les and Enzo will go a long way!

3rd Mr S Williams’ SHADOW QUEST ONE AND ONLY, GSD, handled by June Reed, NQ. As with the 2nd, another great track, scoring 94, but also with only one article; square, with a little more work, will be better but knowing June, who handles Arnie, she will soon be there.

4th Mrs. Deb Williams with ASTRA TZIAKA, CDEx – WDEx, BC, NQ. Another competent track, but once again only one article; Tziaka followed up with an excellent square, scoring 34. As with the others above I’m sure we will be seeing this team competing at the highest level!


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